13 Most Expensive Bugattis Ever Purchased By Celebs

The Bugatti. Don’t we all wish we had such a beautiful car? Unfortunately, the average Joe can’t afford this gem because there aren’t many cars with the price tag like that of the Bugatti. The company’s Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for example, is the fastest convertible in the world. It’s capable of going 254 mph. and comes with a staggering price tag of $2.35 million.

The Bugatti is the ultimate status symbol. It’s sleek, fast and for a car, pretty darn sexy. For the single male celebs, it is one smoking hot chic magnet.

Despite its incredibly expensive price tag, the Bugatti is a popular choice among celebrities and other extremely wealthy people. Bugattis are owned by actors, athletes, musicians, real estate moguls and whoever else can afford one. Celebrities also drop extra cash to have their Bugatti customized with whatever they can think of that nobody else likely has.

Some of the most expensive Bugattis ever sold are sitting in the garages of some of the biggest celebrities. For some celebrities (like Floyd Mayweather) there are even more than one Bugatti parked in their garage. Here is a look at 13 of the most expensive Bugattis ever sold.


13 Chris Brown's Bugatti Veyron - $1.5 Million

Chris Brown likes his cars sleek and fast. The Bugatti Veyron caught his eye and he paid $1.5 million for the red sports car. Brown’s expensive ride is capable of speeds of up to 253 miles per hour. Brown picked up the car than showed off his new wheels by taking fellow singer Omarion, shopping at a Louis Vuitton store.

Since 2005, only around 200 Veyron models have been built and delivered to their new owners. The Bugatti name comes from the French racing driver Pierre Veyron. Veyron raced for the Bugatti Company and in 1939, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

12 Katie Price's Pink Bugatti - $1.6 Million

Katie Price put down $1.6 million for her Bugatti. Price is not well known here in the United States, but in the UK she is a well-known celebrity who has appeared on television shows, had a not-so-successful singing career, worked as a topless model, as well as had two published books.

Price has five children and is currently married to Kieran Haylor. After laying down $1.6 million for her Bugatti, she added to the expense by having the car painted bright pink. The rest of the cars in Price’s collection are also pink.

11 Soulja Boy's Bugatti - $1.7 Million

Soulja Boy, who was born DeAndre Cortez, is an American rapper, actor, record producer and entrepreneur. He paid $1.7 million for his Bugatti. After purchasing the sports car he posted a photo of his expensive new wheels on Instagram with the caption: "Finally got it. I deserve this. Worked hard 5 years str8!"

Soulja Boy loves his Bugatti so much he even penned a song about his coveted sports car called Bugatti. The song and the video were released in 2014. Soulja Boy has said he will not hesitate to add another Bugatti to his collection of cars.

10 Simon Cowell's Bugatti Veyron - $1.7 Million

Simon Cowell, the ex judge of American Idol, paid $1.7 million for his Bugatti Veyron. Cowell’s Bugatti can reach speeds of 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds. Once up to 60 mph, the car can be revved up to a frightening 267 mph. Cowell would often cop an attitude on American Idol, but when he was behind the wheel of his Bugatti Veyron, Cowell was all smiles.

In early 2014, Cowell sold his Bugatti using the car auction specialist Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona. He took a loss on the car, but we don’t think it hurt him too much, because he also owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Ferrari.

9 The Game's Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - $1.7 Million

Rapper and reality star The Game pampered himself with a really expensive 33rd birthday present. He spent $1.7 million on a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sports car. He also put down another $2.4 million for special features. The car can reach speeds of 267 miles per hour.

The Game purchased a yellow and black version of the expensive sports car. Of course when you buy one of these beauties, the whole world has to know. After sharing a picture of his Bugatti on Twitter, he said “#BugattiBdayBoy“ pull up to the scene & my ceiling……. Aint missing ! Ha ha ha”

8 Flo Rida's Gold Bugatti Veyron - $1.7 million

Rapper Flo Rida purchased a Bugatti Veyron for $1.7million. Flo Rida had even more money to spare and had the entire car wrapped in gold and had new rims put on, which were 24 karat gold.

At first, Flo Rida had his million dollar machine originally wrapped in chrome, but he later changed his mind because he thought it didn't look "rich" enough so he had it wrapped in gold to create the first Gold Bugatti. The Bugatti's rims were also gold. It is unknown how much it cost Flo Rida to have the car wrapped.

