29 Of The Most Expensive Pieces From Kate Spade Only The 1 Percent Can Afford

In early 2018, Kate Spade New York re-released the company's most iconic bag, the Sam bag. Founder Kate Spade wasn't around to see how the bag once again became an instant bestseller, with many iterations of the bag selling out and ending up at sites like Tradesy at ridiculous prices. She wasn't around because of her untimely death, and we raise a glass to her for her ingenious designs.

Spade first launched her eponymous label in 1993 to create the perfect handbag. At first, she sold six different bags, but one of them, the Sam bag, became an instant success for the modern women who wanted a stylish bag that was reasonably priced. The boxy black bag has evolved over the years, and is now offered in different designs, materials, and colors.

Today, the brand consists not just of bags, but also ready-to-wear, shoes, kitchen items, stationery, jewelry, and much more. It also sells furniture. Spade's design style is often called "whimsical" and, as you'll see, that's true to the brand. Pieces like a dinosaur-shaped bag and a desk with a polka-dot design make the brand fun and stylish. But such twee products come at a price. The dinosaur bag costs $1400.  Six drinking draws costs $15. The one thing that all Kate Spade products have in common is their lofty price. Most of us can't afford the line, so we've offered 30 of the most expensive pieces from Kate Spade only the 1 percent can afford so we can see how the other half live.

29 The Sam Bag - $600


This year, Kate Spade re-released its Sam tote for its 25th anniversary. This boxy nylon bag in black became the first "It" bag that women coveted because it was so stylish yet simple in design. The waterproof tote literally made Kate Spade the designer an overnight success in the nineties. Selling for under $250 now, those who love the iconic bag are now paying a whopping $600 to get the original. We still have ours, and we'll leave the rich to get their hands on the original. (Source: Tradesy)

28 The Drake Tufted Sofa - $6,000


This tufted sofa comes in a beautiful aqua hue. Bringing in a color like this will be an eye-opener to your room, but its classic design with a linen fabric and a frame made from Russian birch means you don't have to change pieces to make the sofa fit with your design. But when the price starts at around $6,000 and goes up to $9,000+ depending on the color and the material, we'll leave this couch to the one-percent who can afford it. (Source: Perigold)

27 Whimsies Triceratops Dinosaur T-rex Crossbody Lilac Cream Leather Bag - $1,410


Kate Spade shows off her signature whimsical side with this dinosaur T-rex convertible crossbody/clutch. Made from smooth calf leather and 14 karat gold plated hardware, the bag comes in a fun lilac cream color. It's feminine and young at heart at the same time, but at $1,410, that's really unreasonable, especially if your friends think you've gone nuts and believe you're carrying your little daughter's handbag. So we'll just leave this to the 1 percent who can afford it. (Source: Tradesy)

26 Black Wool Winter Faux Removable Collar Fur Coat - $400


Would you pay nearly $400 for a faux fur collar coat? Thought so, which is why only the very rich would shell out that much. But it is a gorgeous coat and the lovely collar, which has long sleeves and comes in shimmery black, makes you look stylish in the city during cold winter days. The coat has side hand pockets and faux front flap pockets. With the removable collar, you get two looks in one! The material is 50% wool and 50% polyester.

25 Mechanical Pencil Set - Gold Stripe - $20

We love to write in our journals, and we usually just do it by finding a random pen or pencil on our desk. Kate Spade's mechanical pencil set would do, since they're so stylish looking. A set of 5 gold stripe mechanical pencils with 7mm lead size costs $20. For mechanical pencils! In no way would we pay for that. We just checked Staples and found a Paper Mate mechanical pencil set that comes in an 8 pack. And get this, it costs only $3.59. (Source: LifeGuardPress)

24 When Pigs Fly Pink Hard Plastic Shoulder Strap Cross Body Bag - $1,110.50


This Imagination When Pigs Fly Pink Hard Plastic With 18k Details And Shoulder Strap Cross Body Bag shows off the brand's whimsy once again, a fun take on the saying "when pigs fly." The bag is literally shaped like a pig and the pig sports its own wings and comes in a shocking pink color. A drop-in snake-chain strap allows you to carry the bag hands-free. At $1,110.50, we'll pass, as it looks like we snagged it from crewcuts. The 1% percent can have it.

