30 Of The Most Expensive (And Useless) Baby Products

There are few things a new parent wouldn’t do for their baby! You know that your little one deserves the world, and you’re determined to give it to them, at all costs. If you had the funds, you’d probably go all-out when it comes to buying your little one the very best in baby products and technology. And, believe me, there are tons of baby-related things you can be spending your money on.

The items that made this list are ridiculously expensive and likely very unnecessary. From diamond-encrusted pacifiers and training potties to beds shaped likes castles or Grecian ships, designers have come up with some very odd things for the rich and famous to splurge on for their babies. Most of these things probably do the same job that the baby products you can pick up at Target do. Yeah, somehow I’m not convinced that Swarovski crystals will make it easier to train my toddler to go to the bathroom.

Most parents don’t have the extra cash to buy any of the luxury products that made this list. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be a good parent, and it also doesn’t make you a bad one if you do enjoy spending your dough on these designer goods. All that matters is that you’re doing your best!

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30 Diamond-Encrusted Barbie Doll: $80,000

via pinterest.com

Most little girls love playing with Barbie Dolls, and often the first one they receive is the most special. If you really want to give your daughter a doll she’ll remember (and if you have an extra $80,000 lying around), then opt for a diamond-encrusted Barbie Doll.

Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly bought this exact gift for daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday in 2013. “Nothing’s been too big or expensive for their little princess,” an insider told The Sun. “They wanted her first birthday to set the tone for the rest of her life. They work hard for their money and the first thing they want to spend it on is their baby girl.”

29 Diamond Pacifier: $17,000

via people.com

Most people feel lucky if they own one diamond in their life. But could you imagine starting out life with a bunch of diamonds in your mouth? The baby whose parents buy them this diamond pacifier knows exactly how that feels!

This pacifier features three carats worth of diamonds set in 18K white gold. It does include a silicon nipple like a normal pacifier, but the interesting thing is that this is not recommended for use in a baby’s mouth.

So, basically, this blinged-out pacifier is only a super expensive décor piece, not even something the baby can enjoy. That sounds like a waste of money if we ever heard of one!

28 Gold-Plated Carriage With Sound System: $6,000

via pinterest.com

Most cars don’t even have a good stereo system, so imagine your baby’s carriage having a better sound system than you! If you opt to splurge on this gold-plated carriage, then your little one will very likely be arriving in style, more so than you.

This baby stroller features a blue satin lining and luxurious fur inside. Its high-tech sound system will play music as you stroll your baby to sleep. We’re not sure if that’s genius, or a sure-fire way to annoy the neighborhood!

27 Dolce & Gabbana Baby Suit: $1000

via pinterest.com

Most parents tell you not to spend a lot of money on your baby’s clothes considering how fast they grow out of them. That’s why hand-me-downs are such a Godsend.

However, if you want to begin your child’s designer wardrobe at a young age, then invest in a tailored Dolce & Gabbana suit for your little boy. All the pieces are sold separately, from a $455 tailored blazer, $240 collared bodysuit, and a $120 bow tie.

Just remember this outfit is dry-cleaned only, so avoid changing or feeding the baby while they’re in it! Yeah, not so practical…

26 Dodo Bassinet in Solid Gold: $16,320,000

via suomo.com

This has got to be the most expensive crib coming in at a whopping $16 million USD. This crib is more of an art piece than a bed. The modern, sleek design is made of 24-Carat Solid Gold.

It features a full set of “Golden Line” bedding, including a mattress protector, pillow mattress, sheet, base sheet, and comforter. It also comes with a Golden Line changing mat. The product is completely assembled upon delivery, so don’t worry about needing to do any setup… you’ll be more concerned with how you’re going to pay your bills!

25 The Fantasy Coach: $65,000

via pinterest.com

If you want your little one to sleep like the prince or princess they are, then you’re going to have to invest in the Fantasy Coach. This magical crib looks exactly like the carriage Cinderella arrived at the ball in- that is, before it got transformed back into a pumpkin. But, with a price tag this hefty, you better hope this thing doesn’t turn into a pumpkin, or you’ll be demanding a refund. Would you do this for your baby?

