30 Of The Most Futuristic Bathrooms From Around The Globe

It's morning. You walk into your bathroom, the lights automatically turn on, and as you head for the toilet, the seat lifts, also automatically. When you're done, the toilet flushes itself, then self-cleans itself. You put your hands under the sink faucet and the water at the right temp turns on and then the faucet shuts off on its own to let you know that you're done. In the shower, your optimal water temperature turns on by itself, as it has recreated your preferred combination of temperature and water delivery. As you lather up, you sing along to a song from the water-resistant wireless speaker located in the showerhead. But you also have to check the news too, so you turn on the waterproof TV that's built inside the shower. So far,  by not touching and handles or knobs, you're not at risk to harmful bacteria and germs. You also have gone eco-friendly by saving water.

Welcome to the futuristic bathroom, built using advanced technology. Some of the things we mentioned above can be found today, while others are forthcoming. There are so many high-tech installations and gadgets that look like they were made in the future that will soon infiltrate our bathrooms, so take a look at our guide of 30 of the most futuristic bathrooms.

30 Waterproof TVs


Waterproof TVs are already being produced and are on the market, but they have not yet been embraced as many people think of a TV in their ultra-luxe bathrooms as an afterthought. But waterproof TVs are the future for baths. They are completely waterproof, and the picture quality is not affected by steam or fog or mist. That's a huge deal! If you have a soaking tub, think of how entertaining it will be to watch your favorite show while relaxing in the water after a hard day.

29 Seura Waterproof Hydra Television


Seura has produced a waterproof Hydra television, and the great thing about that is it can be installed right in your shower. You can even customize it so that it is at your eye level. With this TV, you now can do two things at once you couldn't before: watch TV while showering. In the morning, you can stay abreast of the news while you lather up. The best thing about the Hydra is that it comes in a material that will match your bath or your bath fixtures, such as polished chrome, black onyx, pearl white, and others.

28 Smart Soaking Tubs


The smart soaking tub of the future resembles today's soaking tubs except for one thing. It's made specifically for comfort. Rather than using traditional water jets, the tub is equipped with powerful air jets that deliver where you need water the most. The tub of the future has pipes that pour water in a cascading stream into the tub. The effect is like going to a hot spring, and will be ergonomically designed for comfort, as well as being really relaxing.

27 Towel Warming Drawers


Towel warming drawers seem like a luxury necessity. Few make them now, and even WOLF is still just making warming drawers for food in the kitchen. But in the future, we will see more of these drawers. It eliminates the need for having your towels fall from your towel warmer, and also makes your bathroom more minimized. Towel warming drawers go well with built-ins and you can use a towel drawer to dry delicates or hang wet towels.

26 Chromatherapy


Chromotherapy or colored light therapy is used to balance the mind. It will be an integral part of the futuristic bath as chromotherapy. It is made up of seven colors, and uses colors to adjust body vibrations that allow for health and harmony. Each shade is believed to have a positive impact on your health. You can integrate chromotherapy in showers, bathtubs, and sinks. For example, when the color pink is utilized, it eliminates impurities in the bloodstream, acts as a cleanser, and strengthens both arteries and veins.

25 The Chromotherapy Tub Is Here: The Kohler Sok


Chromotherapy is not something that's going to happen in the future. In fact, Kohler offers a few bathtubs already on the market. As we mentioned, the idea is that seeing different colors can soothe and relax you. The Kohler models emit soft lighting in various colors, and can be customized depending on your mood. Forget the boring soaking tub; having a tub designed with chromotherapy will make you feel as if you're at a spa. The colors will calm you and eleven effervescence ports deliver gentle, caressing bubbles.

24 Smart Faucets


Smart faucets in bathrooms have always been embraced by the retail sector or public spaces. For example, restaurants use smart faucets so that customers don't have to worry about hygiene. They have sensors that detect when your hands are under the water so you don't have to use the sink handles. Then the water comes on. The best feature is the smart faucet automatically adjusts the water temperature and flow. Now you don't have to adjust the heat level or waste water.

23 Arch Showers

Image via QS Supplies

The Arched Overhead Shower is the shower of the future. The futuristic structure allows you to feel as if a waterfall is rushing down on you. Coupled with its good looks, the shower is also an architectural piece of artwork. On the ceiling are lighting fixtures and on the semi-circle, there are three showerheads, one fixed atop the center and two on each side of the curve. The jets are luxurious, as they spray hot or cold water streams that work to massage your body.

22 The Toilet of The Future

The Travel Channel

Here's a futuristic toilet that looks like installation art. Can you believe this is a toilet? Well, it is, and history meets the future, as London's historic Kensington Park features a Loowat, a futuristic latrine that's waterless and attached to a device that converts human waste into energy. Not only environmentally sound, it also saves on water.

