10 Most Expensive Toys Available On Amazon In 2019

One of the most delightful and phases of an individual’s life is childhood. Toys are a vital part of it and we are introduced to it as soon as we are born. From the colorful rattles to the complex racing cars, toys play an inevitable role throughout the growing years. With increasing competition and demand, the toy manufacturing industry has evolved into a highly profitable sector.

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Here is a list of the ten most expensive toys available on Amazon. Although children are seldom bothered about the price of toys, most of these toys are not meant for children. Some toymakers have gone into the field of making collectibles and only grown-up kids buy these. However, there are a few actual kid’s toys here that the little ones will enjoy.

10 Movie Masterpiece: The Expendables 2 Barney Ross 1/6 Scale – $167,682.00

The meticulously designed 1/6 scale figure of Barney Ross from the movie The Expendables 2, is one of the most expensive toys available on Amazon. It is manufactured by Hot Toys, a production house that is famous for its detailed and realistic collectible merchandise. The costly toy comes with deluxe accessories that include weapons and two costumes.

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Every single aspect of the movie character is taken into consideration while creating this stunning replica. The action figure weighs 3.09 pounds and accurately displays the tattoos and even the expression of the iconic character played by Sylvester Stallone. The movie memorabilia manages to take the popularity of the character to a whole new level.

9 M&M's Tricycle IIMO tricycle 02 Comfort 1040 - $113,579.60

This innovative foldable tricycle is specifically designed for kids in the age group of 18-60 months. The most unique feature of this Japanese designed tricycle is that it is multifunctional. It can be transformed from a walker to a hand and even paddle tricycle, helping children in their growing years. The classic tricycle has won the Best for Motor Skills (Toddler Category) award in the Harper’s Bazaar toy awards in 2016. The sleek and stylish design of the tricycle takes into account the needs of a quintessential modern family with a kid. It is lightweight and portable and can provide a refreshing outdoor riding experience to the kids.

8 Hangar 9 Twist 60 ARF RC Airplane - $111,000.00

The almost ready-to-fly aerobatic aircraft from Hangar 9, a division of Horizon Hobby grabs one of the top positions in the list of expensive toys on Amazon. The assembly time is minimal and the manual tells you everything you need to get started. The remarkable 3D design and the superior and sturdy quality of the aircraft is what makes it incredible. It is recommended for kids above the age of 14, and even the parents enjoy flying the fun aircraft. It has a whopping 54.75 inches wingspan and has both electric and glow (nitro) fuel options, which makes it even more convenient to use.

7 Fabrikations – DC Comics Batman by Funko - $106,657.00

This plush toy that features Batman from the iconic DC Comics is another expensive toy available on Amazon. It is manufactured by Fabrikations, which is a soft sculpture plush toy line created by Funko in 2014. Funko is renowned for producing licensed pop culture collectibles. The Batman toy follows the standard size of the Fabrikations line, which is 6 inches. Furthermore, just like other plush toys of this line, it has a larger head that swivels and a small body. The legs are heavy and keep the toy standing upright. The bright blue colored Batman can also be a great addition to your showcase

6 Movie Masterpiece - The Dark Knight: 1/6 scale Vehicle [Batmobile] (2nd Release) by Hot Toys - $74,617.95

Another expensive collectible from the Movie Masterpiece Series of Hot Toys is the Dark Knight’s Batmobile. It depicts the heavily armored and weaponized vehicle of Batman that caught the attention of the audience in the movie Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The realistic 1/6 scale collectible was relaunched in 2012 due to its growing popularity and ever-increasing fan base.

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It features an intricate exterior design, detailed interior instrumentation and high-quality features like light-up headlights, movable braking flaps and sliding roof panels so the 1/6 scale Batman collectible figure can slide in and take a ride. You’re gonna wish you had a full-size one!

5 Tamiya Car Series – 58598 - Rc Raybrig Nsx Concept-GT - $70,044.39

This model car represents the RC Raybrig NSX Concept-GT, the car that was used for racing in the Japanese Super GT Series in 2014. The original high-tech race car was manufactured by Honda. This 1/10 scale model was created by reputed Japanese manufacturer Tamiya and has a length of 475 mm and width 188 mm. The body of the car is made of polycarbonate and it’s the 3rd release on Tamiya’s RC TB-04 Fiber Reinforced Plastic chassis platform. It has a short reversible suspension-arm system and utilizes 6-degree hub carriers. The striking resemblance of its appearance with the original car makes it the most likely choice of collectors.

4 Licca LD-02 Strawberry Heart Piece - $48,922.53

Licca is an adorable doll and one of the most popular toys manufactured by the Japanese toy company named Takara Tomy. This specific version is the most expensive doll available on Amazon. It is suitable for kids above the age of 3 and the charming doll is equally loved by people of all ages. In 2017, Licca celebrated its 50th birthday and around 60 million of the dolls have been sold till now. The doll weighing 6.1 ounces and looks enchanting in a white and red dress. The doll is designed to represent Japan and the delightful doll does this job perfectly.

3 Early Childhood Commercial Helicopter - $14,784.24

The early childhood commercial helicopter manufactured in the USA by UltraPlay is a great way to explore the imaginations of a kid. It is recommended for children in the age group of 2 to 5 years. The vibrant colored, kid-sized helicopter is ideal to be kept in an outdoor environment or even a playschool. It has two front seats, two open sides, a bubble windshield, and the top is open to ensure maximum supervision. The helicopter is 17’ x 20 ‘ and made of plastic, recycled metal and wood. The wood carries a 15-year warranty. This is a great addition to any large play space.

2 FireWood Toy - $12,585.77

This interior lamp resembles burning wood fire and produces excellent light effects and finds itself in the higher side of the price column on Amazon. The FireWood lamp manufactured by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S is multifunctional with its ability to be converted to a speaker. It has three different modes including the Outdoor, Lighting and Music Mode. It runs on 3 AA alkaline batteries that have to be purchased separately. The flickering light of the logs is a visual delight and appeals to the kids and adults alike. Moreover, the crackling sound of the wood will let you experience the same feeling as being in front of a real campfire.

1 OATL Children’s Electric Car - $5,030.62

The OATL children’s electric sports car is ideal for kids in the age group of 3- 8 years. The durable and secure chassis makes sure that the car offers a maximum load capacity of 30 kg to 40 kg. The car runs on a mobile battery that can be charged independently and has a 60-minute run time. In case of no electricity it can be hand-drawn by the rear folding pulley, and the front also folds so the car can be pulled. The exclusive features such as the explosion-proof wheel and soft leather seat justify the high price of the car. The seat also provides a seat belt to keep children safe. The bright red color and modern design give the car a royal and luxurious look.

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