Photos of Flo Rida’s gold Bugatti went viral on Twitter. Not everyone was impressed with his hefty investment, though. One Twitter user posted: “I have very little time for Flo-rida's Gold Veyron. Surely it's like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.”

7 Jay Z's White Bugatti Veyron Sport - $2 Million

In 2010, Beyonce paid $2 million for a White Bugatti Veyron Sport. The Bugatti was a gift for husband, Jay Z’s 41st birthday. Beyonce told the media that she had to wait a year after ordering the Bugatti to give it to him and she kept the Bugatti Veyron Sport a secret the whole time.

Since Beyonce expressed her love to her boo by buying him such a lavish car, Jay Z decided to return the favor on Beyonce’s 25th birthday. He decided to buy her a $1 million vintage Rolls Royce to park beside his Bugatti. Aww, isn’t that sweet.


6 Bryan Williams' Bugatti Veyron - $2 Million

Bryan Williams, better known to his fans as Birdman, paid $2 million for his Bugatti Veyron. Williams was so happy with his purchase that he shared many photos of himself driving the sports car all over town. Birdman loves attention and driving around in a Bugatti Veyron certainly got him that.

Birdman is a rapper, co-founder of Cash Money Records and one half of the duo Big Tymers. He also owns an oil and gas exploration company called Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. The company is a joint venture with his brother Slim. The company's name is a play on their names, Bryan and Ronald.

5 PK Subban's Black and Cherry Red Bugatti - $2.25 Million

The Montreal Canadians Hockey Player recently signed an 8-year contract worth a reported $72 million. Although the young hockey player has proven to be generous with his new fortune, donating $10 million to the Montreal Children's Hospital, there's no denying that he wanted to spoil himself a little as well. The 26-year old NHL hockey superstar Tweeted he was a "Bugatti Boy" and was spotted with a black and red cherry Bugatti with an estimated price tag of $2.25 million.

4 Aubrey Drake Graham's Bugatti - $2.5 Million

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as the rapper Drake, paid $2.5 million for his Bugatti. The funds weren’t too hard for him to come by, as he earned $42 million just from his 2012 Club Paradise Tour alone. Drake also owns a Bentley Continental worth $280,400.

But hey, this is all pocket change to Drake, who earned $39.5 million just this year. He even out-earned the one and only Dr. Dre by $6 million (yes, the head phone guy). Drake who hails from Toronto, Canada, is doing very well for himself and undoubtedly works extremely hard to be able to afford is Bugatti.

3 Jay Leno's Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse - $2.5 Million

Jay Leno’s love of cars is well-known, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone that he would pay $2.5 million for a Special Edition Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse.

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is modeled after the old Bugatti Type 37A. The 37A, which was built in 1938, won many Grand Prix races. Leno’s new blue and white supercharged Bugatti is one of only three Bugattis signed on the Registry of the American Bugatti Club. The car can reach speeds of 127 miles per hour. It earned the distinction of being called the fastest production roadster ever.

2 Lil Wayne's Black and Red Bugatti Veyron - $2.7 million

Rapper Lil Wayne purchased a black and red Bugatti Veyron for $2.7 million. His purchase made him the first black rapper to own a Bugatti. It was long after his purchase that other rappers were ordering Bugattis, too.

I guess many either never heard of the Bugatti, couldn’t afford it, or maybe they were just waiting to see which rapper would be the first to scoop one up. It only takes one and the rest often follow. Lil Wayne should get some sort of commission for being the Bugatti rapper trailblazer.

It had to hurt his pride and wallet when he wrecked the $2.7 million black and red Bugatti. Videos of the wrecked Bugatti flooded Youtube.

1 Floyd Mayweather's Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse - $3.5 Million

Floyd Mayweather paid a whopping $3.5 million for a brand new 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. This purchase was the boxing legend's 4th Bugatti. The fancy sports car is completely decked out with Floyd’s signature style all over it.

Mayweather, who resides in Las Vegas, posed happily beside his new car on Instagram. He purchased the car from Fusion Luxury Motors in California, from his friend and owner Obi Okeke. Okeke told the press that the 2015 was the 4th Bugatti that Mayweather had purchased from his business. Mayweather traded in a Bugatti with only 2,200 miles on it for his new car. Okeke says that the black and orange color scheme and interior of Mayweather’s new ride is one-of-a-kind.


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