30 Of The Most Famous Brands That Have Made Their Mark On The World

We are undoubtedly living in a consumer society and are more or less susceptible to all the advertisements around us. Unless you are particularly careful, you usually end up buying the product due to what is promised to us, and not because of what it says on its label. While some brands are basically equal in terms of quality, we opt for a specific one because it’s “meant for the active and fun”, or shy away from buying something because ‘only grandmas use that”. Sounds familiar?

Brands are really one of the miracles of today’s world. Their logos are everywhere! Remember when you watched that documentary about the tribes in Amazon rainforests, and you saw those people wearing old t-shirts with a world sports equipment brand? Our point exactly.

Now, get ready to read and say lots of “oh yeahs”, because you’ll soon realize these are literally to be found everywhere around you.

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30  Nutella

Sallys Baking Addiction

Haven’t you just said “Mmmmm” to yourself? Don’t you have one in your kitchen? Everybody loves having this jar of joy in their home.

People adore this hazelnut spread so much that the whole planet eats as much as the weight of the Empire State Building in one year! Who would’ve thought Hitler is one of the reasons for the invention of this yummy cream. It all began with the shortage of cocoa after the WWII, so that little precious cocoa had to be mixed with something. (Source: Nutella)

29  Mercedes-Benz


“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz…” You know how it goes, and you wouldn’t complain about having one either.

Germany. Quality. Riches. Yes, this is what the sign says, though not particularly in that order (depending on the person, right). By the way, if you’re pretty environmentally friendly, you can buy yourself a Mercedes bike. Or ask the Lord for it. But getting one on your own is the safer bet. (Source: Mercedes-Benz-Brampton)



Let’s take you back to when you were little kids. This was probably one of your favorite toys. It's been around for 80 years, so you must remember it.

If you’re a parent, then you certainly remember the pain of stepping on one of the tiny parts. Nothing seems to hurt like that. Well, perhaps hitting your pinkie on a piece of furniture.

There are lots of similar brands and products that very much resemble LEGO, but one thing is for sure – everyone’s saying legos instead of “blocks”. (Source: KidzKonnect)

27 Levi’s


While nowadays there are so many companies manufacturing jeans, let’s not forget who started it all. The good old Levi’s. And no, Levi Strauss didn't invent them. It was Leob Strauss.

The jeans have got a long way from a part of a blue-collar’s outfit to an absolute must in everyone’s closet. Though it’s an old brand, it certainly still aims to please. Wherever you go, everyone has heard of it, while at the mention of GAP, for instance, they’ll simply shrug their shoulders. (Source: DavesNewYork)

26 Starbucks


Not nearly as old as Levi’s, but what an impact it has. Starbucks opened in 1987 and due to a great marketing campaign, it has quickly become a synonym for coffee-to-go. Of course, its super-tasty coffee flavors have a lot to do with it, too. 87,000 possible different combinations, to be precise.

Starbucks has become proficient in inventing the most delicious combinations that people have gone absolutely mad about. Even the celebs couldn’t resist the craze and taste, so you have seen a multitude of paparazzi photos of stars sipping their hot (or ice cold) creamy beverages. (Source: BuisnessInsider)

25  McDonald’s


Love it or hate it, it is here to stay, and it will continue to rule. Over the decades it has got some competition, but there can still be only one original fast food franchise.

It has over 35,000 locations worldwide. The rest are far behind: Burger King has 14,000 restaurants, and Taco Bell only 6,200. 75 hamburgers are sold every second, and it serves around 70 million (satisfied) customers every day. Admit it, you’ve had a cheeseburger there on more than one occasion. (Source: BuisnessInsider)

24 Michelin


You do know the story about how the logo was invented, don’t you? Someone saw a pile of tires and thought they looked like a man. Hence, the smiling Michelin little white man. The wonders are smiling, too, since the brand is seen on every single road on this planet.

It probably wasn’t on your mind when you started reading this list, but now you remember that you literally see this sign every day while driving to work.

23 Nintendo


Nintendo is a video game company that has become the world's largest base in terms of companies for video game consoles. It has created some classic games, such as The Legend of Zelda, and the oh-so-famous Mario games.

It was created in 1889, by Fusajiro Yamauchi, and he started out just with playing cards before he expanded it to actual consoles, leaving cards and toys behind. This came about in the 70's. In Japan alone, it is in third place in terms of companies that have brought in the most money, at more than $85 billion.

22 Marlboro

james dean

What, are you surprised? Seeing how these are banned from every single series or TV shows, one would think this world is a large non-smoking area. But, who are we kidding? People love doing it, despite all the warning signs on the packages, and Marlboro is the most renowned brand out there. Of course, we’re talking about the red version. Millions and billions of people are choosing it as their daily dose.

