$279 000 Flying Car to Come Out in 2015?

Flying cars are not a fantastic dream anymore and according to Terrafugia corporation, these cars will become a reality in only two years from now - in other words, in 2015. However, this luxury comes with a price, which is $279,000. The Transition is going to be the first flying car in the world, but many critics have said that this so-called car is closer to an airplane with improved features rather than a terrestrial vehicle.

According to Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich, the airborne transportation was estimated at about $800 billion per year by the CAFE Foundation, while NASA considered this project worth $1 trillion annually. Apparently, the Transition will be available only for people with a solid and stable financial situation, but Terrafugia reported that this flying car will include all the features every driver needs in order to get an extraordinary experience: 500-mile battery, autopilot and even an automatic landing function if the vehicle runs out of battery.

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$279 000 Flying Car to Come Out in 2015?