Flo Rida Impresses Everybody with His Car

Flo Rida’s Bugatti Veyron – Estimated Value - $2,000,000

However this time, he decided to create a statement of his own with his brand new Bugatti Veyron. That’s a huge move because automobile enthusiasts know that this is among the most expensive cars available. He has also reportedly covered the car in chrome so that it shines more when he is out there driving this darling. Do take a look here at some of the pictures of Flo Rida’s new Veyron.

The Bugatti Veyron certainly looks elegant. It is also rather masculine in terms of appearance. This is actually a car that men would like to drive. Sure enough Flo Rida loves it. The Bugatti can reach a top speed of 268 miles per hour, that is ridiculously high. It is today the fastest automobile available.

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Flo Rida Impresses Everybody with His Car