40 Of The Most Luxurious Cars Owned By Celebrities

A nice car is one of those things that beautifully and elegantly straddles that magical line between completely necessary and pure frivolity. Some see it as a reward for hard work or as a beautiful way to show off incredible achievement. More practically minded people may opt for something more economic, because while having tons of money is great, chucking it at a vehicle that can go 200 mph is unnecessary (especially when the speed limit is 60). But, as noted, "necessity" is a different thing to different people. For plenty of people, a roof over one's head and food in the fridge are necessities, but for others, whether it be due to a massive ego, or just a passion for nice things, a car that costs a wheelbarrow full of cash is a necessity. You know that old saying, different strokes for different folks. For many celebrities, one amazing whip isn't enough, which is where we get into the realm of the celebrity car collector.

Here is our list of forty amazing luxury cars owned by celebrities. For entertainment purposes, we will play fast and loose with the word "luxury" and blur the lines slightly between the truly luxurious, the cars that use speed as a luxury and those that just cost so much they can't be considered anything other than luxury. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to get jealous. In cases of celebs who have too many awesome, beautiful vehicles to mention, don't worry, we'll address more than one.

Spoiler alert, there are far more than 40 cars in here, enjoy, friends.

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40 Justin Bieber


I'd like to apologize for including this lad in the list, because I know how offended some people are by his existence, but he has a couple of really nice cars so he deserves some recognition. On top of a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Aventador, he has an Audi R8, a Range Rover and a Cadillac CTS. For his birthday this year, he received a 1965 Lincoln Continental.

39 Patrick Dempsey


The former star of Grey's Anatomy, is an avid car collector and has cars both young and old in his garage. He has a Mercedes-Benz SLS, a Porsche GT3, and a Mercedes-Benz SUV. He also has 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE and used to own a Jaguar XK120, which he sold. He has said that one of his favorite to drive is his 1972 Jaguar E-Type.

38 Gwen Stefani


The former No Doubt singer turned solo star turned No Doubt singer once again recently filed for divorce from former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. She is said to be worth about $80 million, with a clothing line and fragrances as other entrepreneurial interests aside from music.

37 Simon Cowell


I've always wondered whether Simon Cowell was a sad, self-loathing person off screen, given his often cruel and unusual demeanor on American Idol. With one look at his car collection, I can say that nobody could be less than ecstatic with a such a group of whips. He has a Ferrari 360 Modena, a Bentley Azure (convertible) and a Rolls Royce Phantom. He used to have a Bugatti Veyron, but apparently sold it last year.

36 Snoop Dogg


Whether you call him Snoop Dogg, Lion or Calvin Broadus, he has had a great entertainment career and has a nice collection of phenomenally comfortable looking cars to show for it. One of his many prized cars is a yellow 1967 Pontiac Parisienne, but he also has an impressive Rolls Royce Phantom.

35 Mario Balotelli: Camouflage Bentley Continental


The Italian striker no doubt has one of the most notable and entertaining personalities in soccer (football) and has a car collection to match his personalty. Mario Balotelli is known to have a Ferrari, an Audi, and a Maserati, but possibly the most interesting in his collection is his camouflage Bentley Continental GT.

34 Ice-T


Legendary rapper turned actor, Ice-T has been known for some time to be a lover of fine automobiles. He owns a Rolls Royce Ghost that is decked out in chrome, a white Nissan GT-R that he is believed to have purchased last year, and has owned a Fisker Karma hybrid sports car for a couple of years now. He and his wife Coco, also have a Mercedes Benz SL55R, and a customized Bentley Continental GT.

33 Neil Young


Canadian musician Neil Young has been a liberal icon for decades and has had a love affair with cars since his youth. He managed to blend the two into a vehicle known as the LincVolt; a fuel efficient, environmentally friendly hybrid 1959 Lincoln Continental. It sustained damage when it caught on fire several years ago, but has luckily since been restored.

32 Tom Brady


There is some debate over whether Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, a cheating sleaze, or just the "Golden Boy" for Bill Belichick, a brilliant puppet-master coach. One thing we can (maybe?) all agree on is that he has a pretty great life. Aside from the supermodel wife, his car collection includes a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, an Audi R8, a Rolls Royce Ghost, and last but...well...frankly, least a Range Rover.

31 Kanye West


The megalomaniac rapper with the hot wife has a few great cars to go with his exuberantly flashy life and ego. He is known to be fond of his Mercedes-Benz SLR, but also has a Lamborghini Aventador, and used to have a Maybach 57. Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian, also have a Mercedes Benz S Series and a G63 SUV.

30 Celine Dion


One of the greatest singers of all time has a net worth of over $400 million. She has multiple mansions in both Canada and the United States. Compared to some on this list Celine Dion's choice of vehicle is very modest, but her 1995 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible has a classic and elegant look that works well with her overall demeanor and reputation.

