30 Ridiculous Household Items That Only The Wealthy Can Afford

There are many stereotypes that are not true and unfair. However, the stereotype of the wealthy spending their money on ridiculous items is accurate. If it’s expensive and has no real use, a rich person will probably buy it. Many people dream of becoming filthy rich and never worrying about money problems again. They promise that if they win the lottery they’ll use the money to pay off their debts and buy a nice house. Then they see a toilet made of gold and they just have to buy it. It’s common for the wealthy to purchase a home an ordinary person could only dream of. It’s also common for them to purchase a car that costs more than an average person’s home. They spend millions of dollars to purchase lavish homes and then spend even more adding and upgrading the home.

However, once they’ve added a gym, home theatre, basketball court and state of the art kitchen they move on to even more ridiculous items. These are simple and ordinary household products that are common in most homes. However, the wealthy never purchase anything that is ordinary, unless it’s covered in diamonds. They also purchase household items that nobody would ever even consider. Here is a look at 30 Ridiculous Household Items That Only The Wealthy Can Afford.

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30 Gold Shirt


There is an old saying that the clothes make the man. A man’s character can be judged by his appearance and clothing. Any man that purchases a gold shirt is hoping people think he’s rich. An Indian textile magnate, Pankaj Parakh, had a custom-made 18-22 karat gold shirt made for his 45th birthday. The pure gold shirt is worth $213,000 and weighs 9 pounds. He truly gave himself the most amazing and expensive gift. It’s safe to assume that he’ll one day create solid gold pants to go with his shirt.

29 Million Dollar Perfume


Everyone likes to smell nice but the rich like to smell like a million dollars. There are a plethora of celebrity fragrance lines. However, none come close to this incredible fragrance. In 2011, DKNY released the Golden Delicious Million Dollar perfume. The perfume comes in a 14 karat yellow and white gold bottle. It features 2,700 Brilliant White Diamonds, 184 Golden Yellow Sapphires, and roughly 3,000 precious stones. The design resembles the New York City skyline and the perfume costs $1 million.

28 Gold Bicycle


There is more than one way to ride in style. The wealthy love to spend millions of dollars on Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maybachs. However, they also love to ride the roads on a bicycle. Of course, no ordinary bicycle will do. Goldgenie created a 24-karat gold bicycle. The luxury bike costs an incredible $500,000. According to Goldgenie, “Goldgenie’s in-house team of customization artisans recently completed embellishing a men’s British racing bike with 24K gold and have elevated this modest form of transport to another level.” (GoldGenie)

27 Luxury Frisbee


Every summer thousands of people head out to the beach. It’s common to see people tossing around a Frisbee. A Frisbee is a basic flying disc that is one of the most popular recreational games. However, the wealthy don’t toss around some basic disc. Geoffrey Parker produces a luxury Frisbee known as the Luxury WizzRz. The expensive Frisbee costs $305. According to Geoffrey Parker, “Hand bound in fine leather in our English country workshops with a printed design of your choice, or one of ours.” (GeoffreyParker)

26 Diamond TV


The wealthy have expensive taste and only want the very best. Additionally, they’ll purchase any basic household item as long as it includes diamonds. At one time, the Yalos diamond-studded TV was the most expensive TV in the world. The 40-inch TV is a stunning work of art and has great picture and sound quality. However, this TV is more about the appearance than the quality. The TV features white gold trim with 160 diamonds. The glamorous Diamond TV cost $130,000.

25 $470 Ordinary Candle


The wealthy pay a large amount of money to watch it up go up in smoke. Candles are very common in the household. They come in handy during blackouts and romantic evenings. However, the rich do everything in style including a blackout. Jo Malone London released a series of luxury candles that cost $470. They come in various different scents, such as, Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Peony & Blush Suede and Wild Fig & Cassis.

