Baby North West and her First $1.5 Million Dollar car

North West is probably the youngest kid at the age of three months to already own a plush car.

Kanye West is really trying his best as a parent as he bought his daughter a Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV worth $1.5 million as an ultimate protection car.

The ride is produced by Dartz Motorz Company in Latvia, an expert in luxurious armored vehicles. Some of the company’s clients before were General Admiral Aladeen, Russian Tzar Nikolai II, Lenin, Admiral Kolchak and Leon Trozky.

Moreover, the Prombron Iron Diamond SUV is dubbed “the world’s first safety car for ladies” having a Duramax V8 engine, bulletproof windows, Kevlar coated interior, a tungsten exhaust system, three doors (to prevent kidnappings) and a 360-degree parking video system. Proving its robustness, it can withstand blasts of landmines and grenades.  The car is also customized according to the preferences of his fiance Kim Kardashian.

Prior to this, Kanye has also bought a $400,000 Chevrolet Kodiak armored car, the same vehicle used by President Barack Obama; $1, 200 for a car seat  to keep North Way away from paparazzi;  and the latest is the “Baby on Board” stickers to warn drivers to be careful because they’re next to a child.

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Baby North West and her First $1.5 Million Dollar car