15 Affordable Cars Guaranteed To Get You Laid

Nice cars have always had a certain "wow" factor, and men have always tried to utilize their car's sex appeal to impress women. Whether it's the look and design of the car that a man drives, or the make and price tag on the car (in many cases it's both), women seem to love a man in an expensive, good-looking car. The problem is, some, if not most men can’t afford a new Mazzerati, or Ferrari or even a BMW or Mercedes.

You might think that this limits one’s opportunities with the fairer sex, and sure, without the badass, expensive new car, it might be more difficult to impress women, but it sure isn’t impossible. In fact, there are plenty of rides out there that seem to get the job done, and you don’t have to pull in six figures to afford them.

While there is no Ferrari on this list, these 15 affordable vehicles will no doubt go a long way in impressing women and, because they already know you’re not rich, you won’t have to worry about them finding out you live with your mom in order to afford your sports car.

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15 Toyota Prius

Really? A Prius? Why not? Obviously, you’re a good-natured, nature-friendly type if you’re running around in a Prius to begin with, and guess what? That’s the ‘in’ thing, man. If saving the planet one less carbon emission at a time is your thing, the Prius has you covered. Based on how many young women have taken an interest in the environment, you just might be their thing as well driving a Prius. It says "I love the planet," and I’m confident enough to know I don’t need a slick ride to do it. Grow a beard and you’re golden. And with all the money you’ll save on this car, you can wine and dine your Earth-conscious partner in crime any day of the week.

14 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima kind of looks like a sports car, doesn’t it? It’s actually a very practical car as well, but that’s not the point of this list. Buy it in black, tint the windows and always look cool when in your ride (see: Aviators) and it’s very plausible that the opposite sex will give you more than a few glances. At under $25,000 you really can’t go wrong on price either. Though you may not get the same quality looks as if you drove a Ferrari, you’ll still be driving your own car, probably to and from your job, in your Aviators, and that’s got to count for something, right?

13 Ford Crown Victoria

Via motortrend.com

Ok, so you’ll look like an old school cop. It’s true. But, guess what? Lots of women dig that, so the Ford Crown Victoria is probably a safe bet for a good amount of recognition from the opposite sex. The bad news? Ford pulled the model from production in 2008, so you’ll have to look around for one. The good news? Your Ford Crown Victoria is going to be affordable (except on gas). And with what you’ll save in cost, you can tint out the windows, get some bad-ass rims and, of course a great pair of Aviators. What woman could resist that? But most importantly, it has a massive back seat. Get your Marvin Gaye playlist ready, boys.

12 Hyundai Genesis 4.6

Via autoevolution.com

The Hyundai Genesis 4.6 looks like a Mercedes. I love a Mercedes, and when I saw a black one of these pass me by, even I looked, and wanted the driver's number. In all seriousness, this is a slick car that doesn’t carry an overly heavy financial burden, but definitely says, “I do well,” which shows women you’re not only successful enough to afford a Hyundai Genesis 4.6, but also fiscally responsible enough to not go above your means and buy a debt trap. This car will attract the ready-to-settle-down types, maybe not what you were looking for, but if there’s true love somewhere for all of us, it may as well be in your Hyundai Genesis 4.6.

11 Scion FR-S

Via wot.motortrend.com

A Scion FR-S costs under $25,000 but it looks like it costs a lot more, which benefits you, particularly amongst the crowd of women who like a man with money, real or imagined. Cruising in this relatively affordable ride, you will be able to splash your cash on other things women like, without fearing about whether you may miss a car payment. Furthermore, in the Scion FR-S you’ll look rich, be able to pretend you are, and no one will be the wiser. Unless you really are rich and just happen to like driving affordable cars, in that case you, sir, are a genius.

10 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Via motortrend.com

Knowing little about this vehicle, I discovered that apparently it was designed as a rally car. The hatchback version of the car reminds me of the types of cars people much cooler than me drove, and street raced, in high school, and they got all the girls, so it makes sense that it would do anyone with nearly $35,000 grand and a Fast and the Furious vibe well. It kind of looks like a sports car upfront, and a family car in the back, so that could also bode well with women, projecting an "I’m daring and fast, but also aware of the need to settle down" deal that gives a girl the best of both worlds.

9 Pontiac G8 GT

Via carsbase.com

Though the Pontiac G8 GT is a four-door sedan, it has a really cool, sleek kind of BMW, or again, Mercedes vibe to it, and it won't cost you very much, provided you can track one down (Pontiac went out of business in 2010, so the newest G8 GT you'll find would be a 2009 model). Pontiacs have always been old standards and safe bet cars, but the Pontiac G8 GT has a real sporty look to it that belies its price. You can play this one in a myriad of ways, because the car is affordable, good looking and fast. Sounds exactly like what you are looking for anyways, so get out there and hit the roads in your Pontiac G8 GT.


