Barry Weiss $500 000 Vintage Car Collection

Storage Cars star Barry Weiss is famous in the show as a bidder who comes in every episode in his trademark skeleton gloves and custom West Coast Chopper glasses driving different vehicles.

True to his nickname “The Collector,” Barry boasts of his prized collection of vintage cars, trucks and bikes worth $500,000.

His most famous possession is the Cowboy Cadillac which is said to be worth $10,000 to $50,000. It is a custom 1994 Cadillac and looks like those used in high tech films. It was said to be originally built by legendary car maker Frank DeRosa. Barry bought the car after selling his purple Frank DeRosa custom 1951 “King of Mercs.”

Cowboy Cadillac

Adding to his rare find is a vintage Beatnik Hot Rod worth $20,000. The Beatnik was once a 1955 Ford and it took hot rod builder Gary Chopit three years to finish the car. It was then transformed into the world’s largest bubble top custom car.

Beatnik Hot Rod

His other rides include a Beatnik Glass Top Car, Chopit Car, 1932 Ford, 1946 Cadillac, 1940 Ford COE Truck, 1957 Ford Ranchero, Blastolene Decko Liner, Ducati Diavel, Jaguar XG, a customized Harley Davidson and a Moto Guzzi motorcycle. Barry confessed he has been an antique collector his entire life.

Apart from earning a living as a bidder in Storage Cars, the 60-year-old Barry also owns a produce company named Northern Produce located at 5354 E. Slauson Avenue in Commerce California. Along with his brother Joey Weiss, Barry revealed he was in the produce business for 20-25 years, exporting and importing wholesale fruits and vegetables.

Barry has an estimated net worth of $9 million. It was reported that he earns $10,000 per episode of the Storage Cars which tackles the life of individual bidder who bids for profitable items in abandoned storage lockers.

However, it was reported that Barry is set to leave the show to start his own “What are You Worth featuring Barry Weiss” show.

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Barry Weiss $500 000 Vintage Car Collection