You Can Control Your Car With Google Glass

In 2012, Google launched a test-run of what has yet to become one of the greatest advancements of our time. With the release of Google Glass, users are now able to enhance their vision through a pair of glasses. The technology within allows them to stream data wirelessly, connect to their Android devices, take photographs, and record videos. In 2014, it is expected to be released officially on the consumer market. Companies have been eager to develop valuable third-party applications and software for Google Glass, such as those within the luxury car, photography, and social media industries. There is much room for manufacturers to be creative and lead the way with this remarkable technological advancement.

5 Forward Thinking

Google Glass has so much potential within the application development and automobile industries. For starters, tethered to an Android device, its GPS and navigational capacity has proven to be a major game-changer and has paved the way for greater things to come when paired with car systems. It is, essentially, a luxury that brings convenience and productivity right to the centre of your vision. Now, people may have a reason to look away from their typical smart devices that tend to absorb the greater half of their attention spans, since this wearable micro-computer built into frames will be able to display a myriad of data and information without hindering one's perception. Moreover, it is evident that mobile devices have been a direct and indirect cause of numerous accidents and deaths over the years. Therefore, car manufacturers see a need for new technology that will create a beneficial and safer experience for drivers, one that especially enables greater awareness.

4 Mercedes-Benz: Door-to-Door Navigation

We are currently able to connect our smart devices to our vehicles through Bluetooth, which allows us to access the device wirelessly and make phone calls, use GPS navigation, and play or stream music. Expanding from this, the giant of German car makers, Mercedes-Benz, is in the midst of creating an application that will provide owners with door to door navigation. Essentially, drivers will be able to begin their navigation route using Google Glass while walking to and from their cars. They will also have the option of taking the device off while in the car and then wearing them again for directions to their final destination without interrupting the navigation's instructions. By creating a user experience away from the vehicle, those wearing Google Glass will be guided by the application, which will be visible on the lens. The information gets sent to and from the vehicle automatically since Google Glass is connected to it, enabling a smooth route from start to finish, in the car and on foot.

3 Tesla: GlassTesla

The superior electric car company, Tesla, is providing Model S drivers with an extraordinary in-car experience that begins from the driver's seat. The application will provide a variety of information, from battery levels to getting notified about ajar doors and an open trunk. With Google Glass, owners will be able to open the charge port without having to be inside the vehicle, view the charging status of the car, as well as have control over its charging levels.

Working in conjunction with Google Maps, users will be able to locate nearby charging ports for their vehicles. This is an especially useful capability because charging stations for electric cars are still not as widespread and easy to find in comparison to their rival gas stations. Moreover, Model S drivers will be able to find their cars and be directed to it, as well as be alerted by a honking of the horn or flashing of its headlights. Additionally, the application has the capacity to create a more convenient, functional, and gratifying experience for the driver. With the added comfort of Glass-activated commands that communicate with the car's system, the car is able to follow a range of directives, from locking and unlocking itself, to control over temperature levels with a single tap, to opening and closing the sunroof.

2 Hyundai: Blue Link Glassware

The 2015 Genesis is in the process of getting integrated with Google Glass. Hyundai's aim is to enhance the driving experience through automobile technology, starting with Google Glass and potential future wearables. Google Glass, paired with the Hyundai Genesis, will establish a beneficial experience that uses remote features and obtains information promptly. Blue Link, a cloud-based platform, will be the driving force behind their integration. Drivers will, then, be able to connect to Google Glass, amongst other devices, wirelessly. Hyundai is currently in the process of developing a Blue Link Glassware application that will connect the cloud-based platform to the vehicle. To name a few components, owners will be able to lock and unlock the car's doors, start the ignition, locate the vehicle, find the route to a particular destination and then plug that route into the car's navigation system. Those driving the 2015 sedan and wearing Google Glass will be able to request information and say a command without having to get in physical contact with their cellular phones, thanks to the Glassware application.

1 Features and Controversy

Google Glass will be able to recognize verbal commands and detect motions, such as tapping, which will communicate to the device through the touch-sensitive bar attached to the frame. It is also possible to connect to one's phone using the My Glass application, which will allow users to customize their settings. With all the latest advancements, it is interesting to envision the future that Google Glass has in store, as well as the extent of its potential.

Despite all of the great digital and technological advancements these days, there is always room for risks. With greater knowledge, comes greater misuse of that knowledge. A reasonable concern in regards to Google Glass is obstruction of privacy. With its capacity to film and photograph, as well as log and transcribe conversations, some may find Google Glass intrusive and just another trendy distraction. Although it is no worse than our current portable smartphones and tablets, Google Glass could be yet another disruptive progression in technology.

Like every brand new object in the consumer market, there will always be room for improvement. Car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Hyundai, among others, have built much of their success by staying ahead of the game and continuously pushing their boundaries. Now, we see them integrating themselves with the latest technology to provide their customers with automobile efficiency, productivity, and luxury. One thing is for sure, car keys may be a part of the past, as we look forward to a future of wearable computing.

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