Via newcars.com

Purportedly one of the fastest affordable cars cruising the Interstate, the MAZDASPEED 3 may land you that lady based on horsepower alone.   If not, the car is pretty good looking too, having a sporty but practical vibe going for it. Again, at under $25,000 it’s the type of ride that projects a bit of reckless abandon but also an obvious affinity for practicality. The MAZDASPEED 3 is fast, yet still a four-door sedan. It also has a sleek sense of style without being overly flashy. You may not get a supermodel to ride shotgun, but the MAZDASPEED 3 is probably the perfect car to cruise Costco parking lots in.

7 Chrysler 300

Via welcometocars.blogspot.com

When the Chrysler 300 cars hit the market, I thought they were some new, super expensive luxury sedan. At just over $30,000 the Chrysler 300 (and even the smaller 200) is quite affordable, given how it looks, and that means plenty of money to do like everyone else and outfit the car with a bunch of Rolls Royce Phantom accessories. Some may not even notice, and they may in fact be your target audience. More astute onlookers may appreciate your ingenuity in ‘pimping’ your ride, while others may realize they ain’t never gonna ride shotgun in a Phantom, so this may just be their best shot at the next, albeit ersatz, best thing.

6 Dodge Challenger

Via wot.motortrend.com

Dodge makes some real kickass cars and trucks, and they always have. You can’t go wrong with any of the three Dodge models on this list, but the Challenger, though probably less famous than its compatriot below, is making a strong claim as a chick magnet. Don’t believe me? Just hit up the nearest Dunkin’ and see who’s commenting on what cars are cruising around. The Challenger has in some ways even usurped the modern Charger recently, and with a price tag of a cool $25,000 there’s no reason why this modern muscle car can’t impress both classy ladies, and rocker chicks just the same.

5 Dodge Charger

The classic old Dodge Chargers are the stuff of legend. A great muscle car then, and a surprisingly affordable muscle car now, the new models of the Dodge Charger still exude that tough vibe the classic models did, but won’t break the bank, forcing you to take up an outside profession like the Charger-driving thugs in Bullitt. The new models are a sedan, which may lose you points amongst your friends, but the women will be impressed by the new Dodge Charger’s ability to provide functionality a traditional model can’t, and ultimately who are you trying to impress anyways, right?

4 Dodge Ram

Via motortrend.com

The Dodge Ram ain’t just a work truck anymore. Well, I mean, primarily it probably is, but barrelling down the Interstate or the country roads in a Dodge Ram 1500 nowadays gets a lot more looks from the ladies than it did 20 years ago, and the damn thing can be had for less than $25,000. Buy a motorcycle to go along with the Ram at that price. Seriously, for performance, chick appeal and affordability, go out a get a Dodge Ram. And a motorcycle. You’ll be the envy of all the guys and the object of all the women in town.

3 Chevy Camaro

For the record, the 1968 Chevy Camaro SS is the greatest car ever. Now that that is out of the way, the Camaro has been a classic muscle car for decades, captivating men, women and god knows what else along roads across America, and lucky for you, the modern version of this beauty is an affordable powerhouse. At around $23,000 the Chevy Camaro today retains the muscle car feel of its predecessors, and builds off the good-looking models from the car’s past, much like the women who will be riding shotgun with you if you accept this challenge.

2 Ford Mustang

Can’t argue with a classic. Even if you don’t have muscles, your muscle car will attract women, and the Ford Mustang is THE muscle car. It’s just a simple fact. Don’t believe me, see: Steve McQueen, Bullitt. It’s a badass car to be driven by a badass, and what do women love more than a badass? Get some tattoos, or a beard, or even better, both, and your Ford Mustang will do the rest of the work for you. Seriously, whether you are filling up at a gas station, cruising the Interstate, or caught in a wild police chase, the Ford Mustang is a winner, through and through.

1 Mini Van/Family SUV

Via wot.motortrend.com

Probably not the obvious choice of vehicle to attract women, but guess what, the mini van and the SUV are "it", and the best part is any affordable mini van or SUV will do. It’s so simple. Both vehicles project stability, comfort, the idea that the guy driving is, or would be a good father, you know, the type of guy who holds down a job, pays his bills and loves his mother. Stability, security, and all those important, "life goal" type things. It’s also no secret that a lot of folks out having affairs are caught in their vans or SUVs, so there’s something about these vehicles that attracts women, and if Mr. Dependable is who you’re aiming to be, than look no further for a ride.

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