24 Swarovski Crystal High Chair: $15,000

If you want a high chair that’s both practical and makes a fashion statement, then this splurge item might be for you!

Tons of celebrities have Swarovski-adorned high chairs for their little ones. Most famously, Beyonce and Jay-Z commissioned a celebrity designer to build one for their eldest child, Blue Ivy. The couple liked it so much they gifted one to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they had their first child, North.

Though Swarovski crystals are nice on jewelry, do you think putting them on baby products is takings things too far?

23 The Roddler Baby Stroller: $4,495

via businessinsider.com

All moms know that a good stroller can cost a nice penny, but we’re not sure if you’d ever need one this expensive. The Roddler stroller was designed to mimic a 1950s vintage car, so you’ll definitely look like quite the vehicle-enthusiast walking your infant down the street in this ride.

However, with such a big price tag, you’d hope that the stroller would actually be able to drive itself. But, alas, it still requires a parent to push it around.

22 Snuffles The Teddy Bear: $10,000

via pinterest.com

Parents usually have no control over what stuffy their kid forms an emotional connection to. But, if you’re dropping 10 grand on a teddy bear, then you better hope it’s going to be your kid’s favorite toy.

This otherwise normal looking teddy, aptly named “Snuffles”, costs a whopping $10,000. His expensive price tag comes from his luxurious materials- his eyes are made of Tahitian pearls and his fur is made of alpaca wool. Snuffles also features 10 karat diamond necklace with a gold chain if he wasn’t fancy enough already!

21 Swarovski Baby Bathtub: $3,800

via alibaba.com

If your baby is too fancy to take baths in the sink, then consider splurging on this Swarovski crystal baby bathtub. Yes, evidently you can get any sort of baby product decked out in Swarovski crystals, and it’ll only set you back only $4,000 with taxes.

The bathtub features 46,000 crystals that are applied by hand- we don’t want to know how long that would take! You’ll be happy to know that you can choose the color of your custom kiddie bathtub. Will you choose pink or blue?

20 Hooded Terry Towel and Washcloth Set: $2,997

via pinterest.com

Babies go through washcloths and burping towels pretty fast, so you’d be advised not to spend a fortune on something that your baby is just going to puke on. But some rich parents think that spending close to $3,000 on a washcloth makes sense.

This sophisticated baby towel claims to be made of 100 percent muslin cotton so you can be sure only the most luxurious fabrics are touching your mini-me. Still, we’re not sure if we’d spend so much just to make sure a towel is soft.

19 The Pod Crib: $2,300

via amazon.com

If you’re looking for the ultimate baby crib in chicness and sophistication, then we suggest splurging on the pod crib. This baby bed has a distinct art deco look that will be a statement piece in any home.

It features acrylic sides that make it easy to check on your baby without disturbing them. The crib is made with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and is hand finished. It even comes with free delivery, and they’ll carry it up to two flights of stairs for you.

Well, with a price tag like that, what else would you expect?

18 Swarovski Crystal-Studded Toilet Seat: $1,136

via pinterest.com

Potty training your toddler can be difficult, but perhaps a Swarovski crystal-adorned toilet seat will make it a bit easier.

This luxurious child’s potty- known as the ‘My Carry Potty’- was created by celebrity designer Amanda Jenner (no, not of the Kardashian-Jenner clan) in hopes of making potty training a bit more relaxing for the parent. The potty is available in bright pink, featuring hundreds of sparkling gems that are sure to catch your toddler’s attention.

Would you pay this price tag if it meant potty training was easier?

17 Solid Gold Pony: $600,000

It’s likely that you owned a rocking horse as a child, so of course, you want your kid to know the joy of riding their own inanimate horse. But, you can find rocking horses for a lot cheaper than this option!

