30 Things We All Own (That Will Be Worth A Ton In 20 Years)

These days, everyone is looking for the perfect investment. Whether it's the stock market, precious metals, or even art, people want to make sure their money can grow and work for them. The economy right now isn't exactly forgiving, and it's led people to think outside of the box when it comes to methods of making money. But the real goldmine might have been right under our noses the entire time – well, stowed away in our attics and basements, to be exact. Some of those old relics gathering dust in our houses might actually be worth a fortune, if we have enough patience.

Many of these items are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars right now. But we should not get ahead of ourselves. If they're worth a good amount now, they will be worth a small fortune in the coming decades. Some of these items are things we can buy today. Some are old, obsolete products from the 90s or earlier. It might seem laughable that some of these items could be worth a ton in the near or distant future. But there are some very eccentric people out there who are willing to pay top dollar to complete their strange collections. And that's where we come in...

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30 First Generation iPod Shuffle


Apple products have always had a certain aura about them, and there are some seriously intense fans of pretty much anything Apple pumps out of its factories. Many of us remember some of their first products pretty clearly in our memories, as these are some of the first Apple products we've ever owned. Because of the fact that these products are no longer produced, and also the nostalgic connection many people have with these products, it can lead to a potentially high valued investment in later years. According to the Telegraph, some experts say that the first generation iPod shuffle has the potential to be worth a lot in the coming decades, so maybe hang onto it for now.

29 Coins


Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies out there, and it can also be one of the most profitable. The next time you see a weird quarter or a dollar, you might want to hang on to it. That's because single, lone coins are routinely bought and sold for figures approaching a million dollars. Granted, these coins are extremely old, but that's still no reason to be disheartened. After all, some old coins are still in circulation, and you can snap up some valuable ones if you know what to look for. Of course, the newer coins have the potential to be valuable as well, especially ones commemorating special events or milestones. You might have to wait a few decades, but hey, that's what collecting is all about.

28 Pocket Polly


Many of probably have a Polly Pocket set lying around somewhere in our house. These were some of the most popular toys back in the day, and they're actually still available today. If you happen to have one, you might find that you're sitting on a goldmine in a few decades. That's because that as it stands, the original Polly Pocket toys from the 90s are already worth a small fortune online. Just imagine what prices they will reach as the years go on, and the toys become more and more rare.

27 Lego


Lego has established itself as one of the most iconic children's toys of our generation, and it seems like something kids will never lose interest in. Many of us received tons of Lego sets as gifts back in the day, and they usually ended up in some giant bin of assorted blocks and figures. But if you were one of those really organized kids who sorted your lego into different containers or kept them in the same boxes, you could be in luck. Certain Lego sets can be worth hundreds of dollars today – even used ones. This is even more true with extremely rare Lego sets that had limited releases.

26 Sneakers


Some of the most valuable items today are things that were viewed as utterly worthless in the past. Now, you'll have to make sure that your sneakers are pretty much unworn, but if you're the type to keep a cupboard full of sneakers in their boxes, you might be sitting on a goldmine in a few decades. And the good thing is that it's never too late to start collecting. Indeed, it's never been better to get into collecting sneakers, as hype around new releases has never been higher. Once these young sneaker enthusiasts get into their old age, they might be willing to spend a lot to complete their collections.

25 First Edition Modern Books


People might say that reading is boring, but it's definitely not a bad move to buy books. If you can help it, try to get your hands on first edition copies of the modern books you buy, especially if you think they might become popular one day. These can be worth a fortune down the road, and you might already have some first edition copies that are worth something. A great example is the Harry Potter series, with certain first edition copies now being worth tens of thousands of dollars. In a few more decades, they might even be worth millions.

24 Star Wars Collectibles


Star Wars has been incredibly popular since the release of the first films many decades ago, and it's become one of the most iconic science fiction franchises of all time. Interestingly enough, Star Wars merchandise has consistently been more profitable than the films themselves, and those profits can be enjoyed by all of us. The figurines are a clear example of how you can make a lot of money off these movies. Even though you might not have the original Han Solo figurine from the late 70s, you can still cash in by keeping your newer figurines – such as the ones coming out in connection with the Disney films. In a few decades, the franchise will still be popular, and there will still be those who want to complete their collections.

23 Pokemon Cards


Most of us remember Pokemon cards from the 90s, and kids were totally obsessed with these back in the day. You might recall some cards being way more rare than others, with kids whispering about the best ones, wondering if they were even real. Well, there are some extremely rare Pokemon cards out there, and these have just risen in rarity and price as the decades progress. You might want to root around in your attic for your old deck of Pokemon cards – but don't sell them just yet. They're only going to get more and more valuable.

22 The Original Nintendo DS


Many of us remember the awe we felt with the first release of the Nintendo DS. It was revolutionary in so many ways, featuring a touch screen before any smartphone. Nintendo once again proved its ability to think outside of the box with this portable console, and many of us have great memories playing our favorite games on this amazing device. According to the Telegraph, experts believe that this could be a really good investment in the coming decades, but make sure that you have an original version in good condition.

