12 Things You Need To Know About The Lamborghini Centenario

This week, Lamborghini celebrated the 100th birthday of the company’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. The corporation’s quality cars have long been a status symbol for the wealthy. The Centenario is the commemorative vehicle that the luxury car company created to celebrate its longevity in the automotive industry. So, of course, the Centenario is pretty impressive. It’s a limited-edition vehicle, and is made almost entirely of carbon fiber. The car has 760bhp and makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. We’re pretty sure car enthusiasts from all around the world are anticipating the thrill of seeing the Centenario up close.

The deep gray car with yellow accents has a number of hidden features that actually make it a real-life superhero car. Although the actual color of the car is described as “gloss carbon”, buyers can customize the color if they want. Several aesthetic parts of the car are fully functional, including the wheel arches, side skirts, front splitter and rear diffuser. Since it’s so exclusive and only a few people will probably ever own the Centenario, Lamborghini is sure to get even more press once a celebrity or billionaire purchases one of these beauties. Here are 12 things you need to know about the 2016 Lamborghini Centenario.


12 It’s Got a 4-Wheel Steering System

The Centenario is a pretty powerful car, and in order to give the driver more control of the vehicle, the luxury automobile has a 4-wheel steering system. The system is the same as the one that is featured in the Ferrari F12 TdF and the Porsche 911 GT3, and is designed to help the driver maintain a stable speed. The steering system is ideal for smoothly driving around corners effortlessly, and the car also has a shifting rod transmission, similar to the Aventador. However, the Centenario is considered a more aggressive version of the Aventador, and the steering system promises to give the car a combination of stability and adventure.

11 It’s Got Lots of Ducts and Vents

This newest Lamborghini has several vents and ducts, so you’re sure to be comfortable and cool while you’re driving. Visually, the Centenario is in competition with previous Sant’Agata vehicles, according to car enthusiasts. The only other Sant’Agata that has come close to the Centenario’s looks when it comes to ducts and vents is the Veneno. The Centenario has a rear diffuser and older model air extractors in the bonnet of the car. The extractors leave room for you to pack a few things in the luggage compartment. Those who are familiar with Lamborghinis may also prefer the Centenario because it’s longer than the Aventador, and is lower to the ground.

10 It Has An LDS System

Yet another reason why the Lamborghini Centenario is such an appealing vehicle is it’s LDS system. LDS stands for Lamborghini Dynamic Steering, and the system is especially apparent when drivers have to steer the car backwards. LDS also provides driver feedback, which helps individuals become more familiar with their surroundings while driving or putting the car in reverse. The Independent Shifting Rod gearbox on the car provides the transmission for the Centenario. The gearbox gives a lightweight solution to drivers who want to change gears quickly and efficiently. This is just one more reason why the Centenario can provide the driving experience of a lifetime.

9 It Has Advanced Navigation and Connectivity

If you need detailed directions while you’re driving the Centenario, you can take advantage of the advanced navigation system in the car. The vehicle also has satellite navigation for even more accuracy, and the car has a 10.1-inch touchscreen, so you can see exactly where you’re going. You can get online while you’re in the car as well, which makes it easy for you to stay connected to family and friends via social media and respond to emails. The Centenario also includes Apple CarPlay, so you can ask for directions, safely make calls and play your favorite music during your trip.

8 It’s Not Very “Tall”

The Centenario is 193 inches long, but it’s only 44 inches in height, which makes it pretty “short” when it comes to luxury cars. However, it’s well in keeping with the design philosophy of Lamborghini, since the company often produces wide vehicles that sit fairly low. The Centenario looks a little more edgy than the Aventador, the car that is said to be used as part of the inspiration for the Centenario. The newest car from Lamborghini also has fins that are aero-enhancing, and air vents that are built right into the hood of the car to give it a smooth ride. Additional features that make the “short” Centenario visually appealing include LED tail lamps and an air diffuser with yellow accents.

