15 Fictional Cars Every Guy Wants To Drive

Cars can be many things. In their simplest form, they are a means by which people travel from one place to another. They have certain accouterments to make such travel more comfortable to the driver and their passengers, some go faster than others, and some look nicer than others, but that’s basically what a car is. To many men, though, and certainly women as well, a car is some form of a status symbol. Perhaps it’s a symbol of wealth, or power, or maybe even something more abstract than those concepts, but no matter what way you look at it, it’s hard to ignore that the kind of car a person drives means something.

In the world of entertainment, sometimes it’s a bit more simplistic than even any of that. When a movie character needs to drive a car, all of those other factors apply, but first and foremost, that car needs to be cool. Most of these cars do things real cars can’t or shouldn’t actually do, and that’s what we love about them. Of course, a few of them are just really awesome cars. Read on to learn about 15 fictional cars every guy would love to drive.


15 Doc Brown's DeLorean

Via Amblin Entertainment

If you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, do it with some style. This was the rationale of Doc Brown when he built his time machine in Back to the Future, and the world will forever be grateful for that vanguard decision. Even the most drab, broken down car in the world would be pretty awesome if it were converted into a time machine, and Doc Brown probably knew that. The fact he ignored it and went for style anyway tells you everything you need to know about the mad/genius scientist, and what it is about him that makes Marty McFly stick around to witness his crazy schemes. Once that DeLorean flew by the camera, generations of viewers wished they were there with him, too.

14 The Gadgetmobile

Via DIC Entertainment

The main selling point of most of these fictional cars is the adaptability and secret capabilities they have, so of course a man named after his love of gadgets would have a car filled with them. The vehicle driven by Inspector Gadget is a simply Toyota Supra on the outside, but it’s endless transformative ability proves it’s actually so much more. It has two main forms, one being a van and one being a police car, so you can use it for vigilante efforts or the shadiest stuff you can think of; the Gadgetmobile is literally for everyone.

13 The Car Built For Homer

Via Wired

Homer Simpson is a unique man, and as such he created an intensely unique car, but as it would turn out, plenty of guys would love to drive Homer’s car. The domes make it perfect for ignoring your passengers, which should have given Homer’s car an immediate second life as a taxi. It has extra-large cup holders, like most cars these days, but beat the trend by nearly two decades. The shag carpeting is a bonus, and we’ll probably only ever find use for one of the three horns, but we’ll still be blaring it at least once a day to let everyone know we’re coming. And who doesn’t love La Cucaracha?

12 Ecto-1

Via Columbia Pictures

A few of the cars on the list are here because of what driving them represents. In the case of the Ecto-1, driving it represents the fact you are a Ghostbuster, and plenty of guys would do anything just to achieve that. It might look a little clunky, but after the repairs by Ray, it's in tip-top shape and ready to take down ghosts all over New York City. It’s true this is a particular line of work, and not all men may have the constitution for it, but riding around in this baby you’ll no doubt find yourself thinking, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

11 The Mystery Machine

Via Hanna-Barbera Productions

Unlike some of the other cars on this list, there’s nothing too special about the Mystery Machine. It doesn’t have any special features, and it’s just a big green van these young adults use to solve mysteries. They’re some pretty cool young adults, though, and guys probably wouldn’t mind a chance to solve those mysteries with them. More adventurous men might take this opportunity to hit on Daphne or Velma, but we’ll be honest—we just want to hang out with Shaggy and the dog, and try some Scooby Snacks. It looks like they make you really giggly.

10 The Convert-A-Car

Via Hanna-Barbera Productions

Wacky Races was a cartoon from the late 1960s about the most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the wacky races. Each episode the racers competed for the title of the wackiest racer, using extremely creative and ridiculous cars to connive their way to victory. There were heroes and villains on the show, but all characters treated the races like a joke, cheating egregiously through use of their brilliant cars. Guys probably wouldn’t mind being a passenger in Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat #5 (did we mention this was a kid’s show?), but when it comes to actually getting behind the wheel we pick Professor Pat Pending’s Convert-A-Car. The Convert-A-Car is infinitely adaptable at the Professor’s whim, and it would be a blast to drive it in a wacky race or just about any setting.

9 The Ninja Turtle Party Wagon


Out of context, the Turtle Party Wagon might sound like a weird door-to-door pet store, but cartoon fans out there know it’s the main street vehicle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The wagon has a variety of weapons and add-ons to it that make it more of a crime-fighting machine than a regular van, but that’s not even the main selling point. What guy wouldn’t want to hang out with April and the turtles, just chilling and eating some pizza? We’ll even let Leonardo drive.