24 The Dark Knight Home Movie Theatre


Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is one of the most popular superhero series of all time. Most die-hard fans of the film bought the special collector edition or a few posters. However, the wealthy Batman fans can go the extra mile. Elite Home Theatre created a $2 million Dark Knight home theatre for the ultimate fan. It features a 180-inch movie screen, the bat symbol, gargoyles, batsuits, memorabilia and the Batmobile hidden behind a bookshelf. According to Elite, “Our goal was to fuse together the cozy elements of Wayne Manor, with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City.” (CNET)

23 Leather Wrapped Plastic Igloo Cooler


The wealthy have enough money to take an ordinary item and make it extraordinary. In some cases, they can take a cheap product and turn into an expensive and lavish item. The Lappas Stamped Leather Cooler is stylish and keeps drinks cold. It’ll look impressive at the beach or a house party. The leather cooler costs $18,000. However, the leather is simply wrapped around a plain and basic Plastic Igloo Cooler. The Igloo Coolers without the leather are usually sold at roughly $15.

22 TOTO Neorest 600 Toilet


An expensive toilet might not seem like a practical way to spend money. However, rich people have the extra money to ensure they have a top of the line toilet. Some prefer gold toilets while others enjoy futuristic toilets. TOTO’s Neorest 600 is a tankless remote control one-piece toilet. The remote control can warm the seat, flush and lift & close the lid. It also includes an adjustable warm air dryer and a built-in purifying and deodorizing system. According to TOTO, “The 600 transforms your daily bathroom run into a design-and-technology-infused spa experience.” Cotton white costs $5,678 and Sedona Beige costs $6,500. (Seeker)

21 Deep Spaceship Bed


Every young child dreams about piloting a fighter jet in space and soaring past the stars. The richest people in the world are trying to figure out how to get to Mars and build a whole new life. Until then they’ll settle for this cool but expensive bed. Posh Tots created an $18,000 Deep Space Fighter Bed. The bed is designed like a spaceship and comes with a Muriel galaxy. The murals start at $6,000 per wall and the ceilings start at $2,400.

20 Gold Rucksack 


In 2005, Pharrell Williams partnered with fashion designer Nigo to launch Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. The two clothing lines feature T-shirts, suits, hats, socks, and sneakers. However, the products are highly priced and expensive. As the clothing line suggests, it would take a billionaire to purchase these items. They also released a specially limited edition gold rucksack that included the company's diamond/dollar monogram pattern. It was released as a 4-piece series. Only the very wealthy could afford to own this $1,650 gold rucksack.

19 Football Made of Python

leather hard sports

It's common for some homes to have at least one football. A regular football costs roughly $20. Some people enjoy tossing a football around but for the rich that can be quite boring. The wealthy are willing to pay a steep price for the perfect football experience. Bergdorf Goodman created a $1220 football made out of python. The python football is a big seller and a popular item amongst the rich. It comes in two different colors, including, black and snake-flesh.

18 Arcade Keg


For many people, it’s a dream to own an arcade game in their home. However, this arcade game has a bit of a twist. The Arkeg Drink-n-Game features a 24-inch LCD screen and a Dell PC. It’s not only for playing games but also plays DVDs, karaoke and has Wi-Fi. It also features a 5-gallon beer keg hidden in the machine. It has a state of the art Thermoelectric Cooling System to ensure the beverages are ice cold. The incredible Arcade Keg cost $4,000.

17 Diamond Bathtub For Puppies


The wealthy love to spoil themselves, their kids and family. However, they also love to spoil their pets. Wealthy dog owners are known for treating their pets like another child. Some puppies get carried around in pursues while others are pushed in a stroller. Lori Gardiner made a special diamond bathtub for puppies. These rich dogs get to take an expensive and glamorous bath that most people will never get to experience. The bathtub is encrusted with 45,000 Swarovski crystals and costs $39,000.

