Global fashion brand and LVHM backed, EDUN is a prime example of celebrity-come-fashion designer at its best. Founded by Ali Hewson and U2 frontman, Bono in 2005, EDUN promotes long-term, sustainable growth opportunities in Africa by supporting manufacturers, infrastructure and community building initiatives. The aim

of the company is to increase trade throughout the continent of Africa. Their ethical framework is highlighted by the fact that “85% of the EDUN collection will be produced in sub Saharan Africa” for their ethically sourced ready-to-wear spring 2014 collection.

The merging of fashion and sustainability is emphasised by the brand's latest designer, Danielle Sherman who gets much of her inspiration from Africa. Sherman pays particular attention to “flattening” the female silhouette through collarless shirts, blazers and coats, giving the collection a minimalist vibe. Prices vary within the collection and starting at about $400, you can be guaranteed to find something to suit most budgets.

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