30 Celebs Who Spend Their Millions On Useless Things Without A Care

Ever since Hollywood began, living a rich lifestyle has gone hand-in-hand with being famous. Sure, some folks can still do their best to be frugal, not going out of their way and figuring it’s okay just to live comfortably. But far more decide that if they’re rich, they’re going to show it, going all out with cars, mansions and more. Sadly, more than a few of those stars have learned the hard way that spending like there’s no tomorrow can backfire on you big time. 50 Cent was famous for flaunting his wealth constantly but was forced earlier in 2018 to declare bankruptcy. And there’s an entire list of the child stars who blew through millions with no plans for what happened when they grew up. Even a major A-lister has been through some rough times to prove money isn’t all it’s worth.

Yet some folks are able to adapt and still capable of flaunting their lifestyles off. That includes multiples homes across the world, often mansions that can put businesspeople to shame. You can also throw in fleets of cars, boats and exotic vacations to show off. The rise of social media has added to it with many celebrities using it to add to their fame and loving flaunting their vacations off. Yet even among the rich and famous, there are levels of success in lifestyles. Some folks just go above the board in terms of wealth, homes, who they’ve dated and more. Here are 30 celebrities with the most lavish lifestyles that put even some of their peers to shame.

30 Angelina Jolie

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True, she’s slowed down from her past antics but Angelina Jolie still has to rank among the flashier lifestyles in Hollywood. Her “Wild child” past of the 1990s included flaunting her tattoos, carrying the blood of then-husband Billy Bob Thornton in a vial and jumping into a pool at the Golden Globes in a $5000 dress. But her Oscar win and motherhood tamed her a bit as well as her long marriage to Brad Pitt. Jolie has moved on to be hailed for her humanitarian work and a director as well. But she still lives a rather lush lifestyle, using her private plane to go around the world for her work.

29 Lady Gaga

Stefani Germanotta actually found herself in debt just after the debut of her first hit album. But that’s a memory long past as Lady Gaga now dominates with a net worth of $225 million. Sure, those wild outfits no doubt cost a lot but Gaga has a deal with designers to flaunt their stuff for a cheaper price. She owns a $23 million mansion with its own bowling alley and also bought up the old Malibu home of her idol Frank Zappa. The latter has a pond boasting 27 fish imported from Japan. Plus, a place in New York where she owns a restaurant that runs about $33,000 a month.

28 Leonardo DiCaprio


He’s gone from a kid actor to one of the richest and most revered actors of his generation. Leonardo DiCaprio is notable for how he pours a lot of his efforts into charity work such as environmental crusades. But that doesn’t take away from how much he enjoys showing the life of your typical Hollywood superstar. Most notably has been the long list of gorgeous women he’s dated with numerous super-models as well as actresses like Blake Lively and singer Rihanna. He has a Hollywood Hills manor he likes to “rent out” to friends and places in Malibu and New York. More importantly is that DiCaprio owns his own island, Blackadore Caye, which is off the coast of Belize.

27 Kanye West

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The hip-hop mogul’s actual worth is up in the air with some saying it’s “only” a few hundred million but he brags that he’s close to a billionaire. What’s known for sure is how great he is showing it all off with countless pictures of his extravagant purchases of cars, high-end clothing and a slew of quirky personal items. His marriage to Kim Kardashian adds to it as the paparazzi love to follow them around. West not only maintains numerous multimillion-dollar properties in L.A. and New York but is even designing his homes himself.

26 Oprah Winfrey


A common joke is that the reason Oprah Winfrey doesn’t run for President is because the White House would be a step down for her. For decades, the talk show maven has been one of the most powerful and influential voices in America. Her net worth is $2.8 billion thanks to her own magazine, her own network, her power as a producer, her book club, and countless promotions. Her $90 million Montecito estate is mind-blowing in its size and that’s without her estate on Orcas Island, a horse farm in Hawaii, a mansion in Colorado and her huge home in Chicago. Some folks have a private plane, Oprah has her own airline.

