Porsche 911 Gets The Art Car Treatment

In 2003, Alain Authier had the genius idea of having his new Italian espresso machine painted by a brilliant artist. Little did he know, at the time, that it would lead to something far more monumental. After months of numerous attempts at trying to get a hold of Claude Le Sauteur, a Quebec painter, with the intent of beginning a project together, he finally succeeded. He caught Le Sauteur’s attention after proposing that they paint an original artwork of his on a Porsche 911 car. A few months later, the project finally took off, eventually leading to a greater journey of turning eight Porsche 911 cars into beautiful works of art.


3 From Two-Dimensional Art to Three-Dimensional Art Cars

In October of 2006, Sauteur’s artwork was revealed at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec to a mixed crowd of art enthusiasts who were all quite blown away and taken by surprise by the endeavour. All earnings were put towards benefitting an up-and-coming artist’s scholarship. The success and overall great feedback from the first project brought about a second wave of car art, which would incorporate the works of four Canadian artists and four who are international. Yves Thibeault, a great and well-respected artist, piloted this project and is collaborating with the chosen artists in creating this ultimate masterpiece.

The project is more than mere artwork on a flat canvas, however. It offers more than that; it offers an interactive experience and a mesmerizing learning venture through exclusive and unique art, which only eight Porsche 911 owners will have the privilege of possessing. It is expected that these artistic vehicles will all be completed by 2015, and on display in Montreal  and in New York until the end of that year. Any additional sponsorship, as well as the earnings made throughout their exhibition, will facilitate the organization’s intention of providing scholarships to young artists from Quebec who possess great potential in the creative industry.

So far, four of the eight cars have been completed, that of Claude Le Sauteur, Jean-Pierre Lafrance, Dominic Besner, and Marcel Barbeau. Yves Thibeault has done a spectacular job, despite all of the hard work and effort, at overseeing this project and rightfully adapting two-dimensional art on to a three-dimensional element. It takes a lot of time, especially when taking into consideration the application of various textures, paint-splatter, patterns, and finishes made through different means, such as an airbrush, paintbrushes, fingers, and markers, in order to recreate the original work to the best of his ability.

There are many challenges to face and steps to take into consideration when it comes to applying artwork on to a vehicle, between preparations, working with a three-dimensional medium, and ensuring that it can withstand wear and tear over time. Sometimes it takes many attempts, through various methods, before achieving the perfect rendition. The final reaction from investors and viewers is what makes this journey so enjoyable and gratifying for Thibeault. There is plenty of room for creativity and inventiveness in this undertaking, and throughout this experience, Thibeault has been able to surpass his past boundaries and limitations, ultimately enhancing the quality of his work and technical prowess.

Three masterpieces, out of the four that have been completed, are for sale and retail between $245,000-$310,000. If you are interested in obtaining more information, and perhaps want to own one of these magnificent realizations, the contact's website is:

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