5 Of The Most Luxurious Private Water Parks

Water parks have become a popular means for summer fun, all over the globe. In warm weather climate locations, it is becoming more common to find luxurious outdoor pools that include some of the most fun features of a water park. Of course, we're talking about at the homes of the mega-rich with a taste for water fun.

Some pool designers are ramping up for the increased demand for personal water parks, however, we think it may be a while before middle America has the space or resources. So, for now, we'll just have to marvel at those who have their own private water fun that is accessible by stepping outside of their home.

Surprisingly enough, Michael Jackson's Wonderland did not include a water park, but it is rumored that one was being designed before his death. We can only imagine the size and glory of what that might have been.

All personal water parks include at least one of these key ingredients or else they might simply be put in the luxurious pool category. First off, every water park needs a water slide of some type that picks up speed and bottoms out in the pool with a splash. Have you ever dreamed of walking out on your bedroom deck and hopping into the water slide that spills out in the middle of your tropical swimming pool? It might sound pretty crazy to you, but for some, it is a life-size reality.

Another key ingredient is a waterfall. Not just any waterfall, but the type that your water-sprite guests can play in or relax beneath. Standing below the waterfall allowing the forceful water to massage every muscle in your back is divine and most-definitely therapeutic.

The other primary element, and possibly the most important to the over-40 crowd, is the lazy river. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying one, a lazy river is basically a river shaped pool that has no beginning or end.

Having a lazy river that gives its users enough length and circumference so they won't get dizzy, is not always possible. But having a lazy river is the epitome of the water park enjoyment, make no mistake.

Guests sit in tubes and let the gentle undercurrent of the river slowly float them around on its course while they sip cocktails and enjoy the peacefulness of watching the world float by without having to lift a finger.

If you're  in love with water toys, have some serious cash to spend and the backyard space for a pool with water park features, be sure to do your pool designer homework. Pools with water parks are generally custom-designed and require permits and all of the accompanying building necessities, so plan ahead. If you're like the rest of us, you'll visit your local water park among the crowds for your water park fix.

5 Boulder City, NV., Mansion with Water Park: $3 Million

With incredibly awesome views and an amusement park facade, this Boulder City water park mansion includes a romantic, man-made waterfall that lucky users can stand beneath for a fresh shower. Or for a little relaxation, swim behind the waterfall into the secret grotto that was created to look like the inside of a cave. The grotto offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury, with enough hot tub seating for a small group of about ten friends. The lazy river runs around the property, which is designed in the style of the old west. When floating by, the guest will see the fake cowboy who sits lazily outside the old-time saloon.

The mansion has six giant bedrooms and seven bathrooms, many of which overlook the spectacular view. It also includes a private elevator, grand staircase, a private gym, wine cellar, eight garages and an outdoor jacuzzi that sports a 180 degree view. Oddly enough, the price for this water park mansion is less than buying an apartment in New York or Paris.

4 Boca Grande, Fl., Mansion with Water Park: $4.75 Million

This Boca Grande, FL., estate is on the market and although it is not up to par with the most water park features, it has one of the best. This 4,800 sq. ft. mansion sits on almost a half-acre of waterfront property for starters providing for many water park-type opportunities in every direction. One of the best and most unique features is its fabulous sports water slide. From what we've seen, this is one of the most unique ideas around. The water slide starts at the master bedroom. The slide stops midway, which allows for a lot of laughter in the remaining free fall. A quick trip to the pool sounds delightful and the only thing that might make this better is if all four bedrooms offered the same fun.

3 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., Mansion with Water Park: $18.9 Million

This 17,800 sq. ft., 31-room mansion boasts a 102-foot swimming pool complete with waterfall, water slide and Jacuzzi. Nine bedrooms and more than 15 bathrooms, a seven-car garage and a 2,000 sq. ft. great room makes this water park mansion an amazing property. One of the most unique features is it's construction and design, which resembles an enchanting and lush grotto. It's home front is on the intercoastal waterway, so the mansion's water view starts at home and extends outward, giving this home the advantage of feeling like it is on its own island.

2 Dr. Richard Malouf's Mansion with Water Park: $30 Million+

Dr. Richard Malouf purchased his residence, a French Manor style mansion in 2003, on the luxurious Strait Lane, in one of Dallas's ritzy areas. Two years later, he purchased the property next door, which doubled the size of his compound's living space to 30,000 sq. ft. Both properties together cost a mere $18 million, until he decided to gut the new property and add his own private water world. Said to be designed after Celine Dion's water park, in side-by-side aerial view shots Malouf's appears to be larger but similar in appearance. At this point, Dr. Malouf's finances are on the down-low, so information on the water park addition could not be confirmed. What we're sure of is the amazing water slides, pools and waterfalls that are spread around the part of the property, commonly called Water World, is what water park lovers might call extravagantly amazing.

1 Celine Dion Water Park Mansion: $72 Million

Jupiter Island, home of megastar, Celine Dion, has something everyone who lives in a hot climate would die for; a lazy river that runs around the outside of the water park area. Wonderful, slippery water slides and a bridge that disseminates from the three-story tower in the middle of all the action were developed for safe and amazing fun. Between the property's lush landscaping and the variety of water park recreational possibilities, this estate would be hard to beat. The family pool sits closer to the all white mansion and then, another pool on the other side of the property, sits only a few yards away from the ocean.

The aerial view is so spectacular, we're sure it is the best way to view the entire estate unless, of course, you are the estate's owner. The view from inside their home extends out to the water park.

Originally, the community was not happy with how much fresh water Dion's park was using so the responsible couple built six wells on the property solving the issue with style. The water park mansion is currently on the market for $72 Million.

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