25 George Clooney

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He’s always the first to joke about going from The Facts of Life to one of the biggest names in Hollywood. But George Clooney is a throwback to the dashing movie stars of the past who balanced great personal lives with their roles. He’s been known for being attached to hot women from Stacy Kiebler to current wife Amal and always great on the red carpet. While he’s involved in charities, Clooney has to spend a lot of money on himself. He has a six-room villa in California, two estates in Italy, a compound in Cabo, a nine-bedroom estate in England and an upscale apartment in New York.

24 Celine Dion

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It’s been over 20 years since she sang “My Heart Will Go On” but Celine Dion is still rising up. Even before Titanic, she was a hit in the charts with her beauty and amazing voice and has shown a great humor as she works her various tours. She was one of the first current A-list stars to do a residency in Las Vegas and it was a huge smash to add to her $400 million net worth. She got attention in 2013 for selling off $100 million worth of homes from California to her native Canada home and her place in New York. Her Jupiter, Florida residency overlooks its own water park and her Vegas home is notable for its great design.

23 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

A fun story is that for his star-making role in Thelma & Louise, Brad Pitt was paid just $6000. Today, he commands a bare minimum payment of $20 million a movie. He’s moved from just being a handsome leading man to a well-respected actor with some Oscar nominations under his belt. His mansions (either alone or with Jolie) include a place in New Orleans, a Los Feliz compound, a Santa Barbara home, a place in France, a villa in Spain and a New York penthouse.

22 Taylor Swift

For a girl born in Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift has moved onto dominance in the world of music. She is one of the best crossover artists ever, moving from country stardom into pop mega-star status and known for her great voice, music and amazing tours. Her personal worth is $280 million. She has a Beverly Hills mansion, a home in Nashville, a New York penthouse as well as a condo and a Rhode Island estate which combine into $84 million.

21 Will Smith

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Even before his fame as an actor, Will Smith was taking off in the late 1980s as a rapper. It was The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that made Smith a household name and a huge star. That led to major fame in movies as Smith has been one of the most bankable stars in the world for the last two decades. Smith also loves to flaunt his high living. His $42 million Calabasas home took seven years to build and has everything from pool to its own recording studio. There’s also his tricked-out RV that’s fancier than most hotels and showcases how the Fresh Prince has risen into one of the kings of Hollywood.

20 John Travolta

John Travolta

Over the years, John Travolta has shown an amazing ability to bounce back. After breaking out in stardom in the 1970s with Saturday Night Fever and other hits, Travolta hit a major slump in the ‘80s. But Pulp Fiction returned him to the A-list and he’s still a major star there despite a few flops. He’s still worth $170 million and in demand thanks to his name value that lends itself well to projects. His main home in Florida is well known since his driveway is actually a runway. He also maintains a large Santa Barbara home and has places in Hawaii and New York as well as an expensive beach place in Maine.

19 drake


The Canadian-born artist has become one of the richest rappers on the planet with a worth of over $100 million. His $20 million estate in his native Toronto is a lavish space that is practically a castle. His $8 million L.A. estate isn’t much less lavish with huge wooden beams about, a bridge over a river, a massive game room, wine cellar and a pool area with grottos. The place looks like a Disney World resort rather than a man’s home. There’s also his massive car collection as Drake loves to show off just about every style of car imaginable from fast Ferraris to an older Acura.

18 Ludacris


Christopher Brian Bridges may not be as in-your-face with attitude as other hip-hop guys. But he sure knows how to live it up like one. He maintains a home in Georgia that’s a lavish manor as well as a huge place in Los Angeles and a palatial $10 million vacation spot in the Bahamas. As you’d expect from a star of the Fast and Furious franchise, Ludacris is into cars big time. He has an extensive collection and even bought some cars from the movies.