21 Breakfast Cereal

via: nintendolife.com

This is definitely one of the weirdest entries in this article, and it really shows us just how eccentric people are. Yes, some people are obsessed with certain boxes of cereal, and they're willing to pay for the most rare and special boxes. Examples would be limited edition runs of certain cereals, and these were actually very common back in the 90s. All kinds of gimmicky cereals were introduced back then, often featuring video game characters or cartoon creatures on the front. People do pay money for these boxes of cereal if they're unopened. So keep an eye out for limited edition cereal, and perhaps keep it unopened for a few more decades.

20 Castlevania

via: amazon.com

Castlevania is one of the most iconic video games in history, and it remains a franchise which gets lots of love today. But it all started back in the late 80s, when the very first entry hit shelves. This video game is filled with amazing nostalgic moments from our pasts, and the original box art was very cool. And if you just so happen to have the original Castlevania game (or one of the early versions), it should be worth a lot of money in a few decades. Why? Because it's already worth hundreds.

19 Rare Fashion Collaborations


Those familiar with the "hype" of certain exclusive brands already know that investing in fashion is extremely viable in this day and age. Pieces from brands like Supreme are so sought after that people are willing to pay many times the retail cost to get their hands on them. But a truly savvy investor knows that the most valuable fashion pieces involve collaborations between two or more brands or designers. These are the truly rare pieces, and they are the ones that rise in value the most. Examples would be Supreme and The North Face's recent collection, or Kate Spade's collaboration with TopShop.

18 Comic Books


Comic books used to be a trivial pastime for children, but these days they are taken very seriously. Many of us have collections at home, and these could be worth a lot in a few decades. However, any comic book enthusiast knows that the value goes way up if they are in mint condition or in their original packaging. But we're not just talking about ancient comics from the 1930s here – comics from as early as 2003 can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. You never know what comic could be worth a lot in a few decades.

17 Furby


Furbies were one of the most quintessential toys of the 90s, and tons of kids begged their parents to buy one of these back in the day. You might very well have one stowed away in storage. But it might be time to dust off this old toy, especially if you never opened it. The first edition Furbies that first came out back in the day are worth hundreds today. And even the used ones are worth over $100. Just imagine what they will be worth in a few more decades.

16 Rare, Bad VHS Movies


Our younger readers might not even know what VHS is, but many of us who grew up in the 90s are no doubt familiar with these nostalgic video cassette tapes. This is how we watched movies before DVDs were around, and many of us still have vintage collections of our favorite films in VHS form. Of course, no one is really sure what to do with them anymore. If you kept them around for sentimental reasons, you might just be in luck though, with certain movies selling for quite a pretty penny these days. This is amplified by the fact that hipsters have an obsession with notoriously bad movies on VHS – for whatever reason – and they're willing to pay top dollar. Hang on to them.

15 Happy Meal Toys


Some might think that Happy Meal toys are just useless pieces of junk used to help sell burgers to kids. But when you take a closer look at what Happy Meal toys actually are, you begin to see that these toys have serious value. Think about it. They are inherently limited edition – the toys never stay the same for very long, and the toys are dispersed by lottery system – you have to buy a lot of burgers to get a whole "set." Consider also the nostalgic connection many have with these toys. If you managed to hold on to some of your more memorable Happy Meal toys, they could be worth a lot in a few decades... Look out for toys with a wider audience, such as Nintendo toys.

14 Maps

via: videoblocks.com

Things that increase in value generally have a few things in common: They're old, they're rare, or they might be obsolete. Physical maps are quickly going out of style with the rise of GPS and smartphones, and so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they are also becoming extremely valuable. As things stop getting produced, their value rises, and you might actually have some valuable maps in your possession. Give it a few more years, and you're almost guaranteed to get some lucrative offers from aging millennials who are gathering a collection of these "archaic" maps. The picture above is a very old map of New York, but your map doesn't necessarily have to be old to have value.

13 The Original Amazon Echo


We've already mentioned a few electronic items that have the potential to be extremely valuable one day, and some experts say that Amazon Echo is among them, according to the TelegraphAmazon Echo represents the dawn of a new type of technology, and that's a huge reason why it has so much potential as an investment. Decades from now, people might look back and look at this "primitive" device in wonder – the same way we look at VHS tapes or black and white television. They could pay top dollar to have the first ever Amazon Echo. Make sure you have the Original version, and you're good to go.

12 Stamps


Collecting stamps is one of the oldest hobbies around, and we've all heard the stories about how much certain stamps can be worth. While most of us think of extremely old stamps when we hear these stories, it's not always the case. Your stamps don't have to be 100 years old to be worth a lot, and some of the valuable ones can be from decades as early as the 90s. These are obviously quite rare, but it's yet another reason to keep collecting stamps today, and perhaps take a look and see if you have any old ones that could be worth a lot in a few more decades.

