5 Expensive Father's Day Gifts Every Dad Wants

Father's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to figure out some gift ideas for Dads. Let's face it - they're never easy to shop for. Usually Dad will receive a nice tie, a bottle of cologne, or socks. Sometimes Dad may receive a nice brunch or dinner, but that is about it.

Here's the thing: Dads are tired of receiving the same gifts every year. How many ties or pairs of socks can one Dad have? Maybe you are tired of giving Dad the same gift every year and you just can't come up with any fresh ideas. Why not do something different for Father's Day? There are many non-traditional Father's Day gift ideas that will make Father's Day memorable.

Is your Dad an adventurer? Does he love skiing, surfing or flying small planes?  Does he love Sports and has season tickets to every sports franchise in your city?  Maybe your Dad loves to travel. Is he always planning an exotic trip on the other side of the world.  Dad may be a foodie and enjoys a good expensive meal. If so, we have complied a list of exotic, extreme, and luxurious Father's Day gifts for Dad. These gifts range from a scenic helicopter ride around the city to racing an exotic sports car or a private exclusive meal prepared by an award-winning chef.

Today's Dad's are not like the Dad's of yesterday.  They love the finer things in life and want to experience a little bit of luxury too.  The Father's Day gift ideas in the following list are adventurous, fun, and will create lasting memories.  Of course they come with a larger price tag, but Dad will surely remember and cherish Father's Day.  If you have the money to spend, splurge on one of these ideas this Father's Day.  Your favorite dad will appreciate it.

5 Race An Exotic Sports Car

This is one of my favorite Father's Day gift ideas. Men love fast beautiful cars. Why not spoil Dad for the day with a couple of laps racing a Lambourghini, Bugatti, or a Ferrari around a real race track? Dad will get the opportunity to satisfy his dreams of being a race car driver while also enjoying the luxury of an exotic sports car.

These packages come with a one hour driving instruction course. Customers will learn the mechanics of the super sports car and safety features via an instructional video. Thereafter, a professional driver will give the customer hands-on instruction. After the driving instruction is complete, dad will be able to drive his fantasy car all by himself. Of course the instructor will be in the passenger seat to ensure all goes well and dad has a safe but enjoyable experience.

Prices start at $299 for 5 laps.

4 Helicopter Ride

If your Dad loves flying and collects model airplane (and even if he doesn't), then a helicopter tour is perfect. Dad can get the VIP treatment with a ride in a luxury helicopter. The luxury helicopter includes leather seats with hand-stitching, customized seating, showers, and even toilet facilities.

If dad wants to invite a few of his VIP friends on the trip, or if he's a nice guy and wants to take the family, some of these helicopters can sit a dozen people.

Dad will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to get amazing views of his favorite city featuring city landmarks. If dad lives in Chicago, his helicopter ride can feature landmarks such as the Sears Tower, The Navy Pier, or the shores of Michigan Lake. If dad lives in New York he can enjoy a helicopter featuring sites of The Statute of Liberty, The Empire State Building, and the Hudson River.

After the helicopter ride, a gourmet meal or champagne toast can be arranged.

Prices start at $250.00.

3 A Yacht For A Week

If you really have some money to spend, the ocean-loving Dad would enjoy living like a King on a yacht.  Yes, there are luxury concierge services that will rent out a yacht for a week  complete with a Captain and waitstaff.

You can call ahead and order Dad's favorite food, beverages, and entertainment for him while yachting. These luxury yacht rentals also come with full wet bars, jacuzzis, separate kitchens, full dining rooms, and spacious bedrooms large enough to fit queen size beds. Yacht rental can be arranged in many parts of the world in the most exotic locales.

Dad can take a yacht adventure sailing the Mediterranean Sea stopping in ports cities such as Monaco, Sardinia, and Barcelona. If dad does not want to travel too far beyond the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean, a yacht trip can be arranged for him to sail from South Florida and visit Caribbean Islands such as the Bahamas, or the Virgin Islands.

Prices start at $10,000 per week.

2 Private Dinner With Award-Winning Chef

If Dad loves good food, a private dinner with his loved ones, prepared by an award-winning chef, is a Father's Day experience Dad will never forget.

Many 5 star restaurants offer guests a private dining experience featuring the star chef, white table service, and sommelier included. You can chose the type of cuisine Dad loves the most. These dinners are often customized and can feature any cuisine from American fare such as surf and turf, to Asian cuisine featuring fresh sushi and duck.

It can also be arranged for Dad to have his own custom drink menu with top of the line wine or champagne. However, if your Dad is a connoisseur of fine spirits, it can be arranged for Dad to enjoy the finest cognacs and whiskeys from around the world.

Prices start at $1500.00 for food and beverage, minimum.

1 A Private Golf Outing With A Professional Athlete

Via thecoastnews.com

Golf is a luxury sport and of course a round of golf with dad's friends and his favorite professional athlete is the ultimate luxury sport experience. Dad will be "the man" when his peers discover he has enough VIP pull to enjoy a day of golf with some of the world's most famous sports icons.

These packages include a round of golf with up to four people.  The superstar athlete will give dad's party tales from his careers as an athlete. Then, a fabulous lunch can be arranged, featuring your dad's favorite meal. The superstar athlete will also sign autographs for dad and his party.

This luxury VIP experience comes with a hefty price tag.  Depending on the athlete, prices can range from $5,000.00 to $20,000. But really, isn't it worth it?

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