29 Lil' Wayne


His position among the most entertaining rappers of the last couple of decades has earned Lil' Wayne some spending cash, and he has great taste in cars. Last year he bought his daughter a Ferrari on her sweet 16, but his own whips are even nicer.

He has a Cadillac CTS (but that is his least impressive). He has an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Bentley Mulsanne (bought for him by rapper and friend Birdman) and of course, a Bugatti Veyron.

28 Samuel L. Jackson


Called one of the hardest working actors in the business, Samuel L. Jackson has said that if he is paid, he will act in just about anything. As his movies have made the most money of any performer ever, he has earned his money. He owns a massive house in Los Angeles, and to go with it he has a white Maybach 57S that has folding tables inside and custom champagne flutes, and of course a built in mini-fridge.

27 Dan Bilzerian


The King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian received a great amount on money from his father and built upon it, earning an obscene fortune in poker and other ventures. He now parties a lot, works out in hopes of not having another heart attack, fires numerous guns and of course, "hangs out with" beautiful women.

Earlier this year, he chose to get rid of his Lamborghini Aventador because he just had no room for it. He still has a Shelby Cobra, a Bentley Continental, and of course, a 6X6 AMG G63 (heavily customized Mercedes-Benz SUV).

26 Usain Bolt


The fastest man on Earth seemingly doesn't get enough of speed just by running around the track. No, he owns two Ferraris, (a 458 and an F430). He used to have a modest BMW M3, but crashed it a couple of years ago. Usain Bolt's most recent automobile purchase was a Nissan GTR.

25 Chris Brown


While some consider him to be one of the most despicable sleazebags in the music business, plenty continue to enjoy his music, at least to the extent that he can continue a lavish lifestyle. Chris Brown owns a couple of Porsches, a customized Range Rover, a Lamborghini Aventador that is painted to look like a fighter plane, and a Bugatti Veyron.

24 T-Pain


Not only is he a talented rapper, but T-Pain also owns his own custom auto shop in Atlanta. He has a few cars, all of which are roughly immaculate. He has a Fiat 500, a Rolls Royce Ghost that is thoroughly customized, and of course he used to have a Bugatti Veyron, because what is a car collection without one of those. Over the years, T-Pain has had dozens of cars. It is hard to keep track of which whips he has kept around. He also has a Rolls Royce Ghost that he calls "Raymond", and a couple of vintage Impalas.

23 Janet Jackson


The youngest of the Jackson family makes our list as the proud owner of an Aston Martin Vanquish. The talented singer and performer Janet Jackson, also owns two Lamborghinis and a white Bentley Continental GTC. Quite impressive.

22 Steven Tyler


21 Darren McFadden


Darren McFadden was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys during the 2015 off-season. It will be interesting if the 27 year old can put down some more impressive stats than he did in the last two seasons in Oakland.

But enough about football, we're talking cars here and McFadden has some interesting tastes. He has a Bentley Continental GT (like so many others) but also owns a 1972 Buick Centurion that sits upon 32 inch rims and is purple with green interior and wheels.

20 P Diddy


19 Lady Gaga


While the $300 millionaire is known for flashy costumes and a stage presence that is looking "out there" in the rear view mirror, she doesn't have any cars that are ridiculous or even that interesting, just very nice. Lady Gaga owns an Audi R8 GT, a Mercedes-Benz GL450, a Chevrolet Suburban, and her "everyday car" is a Lincoln MKV.

18 Seal


The multiple Grammy winning British singer was on top of the world for a while. He was winning awards left and right, was selling records by the millions, and was married to Heidi Klum. He's no longer pumping out the hits like he used to and the supermodel wife took off, but he's still a multi-millionaire with a great car collection. Seal has a Bentley Azure, an Audi R8, a Mercedes-Benz Sl and a Ferrari 360 Spider.

17 50 Cent


Curtis Jackson got rich and did not have to die trying, he just got shot a few times. He is a notorious mumbler in a musical genre in which mumbling isn't a huge problem. But still, maybe his movie should have been called "Enunciate or Die Trying", but enough of these musings, he has some nice vehicles.

Among his most impressive cars are a 2011 Range Rover, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and a 2012 Bentley Mulsanne. One car that "Fiddy" made famous was his own Pontiac G8, which is heavily customized.

16 David Beckham


On the short list of athletes with impressive car collections, English soccer (football) star David Beckham is always around the top. He has a Cadillac Escalade, an Audi R8, a Bentley Mulsanne, a couple of Porsche's, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, and last/least, a Hummer H2. After all those nice cars, here's a Hummer, kind of anti-climactic isn't it? Sorry.