11 Super Soakers


Remember the days when we ran around our backyards having waterfights with our friends? Remember those crazy, ridiculously overpowered Super Soakers that were so popular back in the 90s? Well, as it turns out, they're still popular these days – and much more rare. The rarity and nostalgic factor means that some of the most rare Super Soakers from the 90s are worth hundreds of dollars. If you own some of the bigger, more rare Super Soakers, they could be worth a lot in a few years.

10 Antique Cellphones


Why on Earth would someone want an outdated cellphone from the 90s? Well, that's just how hipsters' brains work. It's often very cool to look back at some of these early electronic items, and that's exactly why we advise you to hold on to some of the more "iconic" gadgets of the current era. You never know what they might be worth in the future. So many of us put our old cellphones in a box after "upgrading" to the newest model, and if you have phones from the 90s lying around, they could be worth a pretty penny. Even more so in a few more years.

9 Board Games


Board games are probably some of the most common items you'll find tucked away in your basement or in your attic, slowly gathering dust. But depending on their condition and their type, they may be worth a lot of money. Like a lot of collectibles, the first edition models are always worth more, but exactly what board game you have also matters. For instance, rare and slightly obscure board games that didn't sell en masse are always a good bet. Like a lot of things in this article, you can start collecting board games at any time, investing in them, so to speak.

8 Beanie Babies


Another huge fad from the 90s were Beanie Babies, and these toys might just be worth something if you picked the right ones. The rarest Beanie Babies from the late 90s can be worth thousands of dollars. While most of your collection probably won't be worth much, you might want to hold onto your rare Beanie Babies for a few more decades... You never know how much that purple rabbit is going to be in 20 years or so. And the best part is that almost everyone bought at least one of these back in the day.

7 The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer


Another electronic item that could be worth a lot in the future is pretty random. It's the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. It's not cheap, but it could be worth a lot more in the coming decades, according to the TelegraphAccording to the experts, this is because the item has a unique shape and style, and it "captures the feeling of the current generation." People might look back at this the same way we look back at vintage cars and their 1950s "space age" vibes. This hairdryer is something you might want to take very good care of in the future.

6 Hot Wheels Cars


Hot Wheels cars have always been popular, and collecting model cars is definitely one of the oldest pastimes for children and in some cases adults. Although the hobby is decades old, Hot Wheels is relatively new to the scene, first starting in the 90s. What this means is that you're more likely to have some of these lying around. Some of the famed Treasure Hunt series (limited edition Hot Wheels) has been known to sell for quite a pretty penny. It also means that if you buy some today, they might be worth a ton in a few decades.

5 Magic Cards


Magic Cards were another big part of the 90s and later decades, and they were extremely popular among people of various age ranges. These cards were famous for having interesting art, and the game itself is still played. The game is tactical and very rewarding when you win, although the real reward might come from collecting the cards. Some of the earlier cards that were printed can be worth tens of thousands of dollars today. So just imagine what they will be worth in a couple decades... Yeah, you might want to check and see if you still have your collection.

4 M.U.S.H.A. For Sega Genesis


Interest in M.U.S.H.A. was sparked once again in 2008, when the game was re-released on Nintendo Wii. Although the game didn't get the best reception back in 1990, when it was first released, with the re-release people realized how amazing this game actually was. With the revamped obsession with M.U.S.H.A, it comes as no surprise that the original cartridge released in 1990 is now worth hundreds of dollars. If you happen to have this, hold onto it for a few more decades. It will be worth much more.

3 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards


Although slightly more recent than Pokemon cards or Magic Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards became a massive hit among school children around the world, and some people continue to play this fun game. But the fact that they're not as old as some of the other card games shouldn't dissuade you from holding onto these childhood relics. Certain first edition collections are already going for over a thousand dollars online, and this is really just the beginning. The fact that they're not as old might make it more likely that you have that home as well.

2 Super Mario Bros For NES


Another video game that is incredibly valuable even today is Super Mario Bros for NES. This is the original Super Mario Bros., which started it all, and the nostalgia factor for many people is just off the charts. For those lucky enough to have this game sitting around at home, you might want to put it in a safe... Because this simple, outdated cartridge is already worth a lot of money online. Who knows what it will be worth in a few more decades?

1 Vinyl Records


Vinyl records are very interesting in terms of how they have acquired value. For those who don't know, these are an alternative to CDs, and they're still being produced today. Some actually prefer the sound of vinyl records over the slightly more digital sound of CDs. But the most interesting thing about vinyls is the fact that young people are now falling back in love with them. Hipsters love vinyl records, and are willing to pay top dollar to get them. If your parents or your grandparents have a vinyl collection, you might want to search through it to see if you can find any gems. Almost every record collection has at least one.

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