17 Madonna

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She may be pushing 60 but the Material Girl still has an aura no one else can touch. Her net worth is $800 million, meaning she can never work again and has enough to live on for decades. But that’s not stopping her as she continues to put out top music while also some rather daring outfits at red carpet events. Her homes include a $9 million estate in Lisbon; an $8 million townhouse that takes up a London block; a $13 million Bel Air mansion; and a $40 million New York home with its own library and 3000 square foot garden.

16 Katy Perry

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Her amazing performances are the key to Katy Perry’s success. Her tours are unlike any other with her wild costumes and songs. As for her worth? It's a whopping $225 million. It helps that she does slews of promotional deals and loves to flaunt her lifestyle off to fans. She just listed one of her two Hollywood Hills mansions for $9 million and has a nice car collection. In fact, she famously bought each of her five assistants their own electric car to show how much she can spend.

15 Britney Spears


She’s gone from a teen sensation to an adult seductress to a tabloid joke to a comeback queen. But Britney Spears has long showcased how to live the pop star life to its fullest. She had her low points with the infamous public meltdown a decade ago but today, Britney has bounced back nicely. Thanks to her Vegas residency, she’s worth $220 million and has been much smarter about using her money. While she claims to be more about her kids nowadays, there’s no denying that Spears enjoys the high life a lot. That includes her palatial $9.9 million Bel Air mansion as well as a second residence in Vegas for her shows.

14 Kylie Jenner


As amazing as it sounds, right now, the youngest of the Kardashian Clan is also the richest. She even landed on the cover of Forbes which noted how her personal worth is just under a billion dollars. Her cosmetics company sold $300 million in 2017 and that’s added onto by her TV shows and other promotional deals. This is a woman who goes out to parties in a $10,000 Gucci dress and acts like it’s just a regular outfit. Her $12 million California home can put some of Kim’s hangouts to shame and she’s known for buying up expensive cars and having them detailed in orange. Her Instagram feed shows her in expensive outfits and exotic vacations and at only 21, she’s living a lifestyle folks twice her age can be jealous of.

13 Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is probably the best example of a pro wrestler moving onto Hollywood success. After years in the Squared Circle, Johnson transferred to acting and is now among the biggest box-office names in the world. He’s shown how much he loves this lifestyle with homes in Los Angeles and Florida as well as his own Virginia ranch. He’s also been known to rent lavish New York penthouses for $20 million a month. There’s also his extensive car collection that Johnson loves to show off, from custom jobs to more exotic vehicles and he also flies around in a $65 million Lear jet.

12 Paris Hilton


She may have helped create the idea of “famous just for being famous” but Paris Hilton did it better than most. The heir to the mega-billion dollar hotel empire grew up in wealth and luxury. At the height of her fame, she had her own reality TV shows and various promotional deals which continue today. Hilton loves to flaunt her brand and expensive dresses on her social media pages as well as in public. Her L.A. mansion is a huge affair and is known for its own mini-house for her dog.

11 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

You have to respect a man who, at 55, insists on doing ultra-dangerous stunts. For 30 years, Tom Cruise has been one of the biggest box office stars on the planet and the success of Mission Impossible Fallout proves that’s not fading. He maintains properties in Los Angeles, Florida and a $60 million spread in Colorado. Cruise is always willing to show off on red carpet events and while his attachment to Scientology is controversial, it doesn’t stop his popularity. With a personal worth of half a billion, Cruise is ready to dominate the box office for years to come and be every inch the mega movie star.

10 Sean Combs

Sean Combs P Diddy
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Call him what you will (Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Brother Love) but Sean Combs has proven himself one of the best success stories in hip-hop. He has been genius building up his brand, not just in music but his own successful clothing line as well. He’s even dabbled in acting along with several lines of high-end beverages. That leads to a fun selection of real estate such as a $40 million mansion with its own underwater tunnel. He also has a $15 million spread in Miami Beach and a $5 million home in New Jersey. There’s also Combs’ astounding car collection with the latest and best in Porsches, Chevrolets and other high-end cars to enjoy.

