12 Of The Ugliest Sports Cars Of All Time

Sports cars should be sexy and make people go "oooh", that’s the point. Sure they are also incredible machines, but the “oooh” factor is why we covet sports cars. This is not a list about those cars, this is a list of sports cars that make people go “ugh” and shake their head.

These cars not only fall short of that goal, some of them are an absolute mess, pieces and parts mashed together with the label of a sports car. The reality is that each of these cars was a big miss and due to the output engineers were probably relieved of their jobs.

Not all of these vehicles are awful from top to bottom; some actually perform very well and live up to the high-performance hype expected from sports cars. Maybe focusing on performance was the problem because the style, feel and practicality of these cars are downright head-scratching.

Just missing the list are a number of Dodge Charger models, a car that has tried to regain it’s seventies muscle car charm for years, but for the most part has come up short. Same goes for the Ford Mustang series, another “brand” that has no success replacing their classic look.

Do you like to cars that look like space ships or have no business being on the road? How about vehicles that just look uncomfortable or just plain ugly? If yes, then sit back and enjoy. Here are the 15 ugliest sports cars of all-time.

12 Jetstream SC250

Via evo.co.uk

So apparently the performance of the Jetstream SC250 is off the charts. It must be good at something. Quite honestly, I’m surprised they are even allowed to categorize this engine with wheels as a sports car. How many executives were sitting in a room when someone presented this body? At least twelve, right? Didn’t one of them say, “Hey, this looks like a go-kart!” I just can’t believe not one person in the room didn’t stand up and say: “Hey, this is just a damn go-kart, come back with a car design.” Apparently this meeting didn’t happen; remember this next time someone says executives aren’t needed. Someone would have stepped in here, I’m pretty sure.

11 Lister Storm

Via autogaleria.hu

If the makers of the Lister Storm were going for a throwback look they succeeded. This looks like the Corvette every drug dealer in the eighties drove. Unfortunately, with sports cars you want more modern, not classic. In the rare occasions you do look back for inspiration, you need to make it better, not boring. Apparently the power under the hood was unique, that’s good because nothing else, especially the angled style (especially on the doors) just looks old. Bonus if you get this in gray, because it’s the most boring of all colors. The nineties were a weird time.

10 Mitsuoka Himiko

Via tachki.md

If you are going to spend good money on a sports car it’s a good idea to not go with a name known for knocking off famous British models. Still, for whatever reason (maybe because I know) this vehicle doesn’t look original, it gives the feeling that you have seen it somewhere else. There’s some style to it, but this is also not a car that screams “take me home” either. There’s a little bit of trying too hard and you can just forget it when someone who knows anything about sport cars tells you your ride is a stylized knock-off of the Mazda MX-5.

9 Salica GT

Via carsbase.com

The ultimate sin for the production of any sports car is to make it look cheap. Unfortunately that’s what happened with the Salica GT. Based on the Noble M12, the body has been modified to look like a set of Legos snapped together. Depending on the angle you are viewing your thoughts may stream from interesting to terrible to wondering if the car was just in a major accident. Clearly a case of not being able to leave a good thing alone; expect to get pulled over if you drive this car, cops will want to get a good look at the loser behind the wheel.

8 Studebaker Avanti

Via wikipedia.org

Maybe looking cheap isn’t the worst characteristic a sports car can have, maybe it’s being boring. If so, the Avanti may be the most boring looking sports car of all time. Maybe it has something to do with a lot of overhauls of name, image and style, but just look at the placement of major components such as the lights and side reflectors. God forbid you get this vehicle in yellow, there is no way everyone doesn’t refer to your ride as the banana boat. Put the top down and it looks like a banana split – there is no winning if you chose this as your dress-to-impress sports car.

7 Plymouth Prowler

Via hdwpapers.com

For the man that loves ZZ Top, but doesn’t want to restore a classic car, here’s your answer – the Plymouth Prowler. This is another over compensation sports car with lots of angles, too many angles, and what appears to be a plastic bumper. I always wondered if people buy this pointy car due to some suppressed Freudian issues. “Look at me, I’m driving a triangle that kind of looks like a penis!” If you buy this car be prepared for the song “Legs” to be played each time you drive into a parking spot. Bonus for anyone that goes with the yellow one, obviously you really like cheese cake and aren’t afraid to let everyone know.

6 GDT Speedster

Via seriouswheels.com

The makers of the GDT Speedster definitely wanted to make this vehicle look like a cartoon, right? I mean, look at that grille, it’s smiling at me! This particular vehicle can get up to 170 mph so it's fast despite being shaped like a shoe box. Take a look at the head lights – the eyes are staring at you! Even the windshield is angled back to ensure the look of a soap tray. Thank God this was a one-off sports car and not something the “team” was banking on. Maybe that’s why the smiling grille got by everyone, there has to be some explanation for that one.

5 X Works Automotive X1

Via caradisiac.com

Like the Lister Storm, the X Works Automotive X1 sports car falls prey to boredom. Under the hood this ride roars, but on the outside it purrs at best. There is a lot going on when you look at the body, grilles and lights. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle that was forced together, the pieces not fitting well. There’s also the gray color, nothing screams boring more than gray. To top it off, the X Works Automotive X1 has tinted windows, because of course it does. When you throw many pieces that don’t fit well you might as well add dark tinted windows.

4 Blast Automotive Blast

Via imablogger2.blogspot.com

I mean c’mon, this one is pretty easy, right? The “boxy” look combines with, what is that, an incline? Somewhere in the design of this car the balance of sleek and cool got lost and craziness was injected. Apparently this happened very early in the process. With all of the choices, who is going to walk up to this car in the showroom and say, “That’s the one, right there, that’s the car of my dreams!” Probably the person who designed it, I can’t imagine anyone else forking over a lot of cash for a car that looks like that.

3 DeLorean DMC-12

Via avidall.com

If this is what we can expect the future to look like, maybe we should reconsider quitting our bad habits. The finish is dull, unfortunately that’s by design. The DeLorean DMC-12 has stainless-steel panels and are not painted when they leave the factory. It’s unclear what the plan was with the windows as they have this weird shade, again, not the future I’m hoping for. The cubed lights do not look like the future, they look like the past. Next time someone decides to make the car of the future they should be forced to watch a Jetsons marathon because whatever happened here didn’t work.

2 Mosler Raptor

Via fulabilar.wordpress.com

When I was young (1st Grade) my favorite thing in the world was to draw cars. I would start with the body and then draw the wheels. My bodies tended to be disproportioned; they always ended up looking like the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. Little did I know at the time I was drawing what would become the prototype for the Mosler Raptor. I realize they were going for some type of “Super Car”, but unfortunately they ended up with something even Superman wouldn’t be caught dead in. Instead of a car they designed a submarine and that’s not good for anyone.

1 IFR Automotive Aspid

Via conceptcarz.com

Somewhere, someone messed up with this design and it’s not in just one spot. Start with the exposed wheel rods, but the overall body looks like something that comes with a set of Play-Doh. The original engineer must have quit and the next guy in line really liked dune buggies. Apparently this car kicks butt from a performance standpoint so that’s good. You will want to always be driving really fast so no one sees you in this design catastrophe.

Sources: Bloomberg.com, Carthrottle.com, Diseno-art.com

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