21 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Bath Fan with LED Light

Home Depot

This bathroom fan and light is perfect for those who love singing in the shower. Put it above your shower, and the fan's built-in speakers stream your wireless device using Bluetooth. You can control the speaker from your phone, as well as an LED night light, which means you no longer have to stumble into a dark bathroom in the middle of the night. The bath fan is a powerful stereo that has sound quality up to 30 ft. away.

20 Bluetooth Shower Head

The Home Depot

The showerhead has a water-resistant wireless speaker that pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging. It streams your personalized music playlists, news and other audio in the shower, turning your shower into a concert venue. The device syncs with Bluetooth enabled devices like your iPhone or even from your laptop due to the fact that it can be located up to 32 feet away. The wireless speaker can also be used as a speaker independent of the showerhead so you can stream music from any room.

19 Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker


Everything about the futuristic bathroom is often about creating entertainment for the space, such as the embedded waterproof TV in your shower. The Sonos Play: 1 Wireless Speakers is no different. Available now, this app-controlled wireless speaker is designed exclusively for the bathroom, as it can tolerate heavy humidity,  splashes of water and shower steam. It's a neat streaming device and its small size means it can be integrated into different bathroom styles. Unlike other wireless speakers, The Sonos Play sounds great.

18 The Futuristic Toilet Seat

Toto US

There are a lot of futuristic toilet and bidets on the market, but the best one is Toto's Washlet C200, as it doesn't include all the extraneous features that you would not use or which is confusing. The bidet washes your bottom with warm water and has a heated seat, as well as an oscillating water stream. The C200 has the most settings for water pressure and temperature, and you can customize the stream as you wish. The control panel is even easy to use, with a simple layout that you can affix to your bathroom wall, instantly transforming your bathroom with a futuristic look.

17 The Personalized Vertical Wall Shower Experience


With the Moen ioDIGITAL shower, you no longer have to finagle with the hot and cold buttons to reach your optimal water temperature. Using a wall controller, once you achieve your preferred combo of temperature and water delivery, you can recreate that exact type of shower delivery any time you want just with the touch of a button. Doing that is simple; use the controller to program up to three presets that match your shower conditions. Three means you and two other family members can store their conditions too.

16 The Panasonic Smart Mirror


Designed to fix every flaw on your face, the smart mirror takes a photo to point out wrinkles, pores, and even sun damage. The mirror points out your flaws and then will recommend products to minimize them. Truly customizable, the mirror allows you to try on different makeup looks and the connected tablet allows you to draw your ideal facial makeup. Then the mirror teaches you how to put the makeup on step by step. The downside is that you have to buy the recommended products that fit with the mirror.

15 Refrigerator Bathroom Cabinet

Robb Report

For the ultimate futuristic bathroom experience, a refrigeration system hidden inside a bathroom cabinet will make you want to hop in a soaking tub with a chilled glass of champagne to relax. What you can put in the fridge is endless. You can also store cold water bottles, as hot soaks are dehydrating. The cabinet can also extend the life of preservative-free cosmetics and body care items. Add space for a wine chiller, cool your face masks, and prevent your lipstick from melting when it's hot.

14 LED Sink By Toto

Toto US

The Neorest Sink with LED Lighting is designed to turn heads. Its round vessel is made of a semi-clear epoxy resin that is strong, and impact resistant. The LED lighting system, which is AC powered, lends a glowing effect to the sink in the dark hours or during when you decide not to turn on the bathroom lights. Creating a more enjoyable experience and being contemporary in design, the vessel, exclusively from Japan's TOTO, has a style you won't find in ordinary bathroom sinks.

13 The SpinX Self-Cleaning Toilet Robot

Gadget Flow

Gone are the days of being grossed out by having to clean the toilet. This robot, the only one on the market, works to sanitize both the bowl and seat. Providing hygienic relief, the robotic brush lies inside the toilet lid cover and sends jet streams into your toilet bowl to clean it. The self-sanitizing seat cleans itself with soap and water, and then two dryers send compressed air onto the seat to dry it. Clean up is automatic thanks to a smart sensor. Anytime you send waste down, the brush will automatically clean the bowl.

12 The $10 Pebble That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Water Conservation

Uncommon Goods

The Water Pebble by Uncommon Goods will help you save money on your water bills. For just $10, the pebble will tell you halfway through your shower time when you should get out. By tracking how much water you use in the shower,  the programmable pebble sends a yellow light in the middle of your shower and flashes red when it's time to turn off the faucet. The great part is that the pebble trains you over weeks to use water wisely by incrementally shortening its suggested stop time.