If you have a cool half a million to spare, then consider buying this solid 24-karat gold pony for your little one. This over-the-top kid’s toy is made by Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka, who first designed it for Prince Hisahito, who’s in line to become Japan’s next emperor. Rumour has it that Beyonce and Jay-Z have also purchased one for their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

16 Hand Tuned Baby Rattle: $200

via ranker.com

Honestly, we doubt that a baby can tell the difference between a designer rattle and one that was picked up at Target. But, there are parents out there willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars for the most luxurious baby rattle on the market.

This German-made baby rattle is plated in silver, 14kt gold, and hematite for ultimate durability. The rattles are available in ‘loop,’ ‘double’ and ‘elongated’ styles so you can collect them all. Then again, we can’t imagine letting our kiddo play with anything so expensive!

15 Fendi Bottle Holder: $112.35

via pinterest.com

If you’re looking to own something designer without spending too much, then consider this luxury bottle holder from Fendi. The bottle holder only costs a bit more than a hundred dollars, which is nothing compared to the other expensive baby items Fendi boasts.

Though this is definitely more expensive than other bottle holders on the market, you’re clearly paying for the famous Fendi logo. Kylie Jenner has this exact bottle holder, so we’re not sure if that should make us more inclined to buy it or not.

14 Cheeky Monkeys Personalised Baby Blanket: $234.07

via romper.com

Given how often babies spit up or poop on their clothes and blankets, we can’t imagine spending a tiny fortune on anything the baby could potentially ruin. But, evidently, there are parents out there willing to spend over two hundred dollars on a personalized blanket!

This cheeky monkey blanket runs such a high price due to being made out of 100% Scottish cashmere, so you can be sure it’s one of the softest blankies on the market. The blanket will also be hand-embroidered with your choice of name or phrase on it. For something with such a high price tag, that’s the least they could do.

13 Egg DoDo Baby Basket: $2,500

via pinterest.com

If you’re going to shell out some serious cash for a baby crib, then you’d hope it would at least be stylish. That’s why this baby basked is leaving us scratching our heads. The crib is meant to look like an egg… so like your infant is hatching out of an egg.

On paper, this could have sounded cool, but it didn’t turn out this way. We’d spend our money on a lot of things before buying this odd, egg-shaped baby device.

12 Half-Carat Lorraine Schwartz Earrings: $50,000


Getting your baby’s ears pierced is a controversial move in many parenting communities. But Kim Kardashian wasted no time in piercing North West’s ears and gifting her a set of diamond earrings.

Seriously, North was only 16-months old when media outlets reported that Kimye had dished out $50,000 to have their jewelry designer friend, Lorraine Schwartz, design a custom pair of earrings for their firstborn. Talk about a spoiled baby!

11 Float Baby Bed: $25,000

via ranker.com

We could never imagine our infant having a better bed than us, but that’s what you can expect if you invest a cool $25,000 into this Grecian-inspired crib. Designed by sailor David Trubridge, this eco-friendly crib is meant to mimic an ancient boat sailing the Mediterranean sea.

As cool as this item looks, it also seems a bit impractical. Clearly, a newborn couldn’t stay in this crib, since they could easily roll over and out of it as the crib features no sides. And, we’re not sure what toddler would be into this bed. The kids I know would rather have a Hot Wheels or princess-themed bed, not only that makes them look like a Spartan warrior.

10 Clear Vetro Crib: $4,500

via pinterest.com

Clear furniture has been taking the design world by storm, with pieces like ghost chairs and acrylic coffee tables increasing in popularity. And, evidently, you can now even purchase an acrylic crib so your baby’s bed can match with the rest of your house’s décor.

The Vetro crib features delicately curved edges and three mattress heights so the crib can grow with your baby. This crib is so unique that each model is laser-etched with its own serial number for authenticity. As chic as it looks, be ready to wipe your baby’s fingerprints from the glass on a daily basis.

9 Diamond Sterling Baby Spoon: $1,230

via pinterest.com

Some parents are so obsessed with saving their baby’s things, they may even save the spoon their little one first ate with. And, if you’re spending close to $1300 on the spoon, then you very much better be saving it!

This luxurious spoon will ensure your baby is born holding a silver spoon (literally). This piece was created by designer Christofle. It’s made of sterling silver and features a diamond embedded on its tip. You can also opt to switch the diamond for a sapphire to make this item more budget friendly.