8 Canyonero

via 20th Century Fox Television

Most of the cars on this list are impractical in the real world due to special features, but the Canyonero is simply a high quality, sensible vehicle. Sure, the theme song tells us it has four-wheel drive, smells like steak, and seats 35, but only that last one is really impractical. There’s also the fact the car weighs an alleged 65 tons, is 12 yards long, and “2 lanes wide,” which might make the Canyonero a little bit difficult to park, if nothing else. Still, Krusty the Clown did such a good job of selling us on the car in his famous series of adverts, we’re willing to give it a test drive. Just don’t slip up and buy the “F-series” like Homer did—apparently, that’s a woman’s car.

7 The Mach 5


The Mach 5 is the prized possession of Speed Racer. It’s a sleek, coke-bottle style car meant only for, obviously, speed racing, so we probably wouldn’t be bringing any friends along on this test drive. It would still be fun to try out the many special features the car has, and try to figure out how the car’s seven simple buttons are apparently able to do so much. Some guys might prefer a chance to ride The Shooting Star, but we’ll give the proper respect to Racer X and hope he just follows us around and protects us like he does for Speed Racer.

6 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Via Autistry Studios

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang looks old, clunky, and broken down, making it arguably the ugliest car on this list. However, there’s something undeniably awesome about any car that can sprout wings and fly. Chitty is also amphibious, with the ability to turn into a huge floatation device and become a boat with just a few buttons, as well. Guys might not have a lot of patience for singing the silly songs or watching the children’s movie the car came from, but the car itself is definitely cool enough we’d like to get in the driver’s seat.

5 Absolutely Any Car Owned By James Bond

Via IB Times

Practically every single thing James Bond does is unattainably cool. Guys would do whatever they could to emulate him in every single way, and that extends tenfold to driving the kind of cars he gets his hands on. Although the Aston Martin from Goldfinger is probably the most stylish and therefore the most enviable, Bond has also driven his share of Audis, Alfa Romeos, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, and countless other designer cars. Whether our version has the cool Bond gadgets courtesy of Q or not, we just want to get behind the wheels of some of the fanciest cars ever made. The fact one of the coolest guys of all time was a previous owner is just a bonus.

4 Fred Flintstone's Car

Via Hanna–Barbera Productions

Fred Flintstone’s car, and by extension any car that might have been driven in Bedrock, isn’t something we’d want to drive every day. The fact you have to accelerate the thing with your own foot power defeats the entire purpose of a car in modern society. It would still be pretty fun to try out, though, and most guys could probably have a lot of fun using one of these things recreationally. Modern technology would also probably create some kind of footwear that won’t cause broken legs every time we go down a hill, so the downsides are pretty minimal. We might not ride Fred’s car to work, but we’d love to use it when racing our friends.

3 Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck

Via Duuro

The world of Twisted Metal is probably one guys want to avoid outside of their TV screens, but that doesn’t mean the cars wouldn’t be fun to try out in a more appropriate context. We promise we aren’t talking about going on any kind of a killing spree, but a demolition derby with an ice cream truck could be a fun way to spend a weekend. There’s something pretty cool about the menacing clown head above the truck, too, that would stop any kids from mistaking this for a normal ice cream truck and ruining the fun.

2 K.I.T.T.

Via Product Hunt

We’re quite frankly thankful they don’t admit it publicly, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear there are guys out there who talk to their cars. Plenty of guys have been known to name them, so why not give them personalities and characters, too? The idea is pretty appealing, and maybe we’re just not creative enough, because there’s no denying we would love to get behind the wheel of K.I.T.T. The crowning achievement of Knight Industries, K.I.T.T. is the talking car of Michael Knight. K.I.T.T. had a few other special features, too, including being able to drive himself and navigate through dangerous road conditions with his own “eyes,” but really it’s just the fact it talks that makes it one of the coolest cars in history. Just for the record, we’ll take the William Daniels model, please.

1 The Batmobile


Maybe not every guy out there wants to drive every car on this list. We admit every man out there doesn’t share identical tastes, but come on—this is the Batmobile. Do we even need to explain it? Public interest in the Caped Crusader waxes and wanes based on the most recent movies made about him, but one thing that never changes about Batman is the fact he drives the coolest car ever made. The Batmobile has gone through many shapes and forms, just like any of Batman’s bat-vehicles and bat-gadgets, but the general look never changes too dramatically, and that’s all we need to get behind the wheel.

Sources: Wikipedia

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