Audi Quattro Concept With 700HP

Until a few days ago, Audi was just teasing car geeks across the globe with ill-defined and dark images of a fresh concept car. The company promised to unveil the car at IAA show in Frankfurt. Finally, Audi finished teasing car geeks and unveiled pictures of the new Audi Quattro concept car. According to the company, the concept car was chalked out to celebrate the 30th birthday of Quattro.

Audi Quattro concept study was first discussed at the Paris Motor Show. According to the company, the new Audi Quattro concept car takes its inspiration from the 1984 Audi Sport Quattro. The car is based around RS5 platform, and the wheelbase has been shortened by almost 150 mm. Moreover, Audi has also chopped around 40 mm from the roof. Audi has also fitted a completely modified version of respected 5-cylinder TFSI engine producing 408PS.

Audi Quattro concept car also has exceptionally attractive lines. It has a plug-in hybrid all wheel drive system. Total output from this system is around 700 HP. This car possess a wheelbase of 109.61 inches. It is around 181.18 inches long. The width is about 77.32 inches. According to Audi, the car is low-slung at just 54.57 inches.

Audi Quattro concept uses rectangular double headlights. These have been coupled with Matrix LED technology. Headlights also use a high-beam unit with numerous individual diodes for exceptional lighting. These headlights work exceptionally well in conjunction along with the upstream reflectors and lenses. They deliver lots of light. Moreover, you can easily dim or deactivate them according to driving conditions.

The interior of the new Audi Quattro is quite refreshing. It is unusual and unique. It has been adopted from a useable design with fine lines and a lot of visible carbon fiber. The car has seats for four occupants with a generous cargo area measuring about 10.59 cubic feet.

As mentioned earlier, the output of the engine is 700HP. Power from the super-hybrid system goes to all four tires through a completely modified 8 speed tiptronic transmission. According to the company, this new car will get around 94.09 MPG, while emitting only 94.95 g CO2 per mile. In order to achieve this high fuel-efficiency claim, the car will use cylinder deactivation technology, with start-stop technology.

The car’s combustion engine is a 4.0 liter turbo V8. It will produce more than 560 HP and 516.29 pound per foot of torque. This car also has an electric motor, which will produce 110 KW (approx. 150hp) and 295.02 pound per foot of torque. The electric motor is located between the transmission and combustion engine. Lithium-ion battery pack also delivers superior performance, with a capacity of more than 14.1 KWH. The car will also offer EV mode with propulsion using only the electric motor.

According to reports, if this car gets a green light from Audi’s Chairman, Rupert Stadler, it is likely to premiere in Frankfurt soon. If there are not any complications, the new Audi Quattro concept car will go on sale in limited numbers by 2015. The car will be launched for $250,000 plus.

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Audi Quattro Concept With 700HP