21 Versace


Bruno Mars is singing about Versace on the floor. Not Prada, not Armani, but Versace. The fashion giant certainly knows how to make a statement, and they’ve always used only the trendiest celebrities for their promotion.

Sadly, even the death of Gianni Versace only added to its worldwide fame. Despite the blow, the fashion empire is stronger than ever, thanks to his little sister, Donatella.

20 Gillette


When going to the store to buy some razors, this is what you get. Sure, perhaps you look around at the other brands, but after a careful thought, you again opt for the one you’ve been using for so long.

Gillette is one of the most widespread brands when it comes to shaving, and they don’t shy away from breaking into small markets. Bit by bit, and they have entered every convenience store and supermarket there is.

19 Disney


If you haven’t realized just how much Disney has affected our lives, take a closer look around you. Elsa and Anna are everywhere, not to mention all the other royals we see on t-shirts, notebooks, beach towels…

It has certainly come a long way since Mickey Mouse and his buddies. Just to think, it was all a vision of one man, though perhaps even Walt himself would be stunned just how much Disney characters have penetrated our lives.

18 Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company

And what would you have with your burger and French fries if it weren’t for Coke? Everyone’s singing their jingle, and we all know it’s Christmas time once we see their ad on TV.

There are numerous warnings about the amount of sugar in an average bottle (10.6g in a 100ml Classic bottle), but we keep drinking it anyway. The whole secrecy about its recipe only adds to its delicious taste and let’s face it, no other soda tasted like that when it appeared on the market. (Source: Coca-coLA)

17 Adidas

Once upon a time (the 1920s, to be more precise), there were two brothers, Adi and Rudo. Adolf and Rudolf. And no, they didn’t write the Christmas song, but they decided to make sports shoes. For one reason or the other, the brothers soon parted their ways and made their own brands. Adi added “Das” from his surname and created the household name. Even though Puma is very successful, too, we all know those stripes when we see them.

16 Nike

Sneaker District

Now that we’re at it, let’s add one more sports brand here – Nike.

Here are some cold facts; it employed over 74,000 people last year, and made a $34 billion revenue. Indeed, this is one of the most powerful brands out there. Their largest store is situated in Oxford-street, London.

And one more creepy fact: their catchy slogan “Just do it” was inspired by “Let’s do it”, the final words of a serial killer, Gary Gilmore. (Source: Statista)

15  Ferrari


Why drive a Formula, when you can drive a Ferrari? Nothing says class and riches like this car. If you’re behind the wheel of one of these beauties, you are definitely confirming your rich status. They come in different colors nowadays, but the color of passion suits it best.

Originally manufactured in Italy, it was known as Tipo 815, which wasn’t quite catchy, but at the time the Enzo Ferrari had some issues with establishing the name. The most expensive Ferrari was sold at an auction for $34.65 million. (Source: MoneyInc)

14 Microsoft Windows

via: Microsoft News Center

It’s time for some technology. Admittedly, there are lots of programs and software nowadays, but there can only be one Windows. It has changed over the years, and despite the fierce competition, it remains to be the most used program in the world (75% of the desktop users). The most sold version was Windows XP.

Bill Gates, its creator, is just as popular and has become so rich that he is a brand on his own. (Source: GadgetsNow)

13 Google

The Prepary

You do know the story behind its name (the number “googol”), but did you know the company’s worth $367 billion?

Comes as little surprise, bearing in mind you and everybody you know is using it daily, not to mention the “I’ll google it” phrase. Funny what has become from a rented garage office, and what an inspiring story, too. Who knew what could grow from a project originally called the BackRub. That said, aren’t you glad they’ve renamed it? (Source: Entrepreneur)

12 Louis Vuitton


Perhaps millions of women dream about carrying the Birkin, but if you asked them about the luggage essentials, that would have to be Louis Vuitton bags. After all, it all began when he was asked to neatly pack the wardrobe of Napoleon’s wife. It worked for royalty, so why wouldn’t it work for everyone else?

By the way, the famous logo was invented because at the time it was difficult to copy (the first original bags had stripes). It doesn’t work very well today, does it? (Source: Purseblog)

11  Pepsi


The “war” never stops, so here again is Coca-Cola’s rival. Let’s just say it did what Coke couldn’t do. Back in the days of the Cold War, this was the first American product to be manufactured, advertised and sold in the former Soviet Union. Pretty impressive isn’t it (if you know your history)?

Also, it was the first drinks company to start making 2l bottles for the very thirsty fans.

