2014 Bugatti Veyron: World's Fastest Roadster

Bugatti has been long known in the automotive industry as being the leader when it comes to producing extremely fast cars that not only feature the latest technology, but also cars that feel stable and are a pleasure to drive even at maximum speed. The same thing can be said about their latest release, the Grand Sport Vitesse. The car has taken a while to be produced and it seems that it will not disappoint anyone who knows what Bugatti is mainly known for which is speed.

The car has been taken for a drive by Anthony Liu (a famous Chinese racing driver) for a spin on Volkswagen's special track and he managed achieving 408,84 kilometers an hour in it. Pricewise, the car will cost 2.25 million dollars and even though Bugatti said it will produce 150 of these cars, the latest news said that they have actually shortened that number by 50, so only 100 of these cars will be produced.

There is also going to be a special edition model, called the World Record Car Edition. This is basically a limited edition model and there will only be eight of these cars made, featuring a unique combination of black and orange color scheme. In terms of price, it will cost 2,6 million dollars.

Taking a closer look at the Vitesse, it's easy to see that this is basically a combination of 2 major Veyron variations that are already known by many car fans, the Grand Sport and the Super Sport. It seems that Bugatti didn't want to name this by combining the 2 names the car takes after, into a single one and resorted to just using the Grand Sport Vitesse denomination.

3 Government condoned speeding

The new model has the same musicality to its 16.4 engine. Its rumble can easily be heard in the distance, deep and crisp, which makes it sound like a herd of stampeding elephants or maybe a brewing thunderstorm. The new prototype seems to feature around three hundred temperature probes and it also comes with two data loggers, one that can be found in the passenger's footwell and one in-between the seats. It also comes with a Race-logic VBOX which was specially installed for the test drive version in order to accurately check how fast the car is going. Speed data is sampled one hundred times each second, which is quite a fast refresh rate.

2 Performance

The car goes from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 2,4 seconds and it has a top speed of 255 miles per hour, making it the fastest production roadster in the world. The Vitesse presents open air, extreme automotive speed that's beyond everything people can possibly imagine. Cabin turbulence has been seriously taken into consideration and it was kept at a minimum thanks to the optional wind blocker behind the seats, well engineered airflow around the body shell and the small roof opening. Even if the driver goes 155 miles per hour, the passengers in it may still hear and understand each other.

The car will just keep on accelerating and even when it hits 185 miles per hour, it doesn't show any signs of restraining. Liu managed to get the car to 233 miles per hour while having the top off, speed at which air resistance and engine power finally fight to a draw.

1 Suspension

For the Vitesse, Bugatti has designed a new and unique suspension setup which includes new dampers that feature marginally softer springs and faster working valves. The results of this new configuration are absolutely amazing. The front end vibration which exists in the Super Sport that really takes its toll on steering, was practically nonexistent. Even if the car is going really fast, steering it is very simple and it can be done with just a couple of fingers on the wheel regardless of the condition the road is in.

Considering its ferocious and docile split personality, but also its improved driving quality, the new 2014 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is easily the fastest roadster on the planet and at the same time, the car that most Bugatti fans would definitely want to own. With a price tag of 2,25 million dollars, all that remains to purchase after its acquisition is a road that's perfect for pushing its limits to the max.

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