Knight XV, The Worlds Biggest SUV

If you are into amazing cars, this is one that you should put on your list! The Knight XV is the largest Luxury Car ever made. This massive SUV is almost like a tank!

This SUV has a V10 6.8 liter massive engine that will take you through the most tough off-roading, or any extreme city driving you might have to do. The interior of this car is almost like a luxury hotel room. The massive legroom and leather seats makes you feel like you are in a fortress of solitude. These SUVs come with 26 inch TVs and a PlayStation 3. They are also stocked with a mini bar, capable of holding up to 4 bottles and 3 glasses.

If you are a high roller, and you are looking into buying this car, you are in luck. There are still some that are in stock. Only 100 of these bad boys were ever made! If you want more info on this amazing luxury SUV check out the manufacturer's website at


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Knight XV, The Worlds Biggest SUV