26 Most Unusual Things Made Out Of Gold (That Nobody Really Needs)

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. Women wear it around their necks, on their hands, their ears...and quite often, men do too! But it's not just jewelry anymore, people sometimes go a bit further and make the most opulent, extraordinary things of gold. What kinds of things? Whatever comes to your mind provided that you are rich enough to afford it, of course. And many people are. So they get pretty creative when it comes to making things of gold, as you are about to see on our list in a moment.

From cars and luxury items to most expensive desserts, gold can be placed on anything your heart desires. But why would people need these things to be golden? Well, that's a complicated question. To make it simple, let's just say that some wealthy people like to flaunt their fortune and show us that they're able to afford just about anything. Brace yourselves as we are about to see some of the craziest, most unusual gold stuff that nobody really needs.

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26 Gold Toilet Paper


The competition for unusual (unnecessary) things made of gold just got more interesting with gold toilet paper! Yes, because the regular, white toilet paper made from, you know, paper, that the rest of the world uses is simply not good enough anymore. Some people think their private parts deserve better than that and they are ready to pay for it. We can't possibly think of another explanation for why there is a gold toilet paper. Actually, not just any gold paper, 24-carat gold toilet paper!

25 Gold Cheese


This one actually does not sound so crazy...or does it? What would you say if someone offered you a slice of gold cheese? You may think it sounds weird at first but then again, somewhere in the world there is someone who thinks just the opposite and that is why these weird things are made in the first place. Well, that and getting people to spend more money to buy unnecessary stuff. We must admit this gold grilled cheese in the photo does look appealing. Wondering how much a piece of this gold pleasure would cost? A 100-gram slice of Stilton Gold costs approximately $429.50.

24 Gold Slinky


Some things are quite useful while others make us wonder who on Earth would need such a thing? Do you want an example? We present to you the gold slinky! You are now probably wondering what a gold slinky is used for. Well, sorry to disappoint you, the gold slinky doesn't have any extraordinary purpose. It's just a classic, unexceptional toy that nobody really plays with these days. You can buy a 14-carat gold slinky on Amazon for as little as $131.43.

23 Gold Toilet


For some people, the time they spend in the bathroom is very special. They use those private moments to unwind and relax after a long day at work. Well, if you like your regular toilet, imagine what it would be like with a gold one! And also, imagine the kind of money it takes to make such a toilet. A fully functional 18-carat gold toilet designed by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan was at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum between 2016 and 2017. The exact cost of the work was not revealed.

22 Gold Horse Statue


If you thought the previously mentioned items made of gold are redundant, then wait until you see this. A gold horse statue! Apparently, creating a regular statue is not enough anymore. But the statue of the golden horse is not where all this madness ends. You can also find gold horses online for a fraction of the price, although in a much smaller size. They can cost anywhere between $500 and $6,000 although prices vary depending on the size and quality, of course.

21 Gold Pacifier


This next unusual item made of gold is much smaller so it should also be cheaper to buy, right? Well, not necessarily. It depends on the type of gold used and also where you shop. For example, you can find some cheap gold pacifiers on Etsy but a 24-carat gold pacifier must cost a lot. Strangely, this isn't even the most expensive type of pacifier. According to an article, the most expensive pacifier in the world is made of platinum and it costs about $85,000!

20 Gold Violin


When people have the resources, they can get really creative when it comes to utterly useless items such as a gold violin. If you happen to actually know how to play the violin, then there is a chance you may find this fascinating. Or completely hideous and eccentric. An instrument made out of gold sounds like a pricey gift. In fact, some not so new data on the web told us that a 30-pound gold violin would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

19 Gold Dumbbells

Custom Gym Equipment

So far, we've seen lots of silly things made of gold and wondered why would anyone need them. But this is something different. This is perhaps the silliest thing so far! Dumbbells made of gold! If you hate working out with regular boring cheap equipment, and you have the money, then problem solved. German designer Kristof Hock designed a collection of luxury workout equipment which includes gold dumbbells which you can purchase for-make sure you are seated for this- $125,000.

18 Gold Shoes


Most girls love shoe shopping and they could do it daily. Unless they are made of gold, then you would pretty much go bankrupt and would reconsider buying another pair anytime soon. In 2013, a designer created the world's first 24-carat gold wearable shoes. The designer, Alberto Moretti made the velvet shoes covered in gold and the price tag for them was £1,700. If you thought these are just for women, you'd be happy to know the designer thought of men too so he made gold loafers for men and gold heels for women.

17 Gold Chocolate Bar


You may think this is weird, but believe it or not, it's not the most unusual thing made of gold. Imagine the most expensive chocolate bar in the world covered in gold. If you enjoy indulging in the sweet chocolate experience at least from time to time, then you must be tempted to try this. The price for a gold chocolate bar usually starts at $100 so if you have a couple of hundred dollars extra just burning a hole in your pocket, then you should go for it.

16 Gold capsules


Well, we guess the madness didn't stop with gold dumbbells, now we have pills made of gold! But why would anyone take these and what exactly are they for? First of all, they are edible so don't worry. And they are also filled with gold leaf. As for the purpose, there really isn't any except if you're looking for a completely crazy, unique gift. Oh, and they cost about $425!

15 Gold Ice Cream


This is undoubtedly one of the most expensive desserts in the world. Doesn't it look captivating? But wait, what was wrong with regular ice cream? This is the moment where we just shrug our shoulders because we just don't know. But what we do know is that the opulent, pure 24-carat edible gold ice cream is here and if you do have $1,000 to spare, then you can actually try it and be the judge. Why not!

