10 Cars To Rent For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding there are a number of key aspects that should be taken into consideration. At the end of the day it is a momentous occasion which demands a certain amount of planning, but if you are organised, you too can banish that pre-nuptial tension.

Not only do you have to find a florist as well as a venue, you should consider looking into renting a wedding car. This will ensure the bride arrives in style for her big day. In addition to this, having a luxury car will enable you to benefit from stunning pictures which can be used as priceless mementos.

Let’s just hope you have not blown your entire budget beforehand! We all know major global brands such as Rolls Royce and Mercedes, but there are many couples who choose to opt for more vintage cars. They never go out of fashion and can create the ideal look for your photos on your wedding day. Hark back to the days of yesteryear and travel in style to your bridal affair.

Here’s the rundown of the finest wedding vehicles you can hire which certainly have that va va voom effect.

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10 Maserati Quattroporte: $160 Per Hour

Offering nothing but the finest Italian engineering, the Maserati Quattroporte is a sleek number that offers impressive top speeds of more than 170mph. This will get you to your destination in no time while you can ask your driver for a quick spin after you have exchanged vows. A four door saloon car, the Quattroporte has a Ferrari built engine and seamless driving capabilities for the ultimate experience.

9 Mercedes Maybach: $185 Per Hour

If you want a solid German number for that big day then you can really not go wrong with the Mercedes Maybach. At just a shade under $200 per hour you can have efficiency, reliability and superb performance from its powerful humming engine. You might want to drool over its remarkable panoramic glass roof or harp on about the reclining seats. Yet there is so much more to this beast than meets the eye thanks to its foot rests and built in mini fridge. You may want to book in advance and put some Cristal in the cabinet for later.

8 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud: $200 Per Hour

If you are going all out and thinking big then look no further than the massive Silver Cloud by Rolls Royce. This handsome devil of a vehicle has lots of stature and will be irresistible to many. For $200 per hour this is one vehicle you can rely on. Luxury is the order of the day as you drive to your venue with an almost silent engine that will steer you effortlessly to the ceremony.

7 Bentley Arnage: $225 Per Hour

Bentley evokes luxury and is renowned for their exquisite Continental range of cars. However they do have a range of wedding hire cars which are being snapped up by happy couples. Priced at more than $200 to hire per hour, the divine Bentley Arnage has an imposing presence that can be seen at many wedding venues. In fact it may take the attention of the bridge it is so commanding with its striking appearance and details. This includes he likes of plush interior carpets not to mention walnut veneers that can be seen throughout.

6 Austin Princess: $250 Per Hour

Dating from around the beginning of the 1940's, the stylish Austin Princess is a handsome automobile that is worthy of praise. It offers a spacious interior that will have more than enough room for the brides dress. On the other hand, you can even fit in a couple of bridesmaids for good measure. It is most renowned for its single carburettor and heavy bodies that were produced by Vanden Plas. You can have the opportunity to select from a wide range of saloon style cars which will be the envy of all your wedding guests. The original weighed in at nearly two tons and is definitely a heavyweight contender.

5 Bentley Flying Spur: $290 Per Hour

You can accelerate with seamless ease in the incredible Bentley Flying Spur. Priced at nearly $300 per hour to rent you will be able to capture the moment in effortless style. With a host of gadgets inside, it really is one of the finest cars to have at your disposal – even for just one day. You can take advantage of the very gentle ride which comes courtesy of its redesigned suspension. Other benefits include a 616hp W-12 engine and an aesthetically pleasing hand stitched interior.

4 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn 1953: $300 Per Hour

Dating from the middle of the 1950's, the majestic Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn was manufactured in the heart of Northern England by this popular British brand. For around $300 per hour you can get your hands on this stunning vehicle which enjoys a unique chassis, single exhaust and purpose built body. With less than 800 models ever produced, it makes the Silver Dawn a special model with a lovely dashboard which was adopted from the 'R' Type by Bentley.

3 Beauford Open Tourer: $330 Per Hour

Manufactured approximately seventy years ago, the Beauford Open Tourer is another impressive vehicle which can be hired for more than $300 per hour. This vintage beauty dates from around the 1930's when swing and jive was all the rage. Why not recapture a golden age with one of the models as you approach your chosen venue. It provided peerless style and has that little bit of retro glamour. Meanwhile, these cars have a wonderful connection with the past and were preferred by many famous actors of the period such as Clark Gable.

2 Aston Martin Vanquish: $340 Per Hour

Prized by many car owners this can be a real eye opener for your guests if your bride arrives in an Aston Martin. This will no doubt add that all important wow factor to your special occasion no matter what the weather might be. Furthermore, you don’t need to be called Bond to make a unique entrance in one of these vehicles. With more than a century of history, you can expect to find some superb features inside. The main highlights include rear haunches as well as a curved body, a roof made from carbon fibre and a wealth of integrated technology settings.

1 Rolls-Royce Phantom: $410 Per Hour

For more than $400 per hour you can ride around in style thanks to the imperious Rolls-Royce Phantom. Elegance and sophistication dominate this particular car which has made this model the big daddy of wedding rental cars. Oozing opulence, it is considered to be one of the most popular cars of the lot. Timeless design is combined with the finest luxury resulting in a genuine feat of engineering.

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