15 Birdman


It has been suggested that the rapper and record producer Birdman has a net worth of over $170 million. He's a hard working man who enjoys his money. He owns more cars than most people can count, but one of his prized whips is a Bugatti Veyron. He used to own a Maybach Exelero, which is worth about $8 million.

14 Shaq


The former basketball star turned rapper, actor, businessman and advertising icon, has an amazing collection of vehicles. His modified and upgraded Escalade looks like one of the most comfortable cars out there. He has a modified Ferrari with custom seats because he well...needed to actually fit into the vehicle. He also has a Lincoln Town Car, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Ford F350 truck and a Smart Car which obviously looks beyond comical with him inside of it.

13 Rick Ross


39 year-old Floridian rapper, Rick Ross was 2012's hottest MC in the game according to MTV, and has a series of awesome cars that more than live up to that reputation. For a detailed inspection, see his Instagram page. A white Bentley Brooklands, a golden Bentley Continental, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Mercedes-Benz SLS and of course a Rolls Royce Wraith are among his nicest vehicles.

12 J.R. Smith


11 Flo Rida


While other rappers may have some nice cars, and quite a few may be able to boast about having a Bugatti Veyron, Flo Rida had a unique, chrome Veyron; a true thing of beauty. He got fed up with the chrome wrap and had it swapped out for gold. The gold wrapped car reminds me of an old Family Guy gag in which main character Peter Griffin buys a gold plated three-piece suit and comments that he "had to fight three rappers at the Nonesense Store" to get it.

10 Manny Pacquiao


For his loss to Floyd Mayweather a few months ago (more on Mr. Mayweather later), Manny Pacquiao earned over $100 million. Must be nice to show up, lose, and still make an absurd amount of money for taking a few dozen shots to the face.

No matter what you think of his paychecks, the man has some undeniably nice cars. Among the nicest in his collection are a Lincoln Navigator, a Mercedes-Benz SL 550, a Porsche Cayenne, and a red Ferrari 458 Italia.

9 LeBron James


8 Beyonce


One of the most talented women in show business, scratch that, any business, is Beyonce. She and husband Jay-Z are among the most powerful couples in the world, and have cars that match their class and talent. Beyonce herself has a Mercedes-Benz SLR MacLaren and a stunning 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

7 Joe Johnson


Seven-time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson, who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets, has a heavily upgraded and customized Ford F650. The truck cost him well over $200,000 to create and in terms of aesthetics, it is either the ugliest thing on the road, or one of the nicest vehicles you've ever seen.

6 Jay Leno


Talk show host and car collector Jay Leno has to be on this list. He has a MacLaren P1 and an F1, a car made with the engine of a M47 Patton tank, a Jaguar XK120M, one of (rumored) only two existing, working Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic SC's, an Ecojet, that he and General Motors produced several years ago and many other cars; mostly vintage and extremely rare. He also has a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

5 Floyd Mayweather


We already discussed the loser of the recent "biggest fight in history", so now we move onto the winner. Floyd Mayweather is one of those awesome celebrities who loves to show off his wealth. This is an observation, not a criticism.

He has a couple of Ferrari's, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Porsche 911 Turbo, and three Bugatti Veyrons. One is the Grand Sport edition. A few months ago, it was reported that he was looking to buy a $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, one of the nicest, fastest cars in the world. Only three of said vehicle exist. It is unclear whether he is still pursuing the purchase.

4 The Game


American rapper, and one of the most notable students of legend Dr. Dre, The Game has built a very respectable career and a beautiful vehicle collection to show for it. A Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro are the two least remarkable cars he owns. He has a Porsche Panamera, a Bentley Continental GT and a Fisker Karma (same hybrid sports car as Ice-T) and of course, a Bugatti Veyron. On top of all that he has a Rolls Royce Ghost and a leather wrapped Ferrari 430...because he can.

3 Jerry Seinfeld


Easily one of the most renowned and beloved comedians on the face of the globe, Jerry Seinfeld is not only a funny man with one of the greatest shows ever made, he also has a heck of a car collection. He has an internet based series in which he and other comedians drive around in beautiful cars, and owns dozens of Porsches.

He has several different models from more years than one can count. The 959 is one of his favorites, as is the 993. He also had a Carrera GT which he sold a few years ago.

2 Jay-Z


If you weren't impressed by Beyonce's car collection, here is her husband, whose vehicular choices may (should) blow your mind. Jay-Z owns a Pagani Zonda F, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, and a Maybach Exelero; remember that $8 million car that Birdman used to own?

1 Ralph Lauren


Aside from being one of the most successful fashion designers in the world, Ralph Lauren is also an avid car collector. He has dozens of classic cars that sit in a massive complex in Bedford Hills. His cars are mostly roadsters from decades past, and he apparently only spends about a day per year there.

Among his prized beauties are several Rolls Royce vehicles, a few Bentleys but the pick of the pack is his $40 million Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. It is one of only two in the world.

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