9 Justin Bieber


Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber knows how to keep attention on himself. His personal wealth is $225 million and he’s famous for “renting” out mansions in Los Angeles and New York for millions more than it would cost to actually buy them. Bieber also loves flaunting a hot car collection which he still drives despite some past problems with the law. There’s also his dating history with Kourtney Kardashian, Adriana Lima, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin among his past conquests.

8 Beyonce

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Even before meeting Jay-Z, Beyoncé was living the life better than anyone. Her songs can be culture-shaking and the announcement of having twins nearly broke Twitter. She and her husband are living as amazing a rich life as possible thanks to their fantastic real estate investments. These include an old manor in New Orleans that they renovated; a palatial $7 million New York apartment; and a $90 million Bel Air mansion that has its own fortress wall to keep out the paparazzi. That’s not including the private planes, the expensive vacations, and Beyoncé’s fantastic outfits.

7 Mariah Carey

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She’s had a lot of ups and downs over the years but Mariah Carey continues to shine thanks to that stunning voice. As the best-selling female figure in Billboard history, Carey can dominate with a personal wealth of half a billion dollars. . Her L.A. mansion looks like a French chateau with huge statues and costs over $88 million. She also has her own villa in the Bahamas, another mansion in Beverly Hills and used to be a neighbor to the Kardashians.

6 Rihanna

Via: The Mercury News

Despite some controversy in her personal life (such as her relationship with Chris Brown), Rihanna continues to be one of the biggest success stories in music. The Barbados native has seven hit multiplatinum albums under her belt and scoring majorly with tours. There’s also her own clothing line which adds to her wealth. Her $23 million Barbados mansion looks more like a resort hotel with its size and has a great spot by the ocean and her $5 million L.A. home isn’t far behind. She also boasts a love of Porsches with several of her cars insured for up to $200,000 or more.

5 Victoria Beckham

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When your nickname is “Posh Spice,” it’s only natural that you live a lush lifestyle. It helps that she just happens to be married to David Beckham, one of the most popular athletes on the planet. The duo are only behind the Royal Family as the most photographed pair in England and the paparazzi love to track them everywhere. Their $45 million London home which contains two dressing rooms and a closet roughly the size of most penthouse apartments. They also have a “barn” in the country that showcases some amazing stuff like a massive garage and pool.

4 Selena Gomez

The former Disney Channel starlet is taking off nicely as a solo singer and actress. Her $2.8 million home in Studio City is posh but not as expensive as other places. There’s also her great presence on social media with 140 million followers on Instagram and her branding is a major point of business. Her posts are amazing with her gorgeous outfits from tours and her high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber just added to the attention.

3 Heidi Klum


Many a supermodel has been able to be successful. However, Heidi Klum is one of the few to make it work into a very bold career outside of modeling. Her net worth may be “only” $90 million but she shows off her lifestyle very well. That includes judging America’s Got Talent and the long-time producer/host of Project Runway. She maintains a $10 million mansion in L.A. while also having a huge New York penthouse. Plus, Klum loves to show off on social media from her variety of island vacations, often on her private yacht. W

2 Jennifer Lopez

via: splash

She’s come a long way from the block. Today, Jennifer Lopez dominates in just about every field: Music, movies, TV, and fashion, not to mention a constant target for the paparazzi. That she barely looks like she’s aged in 20 years just adds to her amazing heat. Her personal worth is close to $400 million and she’s always flaunting it. She has a $40 million dollar mansion in Bel Air with a $27 million New York Penthouse, a personal yacht and to her, a trip to the Bahamas is no more a big deal than going to the store.

1 Kim Kardashian


You have to give some credit to a woman who turned what could have been a scandalous tape into a multi-million dollar empire. Today, Kim Kardashian is the queen of reality TV and a maven with her own lines of clothing and cosmetics. She knows how a simple Instagram pic can set the Internet on fire and uses it to enhance her brand. Her personal wealth is $300 million and while that’s not as much as little sister Kylie, Kim knows how to flaunt it better. She owns slews of cars, several prime mansions (one just sold for $18 million), a private plane and the best clothes.

Sources: Forbes, People

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