10 Ferraris You'll Never Afford

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI was an Italian race car driver and entreprenuer prior to founding the Ferrari company in 1929. At the time it was called the Scuderia Ferrari Garage and Factory. Not exactly a sexy name for a top sports car company.

Since its inception, Ferraris have been a big part of the racing world, from Formula 1 to GT models, which means competition and speed are embedded into each design. The Ferrari name and emblem - the prancing horse - are recognized everywhere, if you're lucky enough to catch one on the road.

The company's factory is still in the same small town outside of the small town of Maranello, Italy location as on the day it opened its doors. For over 80 years, the Ferrari brand has maintained its highly respected name as the sports car company that continues to set new standards. Considering these cars were built by hand, it's not surprising that each detail exudes quality and luxury.

For example, owning any one of the models on this list or one of the newer models, comes with special Ferrari-only services, such as taking part in a Pilota Ferrari driving course, becoming a member of the Ferrari Owners' Club, auto services and parts (components, kits, accessories).

The newer models all include the latest in the highest-end features, like a parking camera, a luggage set that fits perfectly into the luggage compartment, a golf bag, infotainment and AFS headlights (advanced lighting system).

If you can't afford one of these cars, don't be dismayed. The Ferrari Store sells everything-Ferrari if you're in the mood to flash around the name without the car. Pop on a Ferrari hat and take a selfie. It might be a great addition for that online dating profile. What woman wouldn't be attracted to a man with a Ferrari or Ferrari hat?

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10 Ferrari FF: $295,000

Seriously, next to the other Ferrari models, the FF seems relatively inexpensive. The FF model comes with four seats and a four-wheel drive, thus the name. In fact, it is the first Ferrari to offer a four-wheel drive. This model was introduced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and was met with high acclaim. It's a grand tourer and replaced the 612 Scaglietti grand tourer. Rumor has it that this model is the fastest four-seat automobile in the world. There were only 800 of them produced during the year it was introduced, but additional models were manufactured in later years.

9 2006 China 599: $1.6 Million

Hand painted by world-famous Chinese artist, Lu Hao, this Ferrari was decorated in "cracked porcelain". Lu Hao can't take all the credit, as he worked closely with Ferrari and also with Song Dynasty Ge Kiln pottery patterns to achieve the look of this special model. In 2009, this unique auto was auctioned off at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing which was a fundraiser gala that was organized by Ferrari. It's nice to know Ferrari encourages young minds as the proceeds of the auction were given to outstanding students and young teachers of Tsinghua University's Department of Automotive Engineering to study at Italy's Politecnico di Milano University and also at Ferrari's headquarters.

8 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione: $1.8 Million

This race car and prototype is called the street version of the Enzo Ferrari. The ironic thing about this auto, is that owners paid nearly $2 million for each of their cars, yet can only drive it on special track days that are previously approved and designated by Ferrari. No one seems to mind. It should be noted that the Mazerati - MC12 Corsa is similar to this model, and in case you didn't know, Mazerati is Ferrari's sister company. The FXX is sort of in the top-secret league, as it includes advanced engineering secrets that the company does not want leaked which is part of the reason it can only be driven when allowed.

7 Ferrari P4/5 2006: $4 Million

The Ferrari P4/5 is a one-off model that was made by Ferrari, but re-designed by Pininfarina to accommodate the special requests of film director, stock exchange leader and buyer, James Glickenhaus. It seems Glickenhaus preferred the 1960's P series, so had this model custom tailored to his vision and to the tune of $4 million. The car was introduced at the 2006 Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance.

6 1966 Ferrari 330 P3: $5.6 Million

The P series were prototypes for racing and were manufactured in the late 60's and 70's. This particular model was one of the first mid-engined autos with the Dino-V6-engine Formula Two 156 by Ferrari. Each model in the P series was completely unique, so the 330 P3, which was built in 1966, was engineered differently than those before or after. This model introduced fuel injection to the Ferrari brand.

5 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider: $6.5 Million

This incredible Ferrari is well respected in the world of sports cars. Only two were built and one was sold in a 2012 auction in Monaco. Funny story - Johnny von Neumann, owner of this car - went to Austria, Germany and came home the winner. That was its first-ever race. Its second race, the Laguna Seca, made for another victory with the 625 TRC Spider taking second place. During the racing season between 1957-1958, the car took first place three times and landed a second or third during four additional races. So it placed seven times out of eleven. Surely that says something about the quality and engineering of this vehicle.

4 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder: $12 Million

This roadster was built during the years of 1953 to 1964, where it remained one of the company's most popular models. As you can tell by the name, it was designed to be exported to the U.S. It was called Scaglietti's version of an open-top 250 GT sports car. This is an outstanding addition to anyone's luxury sports car collection.

3 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa: $16 Million

The Testa Rossa name has been synonymous with top speed and handling since the 50's and 60's. Only twenty-one of these cars were made - two factory models and 19 for customers. Did you know that Testa Rossa means "red head"? Maybe that has something to do with why so many Ferraris are painted red. Or maybe sports cars just look faster and even more amazing in red. This model is one of the most expensive Ferrari's you'll find anywhere.

2 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO: $41 Million 

In 2004, the 250 GTO placed eighth on the Sports Car International list of top sports cars of the 60's. Aerodynamically engineered and designed with amazing style and performance, the 1962 model was the precursor to the most expensive Ferrari in the world, which was built the year after. GT stands for Gran Turismo - and the GT's had a reputation for conquering and leading the World Manufacturer's Championship and other events.

1 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO: $52 Million

With only 36 ever made, this is the king of Ferraris. Its V12 engine has called the names of famous drivers everywhere to take it out for a spin: Guideo Fossat, Jean Guichet and Luigi Taramazzo and a few others could not resist test-driving the most expensive Ferrari in the world at one time or another. Only four years ago, this car was a mere $20 million. At one point it was owned by Paul Pappalardo, Connecticut-based car collector. It was later purchased by an anonymous buyer and has again changed hands and is now a part of a Spanish millionaire's car collection. The GTO is the top of the top-of-the-line and you can't do any better than this year and model anywhere.

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