14 Gold Bikini


Summer is finally here, it is the time to show off the body you've been working on all winter (or not), and we all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect bikini for the occasion. We all want to look our best, don't we? Well, we hereby proclaim the search over! We don't know how much this particular outfit may cost you but one thing is certain: all eyes will be on you!

13 Gold Shirt


Nope, we retract what we said earlier, this is the silliest thing made of gold, at least so far. Some people love gold so much that they would wear it all the time. Literally. A man in India had a shirt tailored for him made entirely of gold several years ago. The shirt was made of 14,000 pieces of 24-carat gold, cost about $240,000, and weighed slightly over 7 pounds.

12 Gold Contact Lenses


Gold is not just for your fingers and your neck, you can now have it in your eyes. If you think this is weird, wait until you hear the rest of the story. Apparently, it isn't just gold lenses. You can buy lenses with both diamonds and gold, because one isn't enough, obviously. Two Indian men designed these luxurious lenses and they can be yours for just $15,000! But seriously, why would you anyone put a rock in their eyes? Besides, it looks very creepy.

11 Gold Dress


Dazzle and amaze your friends by appearing in this dress made entirely out of gold! Another fashion designer created a 24-carat gold dress back in 2013. This one of a kind dress was created to promote the ice cream Magnum. It took about two months to make, and its cost is estimated to be about $1.5 billion. Yes, you read that right. But if you are wealthy, you can have one made especially for you. It must be quite difficult to walk in such a heavy dress!

10 Gold Plated Car


Do you like this gold-plated Lamborghini? It can be yours for just $7.5 million.  For some of us, being able to afford a luxurious car such as Lamborghini is a pretty big deal. But imagine a gold-plated one! Like you already assumed from the title, it's for millionaires only and that is why a model like the one in the photo belongs to the Saudi prince. It's the same one who wanted his falcons to fly comfortably so he booked individuals seats for all of them. When you're loaded you can literally do whatever you want.

9 Gold Coffin

If your desire is to go out with style then you should totally consider a gold coffin! There is no doubt that everyone would talk about this crazy, unusual, and expensive casket for days after you're gone. It may be slightly morbid but believe it or not, some people do think this is a good idea (hence the invention of it). Perhaps, someone simply wants to make their last moments among the living truly memorable and flaunt their wealth one last time.

8 Gold Lemonade


What's a perfect drink for the hot summer days? A lemonade! Especially if it is made of gold. Yes, nowadays, you can have anything made of gold including beverages. There is a company which produces lemonade with 24-carat gold flakes. We guess it's not a bad idea if you are having a party and you want to impress your friends by serving them this luxurious drink. And it's not just lemonade, you can find other beverages with gold flakes too.

7 Gold Facial

OROGOLD Cleopatra

We all have those days when we feel like we're feeling down and all we want is to be pampered. Perhaps have a massage too, along with a cup of wine. Well, if this treatment doesn't make you feel better I don't know what will! Pure gold is used during the treatment and apparently, getting a gold facial treatment has numerous benefits for your skin. So if you have the money, why not? There is reportedly a 24-carat $1,000 face mask so you might give that a go if you're feeling down these days.

6 Gold Chocolate Pudding


Lately, we have seen gold being used in food a lot more.  The gold ice cream wasn't the only expensive dessert on our list, so if you are traveling around the world looking to try all the luxury, decadent sweets, you may add this one to your list. Chocolate pudding covered with gold. It certainly looks great and the gold is completely edible. But you must taste it if you want further details.

5 Gold Vacuum Cleaner

So you've seen this gold vacuum cleaner and now you're thinking that it must be super powerful or able to clean on its own. We hate to disappoint you but it actually isn't any of that. It is just the world's most expensive vacuum cleaner that is made of 24-carat gold, weights about 7.5 pounds, and it comes with a price of £800,000. Whoever buys this vacuum cleaner certainly isn't cleaning their house on their own.

4 Gold Pencil


Have you ever wanted to own a magic pencil that can write your essay on its own? Well, you can't have that, but you can have a pencil made of gold. It's not similar at all, it won't do anything special for you, and it doesn't really have a major purpose. It's just a pencil made of gold that you can use to show off how rich you are. Or it can help you impress your business partners and potential clients! See, who said this was a useless object?

3 Gold Computer


Working on a gold computer must be different than working on a normal one! We can't think of another reason why anyone would absolutely need this thing. Well, like we've said so many times before, you don't need to need these things, you just have to be loaded with money and then you can buy any crazy useless thing you want! You may look very cool sitting in a coffee shop and working on your 24-carat gold computer. Or you may be a victim of theft, you never know!

2 Gold Barbecue

Speaking of extravagant and totally unnecessary things made of gold, take a look at this grill. You could buy about 50 regular barbecues or you could buy a single one made of gold, it's up to you! The grill is plated in 24-carat gold and will provide you with the best grilling experience. Well, it won't actually, you still have to do the same job just as with a regular one. Wondering how much it costs? Approximately $155,000.

1 Gold Staples


This next item made of gold has totally taken stationery to a whole new level. If you are eager to impress your boss or your business partners or you're simply passionate about stationery, why not present them with these 14-carat gold-plated staples? They reportedly cost about 60 euros so we guess this may be the only thing on our list of crazy gold items that are affordable to almost anyone. Not that anyone really needs these but that's a whole other topic.

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