10 Best and Newest Car Lease Deals

In today’s present generation, smart and savvy consumers know the difference between a good deal and a bad one. This is especially true when it comes to new car lease deals. Much thanks to high residual values, loosening credit, aggressive marketing strategies, and extremely low interest rates, the market for new car leasing is at an all-time high. Leasing of new cars now accounts for around 27.5% of transactions, which means that the industry experienced a 12.5% increase over the past year.

Nissan, Honda, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and BMW are at the top ranks in this list of the ten best and newest car lease deals. If you are in the market shopping around for a new car that will not only make you want to use and drive around it all day but also fit perfectly into your budget, you may want to consider these latest car lease deals. These will only cost you around $300 or even less a month.

10 Nissan Altima

The number ten spot on this list goes to the Nissan Altima. Still known as one of the liveliest entries in the category of mid size sedans, the Altima is definitely a great looking vehicle both inside and out. The good news is that it is being offered at a low monthly lease price of $199, which you would have to make good on for a 36-month term. Initial payment, which is due upon signing, is $2,399. This will already give you a car with an allowable annual mileage of 12,000. The deal is also reserved for the Nissan Altima 2.5S sedan, which already includes trunk mats and floor mats.

9 Nissan 370Z

Have you ever dreamt of owning a 2-door coupe? If yes, then you now have the chance to realize this dream of yours, thanks to the new car lease deal being offered for the Nissan 370Z. For only $299 a month for 39 months and a down payment of $2,999, you can already own this 332 horsepower machine. The deal is for the Nissan 370Z manual transmission base coupe. It is already equipped with splashguards and floor mats. It is also subject to varying dealer contribution.

8 Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is undeniably one of the most chic and cutest vehicles available today. While it may be small, it is still an enjoyable ride that has a handling similar to a go kart. Now, you can get one for yourself for an initial payment of only $2,215. Your monthly payments will be $199 for a period of 36 months. Taking advantage of the deal will get you the base automatic transmission Cooper hatchback. The deal is also subject to a dealer contribution of $500.

7 Honda CRV

There is no denying the fact that the Honda CRV is one of the best crossovers that is currently in production. The best part of it all is that this stylish compact crossover with an allowable annual mileage of 10,000 is being offered for only $3,399 due at signing. The monthly payment is $219 for a period of 36 months. Upon signing the contract, you will receive the base EX Honda CRV model with a front wheel drive. It is also subject to a cash incentive of $500.

6 Honda Civic

The improved Honda Civic LX Sedan with automatic transmission is also being offered for lease. Upon signing, you would have to make an initial payment of $2,299. The rest of your monthly payments, which you would have to make for 36 months, will only be at $169. The LX Sedan’s allowable annual mileage is 10,000.

5 GMC Terrain

GMC is offering a good deal on its family friendly crossover SUV that can comfortably sit up to 5 passengers – the GMC Terrain. You can get one now for only an initial payment of $3,069, which is due upon signing, and a monthly payment of $199 for 39 months. The deal offers a maximum annual mileage of 12,000. At this price, you will get a Terrain SLE-1 model with a front-wheel drive. It is a real bargain especially for those looking for something that can accommodate the whole family.

4 Chevrolet Volt

For only $269 a month and an initial payment of $2,399, you can already be a proud owner of a new Chevrolet Volt with an allowable annual mileage of 12,000. The term of the deal runs for 36 months. This mid size sedan is part full-electric car and a part plug-in hybrid. It is cost-efficient and ideal for motorists who only deal with modest commute.

3 Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze deal definitely has one of the lowest monthly payments – only $149. The term covers 36 months, and the amount of money due upon signing is $2,469. Annual allowed mileage of the vehicle is 12,000. The deal will already get you the automatic Cruze LS. It is a great deal for a nice looking, solid performing, and comfortable sedan.

2 Buick LaCrosse

You can now take home the Buick LaCrosse by only paying $2,009 upon signing of the contract. The rest of your monthly payments, which is for 24 months, would only be $239. The car’s annual allowable mileage is 10,000. If you are looking for the ‘most’ out of a new car, then this is one of your best options, with its comfortable interior that can fit up to 5 passengers. Sleek and stylish are two other things that you can expect from the LaCrosse. The package includes OnStar Directions & Connections of up to two years, a SiriusXM Radio, and free vehicle maintenance up to 24,000 miles or 2 years.

1 BMW 3 Series

BMW, as you may well be aware of, is one of the leading car manufacturing companies not only in the United States, but all around the world. This is why the company, with its BMW 3 Series, ranks first in this list of the 10 best and newest car lease deals. The monthly payments you would have to make only amounts to $299. The term is for 36 months. You would have to pay only $3,774 upon signing the contract. The car has an annual allowable mileage of 10,000. Included in the deal are the base 320i model, the Premium Package, $1,125 dealer contribution, and a cash incentive of $750.

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