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"$10,000 dollar Picasso painting? I'll give you $2,000 for it." Pawn Stars, what a fun show. At first glance one might think that pawn stars is nothing other than a reality show about pawn store owners ripping customers off. With further examination you may find for yourself that this pawn shop is more like a high end antiques dealer.

It is amazing how much these individuals who work at the pawn shop know about antiques and collectables. When history channel came to them with the idea to do a reality tv show, the pawn shop jumped all over it. The fame and new found success of the show skyrocketed the series into its 6th season. The owners of the pawn shop have been greatly compensated for their appearances on camera as well.

Here we go, taking a look at the infamous Chumlee! He is easily known as the comic relief for the TV series. Whenever it is time to really pick on someone in the shop, it is Chumlee who gets the brunt of it.

Chumlee is no stranger to treating himself well though! Here are some of his cars that he keeps in his Las Vegas Estate.

Chumlee owns a beautiful Rolls Royce and a Cadillac Escalade. These are some very beautiful cars. The Rolls Royce has a hefty price tag on it as well! The car that got Chum the most media attention though was his Maserati GT. When he bought his Maserati GranTurismo he uploaded photos to Instagram. After that the Tabloid Media had a field day! Way to go Chumlee! You are awesome. All the way from a Geo Metro to a Maserati!

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Chumlees Cars