8 Christian Dior Pacifier Holder: $81.87

via instagram.com

Sure, you get probably find a regular pacifier holder at Target for less than 10 bucks. But why go that route when you can own a Christian Dior one for less than $100? For something Christian Dior, this may seem like a steal.

But any parent will tell you that spending this much on a pacifier holder is a waste of money, especially when the baby likely won’t need it for long. Unless you’re a huge fan of designer brands, then perhaps this is one luxury purchase you can skip.

7 Silver Cross Aston Martin Special Edition Surf: $2340.70

via financialtimes.com

If you or your partner is a huge car buff, then this fancy baby stroller might become a must-have on your shopping list. Silver Cross has been making high-quality strollers for years, including the fan-favorite, original Balmoral Pram.

But nothing beats when they teamed up with sports car brand Aston Martin to create the Aston Martin Special Edition Surf. Your mini-me will be riding in style in this sports car-inspired buggy. Only 800 of these strollers have been released, so you might have to do some hunting to get your hands on one.

6 Onda Luxy Bubbles: $3,038

The Onda Luxy Bubbles is another baby bathtub that will only set you back a few grand. This kiddie bath is honestly more luxurious than most adult-sized tubs. It features whirlpool jets and LED lights to make bath time a magical experience for your baby.

Despite the jets, the manufacturer claims it’s completely safe to use on baby. Just be prepared to be pretty jealous that you can’t enjoy this mini spa, too. When will they come out with the adult version?

5 Ameda 17803 Platinum Pump: $2,095

via ameda.com

Many moms will tell you that a pump is a must if you plan on nursing for as long as possible. With that being said, we don’t know if you need to spend this much to get bang for your buck.

The Ameda 17803 Platinum Pump is one of the best models on the market. It comes with a ton of features, including lighted LCD displays, a timer to make pumping all the more easier, and a whisper-quiet operation so as not to disturb baby at night or during nap time.

4 La Perla Crib: $353,600


Similar to the gold bassinet, this stunning crib is made out of 18kt Rose Gold and is a limited edition. With a sleek and modern design, this crib promises to fit in with any décor scheme, which we’d definitely expect given its jaw-dropping price tag.

It features luxurious, comfortable bedding and rounded edges so the baby won’t get hurt if they’re looking over the edge. Still, considering your baby will be using the crib for only around a year, it still doesn’t seem worth dishing out this much dough.

3 Fendi-Inglesina Classic Logo Pram: $1549.22

via lifeandstyle.com

Take a hint from Kylie Jenner and get this designer stroller for your little one if you have some extra cash to spare! The young mom made headlines when she posted a series of Insta pics of her pushing baby Stormi in this luxurious pram.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the stroller features carrying straps, total suspension, and multi-position recline. Plus, the stroller is adorned in Fendi’s signature logo, so everyone will know exactly how much you spent on your baby stroller. Would you pay this much to be part of the Kardashian-Jenner mom gang?

2 Dragons of Walton Street Sleeping Beauty Moses Basket: $3505.20

via ranker.com

If you want your baby sleeping in something fit for royalty (literally), then this bougie baby crib was made for you. This ‘sleeping beauty basket’ comes from the same designers who work for the British Royal family, having designed nurseries for Princes Harry and William as well as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

This crib promises the ultimate good night’s sleep for your little one. And, with a price tag like this, we also hope it promises to let mom and dad catch a bit more shut-eye than usual.

1 Lulla Smith Pretty Baby Crib Linen Set: $1577.28

via pinterest.com

Most people don’t get a luxurious bed set until they’re well into adulthood and receive their first big check. But if you invest in the Lulla Smith Pretty Baby Crib Linen set, then your baby will be sleeping on clouds from day one.

This feminine bedding set is perfect for your little princess, and features everything from a mattress protector to pillow shams to a bed skirt. Sources say Suri Cruise had the same bedding when she was a wee one. But do you think this is too much to spend on sheets?

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