Maybach Exelero The Most Expensive Luxury Car in the World

There are many top notch cars rolled out onto the market every year that ooh and awe spectators of the car industry. Only the few elite car buyers and collectors are actually able to get their hands on these amazing rides. Maybach, Bently, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, and Masseratti are just a few of these amazing car companies. Today we are here to talk about the most expensive luxury car in production. Can you guess the price? 500,000$ 1,000,000$ 2,000,000$ ?

The Maybach Exelero takes the title as the worlds most expensive luxury car at 8,000,000 Dollars!

This is an amazing car that looks like something out of Gotham City in a comic book. This is the kind of car that Bruce Wayne would drive! This car has a massive top speed of 218 MPH. With an insane 700 horse power, this bad boy can get from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds. This isn't only just an extremely fast car though. This car is beautiful!

The interior of this car is a beautiful red on black design that anyone would die for. The amazing look of carbon fiber is laid throughout the interior of this car as well. The blue offset of the digital dash display gives this car a sleek and futuristic look as well.

As we look at the body of this beast we see an extremely sleek automobile that would be a dream for anyone to own. The curves of this automobile could only be matched by those of a world famous supermodel. This car is the most expensive, and extremely amazing, luxury car in the world!

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Maybach Exelero The Most Expensive Luxury Car in the World