10 F1 Liveries That Were Not Well Received

A lot of people out there are fans of the Formula One sport. There are cars that have exceeded the expectations of people not only for performing so well on the tracks but also for being beauties.Howe

A lot of people out there are fans of the Formula One sport. There are cars that have exceeded the expectations of people not only for performing so well on the tracks but also for being beauties.However, there are also some that were not accepted by fans because of the way the sponsors decided to make the car look.

10 Leyton House CG901

The Leyton House CG901 ranks tenth on this list for its color combination. This re-branded version came with a light blue color that graded down to dark blue. This is definitely not the best color combination out there. To top it all off, the Leyton House CG901 did not perform well on the tracks, so it was sold two years after its initial release.

9 Williams FW20

The Williams FW20 is not on this list because of an unattractive look, but rather a mistake in color choice. The thing that made it a bad choice was simply because of the fact that it resembled its rival, Ferrari. This happened in 1998, when the team decided to change its livery. The old blue and white was replaced by the bold red, which is instantly recognizable as a Ferrari tradition. Since it looked more like a car from the Ferrari collection, fans of the sport did not take the Williams FW20 very well.

8 March 811

The March 811 car made its debut in the 1981 season of Formula One. Guinness, the extremely famous Irish giants, was the major sponsor of the team. However, instead of looking like something that could fit into the Guinness Book of Records for the best looking F1 car, it was unfortunately a flop when it came to appearance. The black and the gold color of the company’s logo was placed on the exterior of the car, together with a number of other sponsors. All these names covering the body of the March 811 did their part in making the car look unappealing and simple.

7 Simtek S951

In 1991, Simtek unveiled its new vehicle for the season, in the form of the Simtek S951. The S951 featured a purple color, which was mainly due to the fact that MTV, the entertainment giant, was its major sponsor. Soon after, the team suffered from considerable financial problems, and its debts racked up. The Simtek S951 did not do anything to help the team, with fans of the sport claiming that they were not impressed by the appearance of the car.

6 ATS D6

There is only one way to describe the ATS D6 that was used back in 1983: it is a car that definitely stood out. This is especially true when you take into consideration the other vehicles that rode the tracks during the time. The car featured a bright yellow exterior. As it raced around the track, the ATS D6’s extremely bright yellow color made it easy to spot. People unfortunately focused on the colour of the car more than what technology the car held internally.

5 BAR 01

In the Formula One 1999 season, things were looking pretty good for BAR. The team acquired Jacques Villenueve, the world champion, to drive and be part of the group. This being said, people expected a lot from them. Prior to the 1999 season, the team wanted to use two separate liveries for each of the vehicles, but unfortunately, the FIA denied them this. So BAR had to do what they could, which was to split the car in half, with both sides featuring the name of the cigarette sponsors. As a result, the BAR 01 looked like it had been split down the middle due to the two different appearances on each side.

4 Honda RA107

It was in the year 2008 when the world of F1 racing met with the Honda RA107. The car, which featured a color combination of blue and green, was designed in the hopes of the company to show how much it was doing to become more environment-friendly. Unfortunately, it was not able to do anything to impress the fans of the sport. The idea behind it, while being great, did not show in its design. One thing about the Honda RA107 is that it was the first F1 vehicle to not have a permanent sponsor in 30 years.

3 Footwork FA15

One of the most memorable pieces that Footwork ever made was back in the year 1994, when it released the Footwork FA15. The FA15 is considered to be one of the F1 liveries that was the worst received by the fans. With its retro looking pixel-style design, it did not go over well with fans of F1 racing. The car was driven by Christian Fittipaldi, which did nothing to tide over the spectators that looked at this old-style car.

2 Sauber C12

Sauber made its debut back in 1992, with its first entry called the Sauber C12. The first thing that may definitely pop into your mind when you see this car is that it looks very somber and dark. All of the sponsors’ names that the car featured did not do any good, as it only achieved a total of 12 points. It should not also come as a surprise that the Sauber C12 completely disappointed its fans after it only finished in seventh place.

1 Brabham BT60B

Aside from being a vehicle littered with sponsors’ names, the brabham BT60B also failed to be a head turner. It was used from 1991 to 1992, but since it did not perform up to standards, it was binned in 1993. The bright colors that this flamboyant car featured did not, in any way, reflect its performance on the racing track. The Brabham BT60B was also used by Martin Brundle, another famous name in the industry.

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10 F1 Liveries That Were Not Well Received