16 Diamond Dog Collar


As noted, the wealthy love to spend thousands of dollars on a gorgeous looking diamond bathtub for their puppies. The rich love to go all out for their dogs. The wealthy dog owners treat their puppies like royalty and spoil them. The I Love Dogs Diamond Dog Collar is the perfect gift for a rich puppy. The extraordinary dog collar is made using crocodile leather and 1,600 handset diamonds. The diamond dog collar costs $3.2 million and is the best way the wealthy can spoil their puppies.

15 Gold Speakers


The rich love listening to music just as much as the average person does. However, they need to have the perfect listening experience and the only way they can achieve that is with solid gold. The solid gold speakers have excellent sound quality and state of the art technology. However, the real highlight of the speakers is the fact that they’re made out of gold. The 18-karat gold speakers cost an astonishing $4.7 million. It’s the only way the wealthy know how to listen to music.

14 Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game/Bookshelf


Every household contains at least one bookshelf. A bookshelf might be an ordinary household item to the average person but not the wealthy. A plain bookshelf just isn’t good enough. Hammacher Schlemmer created a bookshelf for the very wealthy that turns into a Whac-A-Mole game. It comes with a remote that easily opens and closes the walnut veneer bookshelf. The Whac-A-Mole game has a shelf for beverages as well. Additionally, it can be personalized by adding family pictures to the mole heads. The bookshelf/Whac-A-Mole game costs $35,000.

13 Crystal Covered Computer Mouse


There was a time when owning a computer was rare. That was a very long time ago and now just about every person in the world owns a computer or some type of device. In fact, it’s pretty hard for some people to live without one. However, it turns out that a regular and plain computer mouse isn't enough for the rich. They prefer to use a crystal covered computer mouse. The mouse is covered in Swarovski crystals and Austrian strass. The mouse costs an astonishing $34,000. It also includes a gold USB flash drive.

12 The Emperor Computer Station


Computers, laptops and other devices have become a crucial part of life. Many people wouldn’t be able to function without their computer. Its used for work, recreation and searching for recipes. WME Lab created the ultimate computer workstation. The original version, The Emperor 200 included three monitors, built-in HEPA air purifier, and a cooled/heated adjustable seat. It cost an astonishing $50,000. They have since evolved the technology and released The Emperor 1510 and The Emperor 1510 LX. The most basic model costs $5950.

11 Secret Swimming Pool

For most homes, owning a swimming pool is already an expensive luxury item. In the last several years, hidden swimming pools have become very popular. The pool consists of a platform that can be lowered from one inch to 6 feet. The water is pumped into the pool from a reserve. The platform can be raised all the way up and creates a stylish patio. The patio can be lowered and raised by simply pressing a button. The pools range in price depending on size and installation. They can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $65,000.

10 Gold Cellphone


A cell phone is already an expensive device. They range in price with some being affordable and other’s costing an arm and a leg. However, the wealthy have extra money to spend and a regular iPhone just isn’t flashy enough. In 2015, British jeweler Stuart Hughes created a gold iPhone 5. The phone is made from 24-karat gold and 26-carat black diamond with 600 stones. The gorgeous and stunning phone costs $16,746,000. They’ve recently released several more gold cellphones, such as, the 24k Gold iPhone X Diamond Marina, 18k Rose Gold iPhone X Unique Brilliance, and 24k Gold iPhone X Diamond Dragon.

9 11 Foot iPad Station


The AeroDream One is the ultimate iPad tower. It’s state of the art and is compatible with iPads, iPods, and iPhones. It’s an 11-foot tower that requires a built-in ladder to reach the docking station on top. It includes an 18-inch subwoofer, 10,000 watts amp, an iPhone dock, and USB and HDMI output. The 871-pound tower costs $562,000. However, it’s not for sale and is used as a promotional device for the more “practical” version, which is 3.6 feet and costs $500.

