A Complete Review of the Brand New 2013 Range Rover

Initially, Land Rover was well known for manufacturing rugged military vehicle. But today, the company has grown to build luxury brand cars such as LR2 crossover, LR4 7-passenger SUV, and flagship of Range Rover vehicles, ranging from compact Evoque to full-size Range Rover luxury SUV. Today's Land Rover cars are better than before and the company is even expected to bring revolution in the category of high-end trucks.

So, let's assume you are an existing Land Rover owner and you are highly interested in knowing about the facts and figures of all new full size 2013 Range Rover. Perhaps, the fourth generation version of Range Rover flagship cars have arrived which leads me to review some facts about it. First of all let's talk about the first look of the car. The core style and design of Range Rover has been retained with some modifications. The graceful cuts, softer edges, invisible pillars between the windows and strong poise make it look much better and advanced than previous models. If we talk about the size and space in the fourth generation Range Rover, it has been increased impressively giving additional leg room, cargo room, and overall additional space to wiggle around.

The full size 2013 Range Rover is lighter and faster than its predecessors. The body is built with aluminum that makes it 700 pounds lighter than other models. Now that's a surprise. Isn't it! To be precise, it is one of the first SUV of its kind made with aluminum. Till now only luxury sport sedan cars used to get this kind of luxury treatments. Therefore, it can be handled with ease like any small and light car.

Perhaps most surprising fact in the model is the adoption of high-end features and incredibly intuitive system with techno-controlled stability control, quick brakes, wheel, suspension and engine systems working in synchronized manner to make the vehicle faster and lighter to control.


Interior - wise, the fourth generation model has been spiced up a bit keeping in mind the buyer's preferences. The seating position is now more comfortable with an extra 2 inch of knee room, 4.7 inches up leg room, and longer wheelbase as compared to the older ones. The controls have become more logical with 50% lesser buttons.

As far as customization is concerned, the Range Rove 2013 is proud to provide over 35 exterior colors, 17 different kind of interior themes and 8 different wheel sizes (19-22 inches). You can choose any of them as per your taste and preferences without having to stick to basic black, white and beige themes.

The all new 2013 Range Rover is perhaps one of the lightest, fastest and agile SUV at present. With new body work and all new features incorporated the truck is not more fast and efficient than its precedents. The power to the machine can be selected from 2 engine options with entry-level 5.0 liter V8 churning out 375 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with a all new 8 speed transmission, the fuel economy of the vehicle rises to 14 to 20 mpg, while the 0-60 response time drops 7/10 of a second to an impressive 6.5 seconds.

As far as other supercharged models are concerned, they are equipped with a efficient blower mounted to the new V8 to churn out 461 lb-ft of real torque and 510 hp. However, it makes the vehicle a bit hungry. The fuel economy comes down to 13 to 19 mpg and the vehicle takes 5.1 to achieve a speed of 60 mph.

If we talk about the verdict, 2013 full size Range Rover is a perfect vehicle that can offer the best on-road and off-road experience in a single package. The price for 2013 Range Rover starts from $83,545 for the basic model and goes up to a base price of $88,545 for the HSE model, continuing to $99,995 for supercharged models. On the other hand, the Autobiography edition is available at a starting price of $130,995 that goes up to $150,000.



Facts of Brand New 2013 Range Rover at a Glance

1. 700 pounds lighter than its predecessors.

2. Iconic DNA style retained with additional curves and cuts for more graceful look.

3. Optional Terrain Response 2 with new Auto setting and five manual settings including: General, Grass/Snow/Gravel, Ruts/Mud, Sand and Rock Crawl.

4. Engine supports A 5.0 L V8 engines delivers 375 hp, while new supercharged version is equipped with 5.0L will churn out 510 hp along with a 0-60 time of just 5.1 seconds.

5. The price range of 2013 Range Rover starts at $83,545 that goes up to $99,995 for supercharged versions. Autobiography models are available for a starting price of $130,995 and stretches up to $150,000.

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A Complete Review of the Brand New 2013 Range Rover