15 Fictional Cars Every Guy Wants To Drive

Cars can be many things. In their simplest form, they are a means by which people travel from one place to another. They have certain accouterments to make such travel more comfortable to the driver and their passengers, some go faster than others, and some look nicer than others, but that’s basically what a car is. To many men, though, and certainly women as well, a car is some form of a status symbol. Perhaps it’s a symbol of wealth, or power, or maybe even something more abstract than those concepts, but no matter what way you look at it, it’s hard to ignore that the kind of car a person drives means something.

In the world of entertainment, sometimes it’s a bit more simplistic than even any of that. When a movie character needs to drive a car, all of those other factors apply, but first and foremost, that car needs to be cool. Most of these cars do things real cars can’t or shouldn’t actually do, and that’s what we love about them. Of course, a few of them are just really awesome cars. Read on to learn about 15 fictional cars every guy would love to drive.

15 Doc Brown's DeLorean

Via Amblin Entertainment

14 The Gadgetmobile

Via DIC Entertainment

13 The Car Built For Homer

Via Wired

12 Ecto-1

Via Columbia Pictures

11 The Mystery Machine

Via Hanna-Barbera Productions

10 The Convert-A-Car

Via Hanna-Barbera Productions

9 The Ninja Turtle Party Wagon


8 Canyonero

via 20th Century Fox Television

7 The Mach 5


6 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Via Autistry Studios

5 Absolutely Any Car Owned By James Bond

Via IB Times

4 Fred Flintstone's Car

Via Hanna–Barbera Productions

3 Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck

Via Duuro

2 K.I.T.T.

Via Product Hunt

1 The Batmobile


Maybe not every guy out there wants to drive every car on this list. We admit every man out there doesn’t share identical tastes, but come on—this is the Batmobile. Do we even need to explain it? Public interest in the Caped Crusader waxes and wanes based on the most recent movies made about him, but one thing that never changes about Batman is the fact he drives the coolest car ever made. The Batmobile has gone through many shapes and forms, just like any of Batman’s bat-vehicles and bat-gadgets, but the general look never changes too dramatically, and that’s all we need to get behind the wheel.

Sources: Wikipedia

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15 Fictional Cars Every Guy Wants To Drive