8 iPad 2 Gold History Edition


The iPad 2 Gold History Edition is the most expensive and flashy iPad in the world. The front frame is made from a 75 million-year-old rock known as Ammolite. Additionally, a 65-million-year-old T-Rex dinosaur’s thigh bone was shaved into the Ammolite. The frame features a single cut 8.5-carat diamond and 12 outer diamonds. The back is made out of 24k gold and the Apple logo is made up of 53 diamonds, which totals 12.5 carats. The stunning gold iPad costs an incredible $8.14 million.

7 Gold Monopoly


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. The game can trace its roots all the way back to 1903. The game has been licensed in 103 countries and is a popular part of pop culture. There are several different versions of the world-famous game. Everyone enjoys playing this game but the wealthy found a way to make it even more about money. In 1988, San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell created a $2 million 18 karat solid gold Monopoly set. Several of the pieces are encrusted with fine jewels. Each of the houses, hotels and game tokens are solid gold game pieces.

6 $100 Tube of Luxury Toothpaste


Everyone wants to have a nice smile and teeth that sparkle. Turns out that the very wealthy will go to great lengths to ensure they have the perfect teeth. There are a large number of toothpaste brands but they don’t get the job done for the rich. Theodent created the luxury toothpaste Theodent 300. It’s described as a clinical strength whitening crystal mint. The special extra-strength toothpaste comes in a 3.4-ounce tube and costs $100. Ordinary people don’t mind sticking to Colgate.

5 Chrome Toothpaste Squeezer


There are certain areas that the richest folks will spend a ridiculous amount of money. They love to spend money in the bathroom to ensure they have the flashiest and up to date products. The Line released a luxury Chrome Toothpaste Squeezer. It’s for the very wealthy that own a $100 tube of toothpaste but don’t have time to squeeze it. The Toothpaste squeezer costs $195. The Line said, “This chrome-plated brass device affords a precise start and end to each day by ensuring you get the most out of every tube of toothpaste.” (TheLine)

4 Luxury Toothbrush

modernistic design

The Reinast Luxury Toothbrush is regarded as the most expensive toothbrush in the world. The titanium toothbrush costs an astonishing $4,200. It has a special anti-bacterial coating. It also comes with a free three-year service plan for new bristle heads. They also have an 11-year plan, which costs $1,600. Chief Technology Officer Dr. Djorde Djokovic said, “The type of client we have in mind and are currently selling to are those with an incredibly high net-worth. It's for people who can spend this amount of money on a product they deem beautiful.” (BusinessInsider)

3 Luxury Ice Cubes

miami herald

An ordinary drink with regular ice isn’t enough for the richest and most famous people in the world. Plain old ice just doesn’t do the trick for a wealthy drink. A drink like that needs special ice. Gläce Luxury Ice creates crystal clear ice cubes that are sold in bags of 50. Each bag cost $325 and the ice cubes are hand-carved. According to Gläce Luxury, “Our elegant design provides minimum dilution and maximum cooling, greatly enhancing enjoyment at the point of consumption.” (GlaceIce)

2 Gold Toilet Paper


It should be obvious that the wealthy wouldn’t use ordinary toilet paper. They need a special type of toilet paper to match their gold toilet and washroom. Regular brand toilet paper won’t get the job done and it doesn’t match with the gold theme. The Toilet Paper Man created a 22 karat gold 3 ply toilet paper that is flashy and useful. The toilet paper also includes gold flakes as well. Only the very rich can afford to purchase gold toilet paper that costs $1 million.

1 Gold Toilet and Washroom


The wealthy sit on a throne but it’s no ordinary throne. They sit on a golden throne. The Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in Hong Kong created a Hall of Gold showroom. The centerpiece is “The World’s Most Expensive Gold and Jewellery Sparkling Environmental Friendly Washroom.” The incredible golden washroom features a 24-karat solid gold toilet. The golden toilet costs an astonishing $2.5 million and is a favorite of tourists. However, the golden toilet cannot be used for practical use.

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