$226 000 For A Range Rover: Chauffeur Not Included

Rovers have always been known as expensive vehicles, but the latest model is more than most owners would be willing to spend. The Range Rover Autobiography Black is the name of this newest model, which comes with a $226,000 price tag to match its luxurious name. This vehicle comes with all the luxuries one would expect for a car that costs a quarter of a million dollars. A chrome front grille is the first thing you'll notice on the car, along with black enamel and chrome accents. On the inside of this ride, buyers will find rear screens on each of the front seats so passengers in the back are always entertained. There's also tables for the backseats that have cup holders built right in. A champagne chiller is even in the back so any drink can be kept cool.

Mood lighting in the car can be set to any color and there is leather seating throughout the vehicle. Front and rear passengers can also set their seats to lumbar massage or even recline, so the ride is comfortable and luxurious. As if that wasn't enough, there is privacy glass and a calf rest for the rear passenger's side. The front is equipped with a large screen where you can change the channel and view vehicle information. The price tag may seem high, but the vehicle does come with a lot of luxuries that are pretty pricey.

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$226 000 For A Range Rover: Chauffeur Not Included