15 Things You Didn't Know About Ferrari

What is it about supercars that draws us to them like moths to a flame? When we were kids, we stared at posters or flipped through magazine spreads of the latest models. No, not those kinds of models but the ones with names like Countach, Esprit, GT-R and Testarossa. If you were into these rare and high-priced beauties you learned what each manufacturer’s trademark design features were. You could pick a certain company’s V10 or V12 engine out of a lineup based solely on sound and you knew the strengths and weaknesses of all the top brands. Whatever your ties to the world of the supercar, it is almost certainly a mixture of nostalgia, exclusivity, power, speed and beauty that keeps pulling us back in for more.

In the world of motorsport there are few makers or names more widely known than that of Ferrari. The Italian supercar company has been producing performance cars for nearly 60 years. While many associate Scuderia Ferrari with today’s Formula One competition, the racing garage has been around since the 1920s, developing its reputation years before the first Ferrari vehicle exited the factory. The company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, initially based his fledging team in Modena Italy before relocating down the road to Maranello where it remains to this day. Today, as it always has, Ferrari remains a symbol of competition, status and speed. It’s nearly impossible not to take notice of one as it speeds by on the streets. If you don’t actually see it, then the Ferrari’s engine usually announces its presence to all who are within earshot. Despite the popularity of the brand, there are some interesting facts about this legendary maker which are unknown to all but the most involved enthusiasts.

15 A Big Thanks to Alfa Romeo 

14 The Prancing Horse 

13 Why Ferraris Are Red 

12 Enzo’s ‘Different’ Way of Thinking 


11 … Helped Create Lamborghini 


10 … and the GT40 

9 The Most Expensive Car is a Ferrari 


8 The Highest Paid Athlete 

7 The First Ferrari 


6 Supply and Demand 

5 Pininfarina Supremacy – Almost 

4 Not Just a Racing Power 


3 1980 Was a Year to Forget 


2 An Enzo for the Vatican 


1 A Ferrari Theme Park 

As if further proof is needed that the Ferrari brand extends far beyond the automotive world, one needs only to look at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This theme park is Walt Disney-meets-Ferrari and gives visitors the total experience when it comes to the Italian car maker. Opened in 2010, Ferrari World boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world and they have even started building the steepest ride in honor of Francesco Baracca, the fighter ace whose personal emblem is used as the company’s logo. If rides aren’t your thing you can dish out around $160 to get the “Driving Experience” and drive around in a Ferrari California.


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15 Things You Didn't Know About Ferrari