10 Apple

via uk.businessinsider.com

Apple this, apple that…The logo is everywhere! From mobile phones to laptops, headphones, music, it’s incredible what Steve Job’s brainchild has turned into. Apart from being of excellent quality, the CEOs definitely know to employ the right people to carry out the strategy for taking over the world. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the high quality of the service, but there are still so many specially designed perks for having an iPhone, aren’t there?

Also, while for some this cell phone is a mundane product, for some other parts of the world, it’s considered a sign of luxury.

9 Pampers


Well, you don’t really think there is anything powerful in something as ubiquitous as a baby diaper, but think again. Pampers is a huge and a powerful brand, and once you realize its power, you’ll come to think it would be great to be an owner of a diaper factory some day.

Around 25 million babies in over 100 countries did what they had to do in these particular diapers. Do a bit of math, and you’ll see the astonishing revenues. If you’re a parent, you’re already dizzy with the figure. (Source: PampersNappies)

8 Barbie


“I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wooorld…” OK, the song isn’t as old as the brand itself, but it was quite a tune. While today we do have plenty of dolls in the shape of beautiful girls, we cannot help but appreciate where it all started from.

The gorgeous doll with insane proportions (it’s hard to say she would be able to walk if there was a real woman like that) immediately appealed to all the little girls around the world. (Source: DailyMail)

7 Canon

Oh, Yasmin Travels

True, we are all using our cell phones nowadays, but not the true photographs. If you’re done taking amateur photos, Canon would be your next logical choice.

They say their mantra is Kyosei – ‘living and working together for the common good’, while the name derives from ‘Kwanon’, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

Another fun fact for all the women out there. Since this year, canon is to issue all the reports on paychecks both for men and women. In short, no more gender gap when it comes to salaries! (Source: Canon)

6 Amazon

Business Insider

Funnily enough, no one thinks of the rainforest anymore, right? The online retailer has changed the world to suit them better. If you like shopping online, the first thing you do is look it up on Amazon, right?

Its brand value was estimated to be $150.8 billion in 2017. What is even more amazing is the fact that it showed a huge increase in brand value compared to the year before – almost 50%. We’ll see what happens in 2018, but so far they don’t seem to have decent competition, do they? (Source: INC)

5 Visa

Illuminati Elite Group News

When asked:”Cash, or credit card?”, of course, you are going to use your Visa to pay for a restaurant meal. And for many other things, for that matter. Everyone is familiar with the logo, and people from over 200 countries are using it on a daily basis. This little magic card means money in all languages.

The journey began in 1976, and despite its age, it’s only getting better. Last year there was a big merger with Visa Europe, and we’ll see what the future brings. (Source: USA.VISA)

4 Ray-Ban

via UrbanMatter

Ray-Ban eyewear is recognizable everywhere, and desirable, too. The brand is owned by a not so famous Italian company called Luxottica Group (well, at least familiar to mere mortals). Its owner is an 82-year-old billionaire, who is said to be the richest man in Italy. In 2018, he’s certainly the oldest, that’s for sure.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see plenty of celebrities wearing them, too. As for the name, it comes from “banning the sun rays” phrase. (Source: HighNames)

3 Boeing


If you’re flying to your vacation, the first name that pops to your mind is Boeing when discussing airplanes. It’s no wonder, either. Despite its fierce competition, Boeing has been in the leading position for around for 30 years, so it’s only natural it has become a household name.

The idea about the first Boeing came a long time ago – 1914. Of course, it came from a man named William E. Boeing. He was a lumber company executive, fascinated by aircraftc. He certainly managed to live his dream. (Source: Encyclopedia)

2 Samsung


You must have a device or two of this brand somewhere around you. Actually, “Samsung’ translates as “three stars”, and it is said its owner knew very well what success lies ahead.

One of the reasons for success lies in great advertising. In case you’re wondering why you’re persuaded that Samsung is the best in its field, we’ll cast some light on it. Samsung is investing in marketing much more than the others. Even Coca-Cola is way behind when it comes to marketing costs, which speaks volumes. (Source: AndroidAuthority)

1 20th Century Fox

Xenopedia - Fandom

OK, so perhaps Warner Bros has all the Harry Potter movies, but when we say Wall Street, Home Alone, Titanic – they all have fox written all over them. If you’re not into that, do you recall Alien or Die Hard? For the youngest ones here, there’s Avatar for you and superhero movies.

All of these films certainly made an impact on us, and it’s often overlooked who exactly financed all of them – FOX. Last but not least, just one family says it all – the Simpsons. Point well taken. (Source: Britannica)

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