11 The Hands-Free Sink Faucet

Faucet Decoration Ideas

We've all been in places like restaurants where their bathrooms are set up with touchless faucets. The great thing now is that they are made for the home. First, the faucet was made for kitchens and now, thanks to Moen's Destiny, it's making its way to the bathroom. The hands-free faucet is motion activated, so you don't ever have to touch the faucet, thereby minimizing germs. It has a contemporary design that works with modern bathrooms and its minimal design is achieved by the fact that the faucet doesn't have handles, levers or knobs.

10 The Philips Hue Wireless Lighting System


Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system you can use in any part of your house. But it really proves itself in the bathroom because it has wirelessly controlled bulbs that allow you to choose the exact color, temperature, and brightness. No more stumbling into the bathroom at night and turning on a light that instantly startles you. You can choose a lighter light with Hue, and even the right light to put on your makeup.  Hue, designed to enhance your mood with the right light,  is also said to affect your overall health.

9 The Smart Scale

The Verge

Fitbit is known for its watches that track your weight. But it also sells an ingenuously-designed smart bath scale that tracks not just your weight, but also your body fat and BMI. The Fitbit Aria 2 works with the Fitbit app and the watches to find some features to get a more correct picture of your health. Installation is effortless; use your Bluetooth on your smartphone to set up your scale, and then it will automatically sync your stats over Wi-Fi. The best part is that it can be used by 8 users and will keep your stats private, which means your personal weight data can only be seen by you.

8 Bathroom Privacy Glass


If you have windows in your bath and your neighbors can see you, what do you do? Blinds look nice, but the slats will filter light into your bath in an unattractive way. You want privacy taking a shower, but you want natural light to trim your beard. The future bathroom is the adhesive film. It can be cut to fit any window, and when plugged in it makes the glass transparent or opaque using an app on your phone as a remote control.

7 Touch-Free Toilet Flush


You know the drill. You left the toilet seat up again! Nowadays touch-free toilets solve that problem, and keeps your hands free from germs or bacteria. So in the future, you don't need to touch a handle or button. Just wave a hand over a sensor to activate the toilet. For example, the DeltaFlushIQ, does all that and more, and has built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks, potentially saving money and water. Finally, smart toilets like Delta have powerful flushing built into the toilet, which means no clogs!

6 The Numi High-Tech Toilet


The Kohler Numi toilet, like others on this list, has a self-opening and closing lid. But this toilet is jam-packed to make going to #2 more enjoyable. There's a deodorizing system so you don't have to keep an air freshener on top of the toilet, a heated seat for comfort on cold days, a bidet with adjustable controls for temp and water pressure, and even a built-in speaker system with a docking station. The touch-screen remote allows you to customize your experience.

5 Vanity TV Mirror


Right now the future is here with the Seura Vanity TV Mirror. You can prepare for your day by watching the weather on the TV mirror, and when you need to use the mirror, the TV instantly disappears. Mirror and TV then become one. The mirror is not an afterthought; it has the highest quality reflection and an astonishing vanishing effect, according to Seura, thereby delivering a true-to-life reflection. Also, the vanity glass is designed to resemble a traditional mirror over the sink, so there are no bulky high-tech gadgets messing up your bathroom.

4 Digital Faucets

The Home Depot

The perfect future bathroom will not only be tech-savvy, but also eco-savvy. That's what a digital faucet does, conserving water and energy. A reduced tap flow and digital temperature-control settings will save you money. Touchless technology means you'll never have to put your hands on sink handles, and allows you to just wave a hand under the tap to turn on the water. It can also turn off the sink when it senses your hands are not under the faucet.

3 Automatic Soap Dispensers

Home Depot

We can control germs by using touchless sink faucets in the bath, but you still have to soap up your hands to really get rid of the germs and any harmful bacteria. Often overlooked when setting up a smart bathroom, the automatic soap dispenser should be the first thing on your list. These dispensers work by putting your hands under the tube of the soap dispenser, thus enabling 100% hygiene. The soap dispenser also keeps you from overusing the soap. Many iterations are on the market today.

2 The Robot Mop


Many companies have had a hard time selling robot mops in the past, but newer ones require less set-up and actually work. For the deepest clean, the Braaava Jet 240 is perfect for small spaces and odd corners. The mop has a 3-mode cleaning system. It can be a "wet" mop, a "damp sweeping" and a "dry sweeping." With all these modes, your bathroom will be exceptionally clean, as it can reach hard-to-reach places like under and around toilets and below sink cabinets.

1 The Smart Bathroom Sink Tap

Gadget World Bangladesh

The smart bath sink tap of the future features an LED light that changes color with the temperature of the water. Controlled by electronic sensor buttons, warm red lights indicate that the water is hot, magenta indicates that the temperature of the water is warm and white blue reveals that the water is cool. A must-need for people who have kids, it allows them to know when it's safe to wash their hands, thereby preventing scalds and burns. Kids will also love using the tap because of the changing light.

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