7 It Has Lamborghini’s Most Powerful Engine

To date, the Centenario has the most powerful engine of all Lamborghinis. The engine is inspired by the Aventador’s 6.5 liter V12 engine, which is naturally aspirated. The Centenario’s engine, however, has been designed to deliver an impressive 770 horsepower, which is significantly more than the Aventador’s 690 horsepower. The Centenario is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, which is sure to be a thrill for sports car enthusiasts everywhere. In only 23.5 seconds, the car can reach 186 mph, and if you keep pushing the gas, you can get up to 22 mph!

6 It Has Scissor Doors

One of the most eye-catching aesthetic features of the Centenario is that it has scissor doors. The doors show off the rich gray color of the car, and lead to a blank canvas of a cabin. The good news is that car owners can completely customize the car’s interior by adding features that will truly make the Centenario one of a kind. However, all of the cars come with sports seats, which are made from carbon fiber. Every Centenario also comes with the touch screen that runs the car’s infotainment system. So, once car owners get past the beauty of the scissor doors, there are plenty of other fascinating features waiting inside the Centenario.


5 It’s a Contrast to the Veneno

The Centenario has been called a stark contrast to the Veneno. The Centenario model features jagged lines and extremely pronounced angles, which makes the car drive quickly and effortlessly. The Veneno had dorsal fins to accomplish such smooth driving; these fins also made the car recognizable as a Lamborghini. The Centenario, however, has side glasses in a hexagon shape and a smooth silhouette, which makes it what some are calling an updated version of the Veneno. The Centenario also has air intakes that protrude from the rocker panels to the roof on either side of the car, as well as a series of flaps and grilles that make the car original in its design.

4 It Has Stitched Leather Seats

As if the outside of the Centenario wasn’t beautiful enough, the car also has seats that are made of leather and microsuede. This is just one of the features that makes the car worth a little less than $2 million. Like its predecessor the Aventador, the Centenario also has a touchscreen information and entertainment system that drivers and passengers can enjoy while they travel to their destination. However, the Centenario stands out by featuring a performance data recording forces, speeds and lap times during excursions around a track. This should come as great news to aspiring race car drivers who want to practice their craft in style and comfort.

3 It Has a Built-In Tracking App


The touchscreen system in the Centenario is for more than just listening to songs by your favorite artists, composing emails and taking “bragging rights” pictures of the Centenario for Instagram. The system is also a tracking app that allows the driver of the car to record important information while driving or racing. For instance, drivers can chart their improvement using the touchscreen, and there’s even a way to digitally compete with other Centenario owners. Those who want to completely customize their driving or racing experience can even order cameras for the Centenario that can be built into the car’s cabin.

2 It’s a Very Limited Edition Car

As you might imagine, the Centenario is not one of those cars that just any rich person can purchase. From the fall season of 2016 throughout the year 2017, only 20 roadsters and 20 coupes will be delivered to drivers (and they are already sold out). The starting price for the vehicles is 1.75 million euro, excluding taxes. Many of the people who are interested in buying the Centenario are professional collectors who will likely sell the car for a higher price, or those who are enthusiasts of the Lamborghini brand. The company OPAC has been instrumental in helping Lamborghini’s Centenario construction, and is working with the Research and Development department of Lamborghini to uncover the best ways to sell this limited edition car.

1 The Wheel Arches Are The Defining Feature


Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Centenario is the irregular front and rear wheel arches. The noticeable arches are a trademark feature for Lamborghinis, but the Centenario’s arches are made from matte carbon fiber and conceal airflow ducts. The ducts enhance the aerodynamic abilities of the vehicle. The wheels are PZero from Pirelli, and are specifically designed for rear-wheel steering. The spikes of the wheels are also accented with carbon fiber, and there are even mask ducts that extract hot air from the brakes. The Centenario also has a central-locking wheel. Basically, it’s one of the coolest cars ever.


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