Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold on Amazon

We have long been accustomed to buying tangible things. We window-shop to get the best deals and to see the items with our own eyes, touch it with our hands, smell it with our nose. But now, with the digital age comes digital items to buy. From computer programs to a virtual pet for your RPG character.

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Now we can just search online, buy items that we cannot necessarily touch but are of great importance to different aspects of our lives. And these things are absolutely safe since they cannot be weathered in time. Some just need to be updated now and then. Here are the top 10 most expensive virtual items ever sold on Amazon.

10 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition - 10 Client, 1 Server

Price: $3099.99

With this software, you get faster performance with in-database analytics and in-memory OLTP for better insights. You can also leverage cloud data with stretch database abilities, create cloud back-up encryption, and larger memory and SQL Server VMs. Create enhanced multidimensional pinning reports and models to power BI.

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You will also enhance security with encrypted technology that will leverage dynamic data masking and low-level security threats. With this software, you can also create predictive modeling using connectivity and integration through R Services to R Open. Microsoft makes hundreds of software packages that help users become more productive and creative by providing software that can take their ideas to the next level.

9 Propellerhead Reason 6 Upgrade

Reason is a studio recording software with an output that sounds expensive but is done with ease. This is a platform for music production, plugins, and instruments built especially for independent musicians. Propellerhead is an upgrade adding new creative musical effects, pitch and vocal editing tools, audio recording and editing, amplifier modeling, and a studio-grade mixing console. A new addition to this upgrade is the Neptune pitch correction and voice synth device, virtual bass, and guitar PODs and effects. Using this for professional use or for just playing around, this software will surely produce a multimillion sound. Creativity has never been this easy!

8 AutoCAD LT 2013 Commercial Upgrade from 1 to 3 10-Pack

This is a software application developed by Autodesk Inc. was first released in 1982. This is the most used software by professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, graphic designing, project managing and many more. Collaborating with workers will be an easier feat with this software upgrade. Files are made with DWG technology. DWG is a term derived from ‘drawing.’ DWG is a file format also developed by Autodesk that enables you to store 2-D and 3-D data and metadata. And this can be shared with your co-workers through web and mobile. The software interacts intuitively with the user for increased drafting productivity.

7 Hable En Una Semana Ingles Completo (Spanish Edition)

This is a four-week course in English by Donald S. Rivera and published by Penton Overseas Inc. in 2006. It contains a comprehensive overview of English grammar and vocabulary with colorful illustrations used as visual clues and side by side translations from Spanish to English. It also has grammar tips, hints and insights related to culture for an ultimate learning experience. The Audio CD provides the English pronunciation of all the materials included. It also has exercises for comprehensive review and mastery. This is ideal for native Spanish speakers of all ages who do not have any background in English. This has a five-star review on Amazon claiming to have helped improve fluent conversations in English.

6 Chronicle of the 20th Century School Version CDR Edition

This was published by DK Multimedia in 1998. This is an illustrated, multimedia-rich history lesson with information about world history in the 20th century. It has a complete sequence of events but each event is only briefly and concisely explained in news format. It includes the events, people who made it to the headlines complete with photographs. This is very suitable for students to understand the general viewpoints of world history. It includes a variety of topics from science to politics, sports to celebrity and pop culture. This is designed to both inform and entertain the reader with the truest of news and facts of the 20th century.

5 Harry Potter Und Der Stein Der Weisen (German Edition) Cassette-Audio Book

This is a cassette-audio book of the seven Harry Potter books in German. This was published by Koch, Neff & Oetinger & Co in 1998. J.K. Rowling is currently ranked number 1 in Amazon bestsellers, in both teens and fantasy categories, and number 2 in action and adventures, science and fiction, and Kindle eBooks. This is suitable for every native German-speaking Potterhead.

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This is also a great way to spice up learning the German language. The translation is reviewed to be very close to the English version. Most of the reviews claimed that the audiobook helped in boosting German vocabulary and made learning the language a little more fun and exciting.

4 Rendez-vous: An Invitation to French 6th Edition (Student Audio CD)

This was published by McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages in 2002. The authors are Judith A. Muyskens, a Nebraska Wesleyan University provost and professor, and Alice C. Omaggio Hadley, a University of Illinois professor emerita of French. This book is designed for French-language beginners to improve their proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. French culture is integrated as well. It is a favorite book of teachers and students nationwide since French vocabulary and grammar are taught using everyday scenarios for better retention of the language. The students learn how to speak French authentically by practicing while engaged in normal everyday conversation.

3 SofTutor Learning System Annual Corporate Enterprise

SofTutor Learning System is an innovative way of creating video tutorials. It is easy to use and has several samples to learn from. Simple tools such as Camtasia Studio and Windows Media Encoder are used to create screencasts of video tutorials that can be accessed by the intended users at any time. SofTutor trains efficiently while saving you more time. It reduces 70% standard training time for employees, 80% content making for employers, and 70% technical support calls. It increases the users’ retention of information by requiring them to apply what they have learned as they go along. This software is suitable for technical support and help desk.

2 Mortara V51-1IJV Vision Premier Software with Pacemaker Analysis

This is a 99.5% accurate high-quality advanced electrocardiogram (ECG o EKG) analysis software specially designed for general physicians and cardiologists. The accuracy was tested using AHA and MIT standardized databases. This is a powerful diagnostic tool that identifies cardiac arrhythmias with a category-specific histogram. The viewing choices are expanded with a list of comprehensive diagnostic codes. Unique morphology forms are categorized automatically including normal, ventricular, artifact, SVE and unknown. HL7 enables connectivity between Vision Premier and several information systems including Cardiac Science’s HeartCentrix data management solutions. It has the capacity of recording 48 hours of 3-channel ECGs with the option to download and review.

1 Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN 2012

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 has IntelliTrace which includes a debugger that records information such as file and registry access, method calls, and call structures to recreate exact error conditions and diagnose production issues. It has an advanced architectural tool to extensively describe a system. Web and load testing have an unlimited number of test nodes to provide a comprehensive result. It fixes bugs across remote and local languages. This is designed for app developers to diagnose performance fast and to debug errors reliably to help develop excellent software. It is best used in a team because of its quality-enabled team development.

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