23 The Lacquer Jewelry Box - Gold Scatter Dot - $120

Kate Spade New York

We love our lacquered boxes that we bought at the Container Store. They come in different sizes and can be used to hold everything from your tech accessories to your stationery sets. We also use it to keep our jewelry in one place. The best thing is that the boxes are gold colored and look very expensive. But the large one is only $20.99 and there are additional colors. So it comes as a surprise that Kate Spade makes the same kind of box (but in polka dots, not in solid colors) for $120. $120 vs $20? Which one would you pick? (Source: LifeGuardPress)

22 The Worthington Chair - $2,240

Washington Post

We love this Worthington Chair by Kate Spade. With its blush color palette and black beech frame, you're likely to find these chairs on a Park Avenue classic six, a few surrounding a couch in a floral-bedecked room (maybe curtains with matching valances). That's because of its classic look. But once again, only Bunny Williams would buy this chair, as it costs $2,240. We can buy a full couch with that kind of money! Or maybe three or four similar chairs. Ugh, the stuff we can't buy! (Source: KateSpade)

21 The Downing Desk - $3,365


This Downing Desk is iconic Kate Spade. With its signature polka dot design in black and white that's been hand-painted, this desk exudes fun. Can't you imagine using your laptop on this cute design? No more writer's block! But at $3,365, we once again have to pass. We found a similar desk at Jonathan Adler but without the polka dots. Both desks are almost the same size, but the Adler desk has a more bold finish, which shouldn't surprise you since the designer is known for his maximalist glamour.  And the Adler desk is only $1,950! (Source: KateSpade)

20 Two Hearts Wine Tote - $19.95

Lifeguard Press

This canvas wine tote is adorable and has an arrow going through two hearts design. It also has a pretty satin ribbon tie closure. A stylish way to present your wine at a bridal shower or an engagement party, the tote costs $19.95. We usually just get those paper party bag wine totes. But fine, if you want a canvas tote so that it's sturdy, you can get one for just $2.99. NOT 20 bucks! Sure it's not fancy, but it's the inside that counts! (Source: PapyrusOnline)

19 The 14K Gold and Crocodile Evening Bag Baguette - $3,699.00


At the retail price of $5,800 ($3,699.00 now), this is the most expensive bag Kate Spade ever made. A rarity, this is a piece of fashion history. With its signature pale pink color from crocodile, it has 14K gold-plated hardware. The bag is two looks in one, working as either a handbag or a clutch if you rotate the inside of the bag. Here the KS whimsy is in full effect here too, with the engraved word "DAY" when you use the handle and "EVENING" when you convert the baguette into a clutch. Yep, we'll pass on this too.

18 The Keaton Desk - $5,950

EJ Victor

Never sit at a dull desk, even if you're just writing down your shopping list. At Kate Spade, each desk is so personalized looking that you're almost always drawn to them. And you will with the blackened mahogany desk with a painted cream glass top. It also has two blackened mahogany drawers and a central open area to perhaps store copy paper. The shiny brass knobs are what identifies this as a Kate Spade desk: they're floral in shape. But at a whopping $5,950, once again this is a no-go. (Source: KateSpade)

17 Monkey Wicker Brown Hobo Bag - 1,010.49


This bag in the shape of a friendly monkey used to sell at Kate Spade New York for around $300-400. After the line dropped it, it became one of the most sought-after Kate Spade bags out there, and now they fetch around $3,000, although we found one at Tradesy for $1,010.49. So now that's a discount, right? Wrong. Wicker is a cheap material, and while we're sure it took a lot of hands to produce this one-of-a-kind bag, this is once again a piece made only for the rich. (Source: Tradesy)

16 The Alpine Drive Sam Bag - $925


The 1993 iconic Sam bag was re-released this year, and this time it came back in an array of colors and prints. A leather version of the bag in the color of anise is here and it's detailed with artisanal stitching and floral appliques for that fun touch the Kate Spade brand is known for. Coming in at $925.00, we'll stick with the original Sam bag and maybe to update ours, we'll just use a staple gun to add on floral appliques that we'll get at the Jo-Ann Fabric Shop.

15 The Ellery Tail Sconce - $590

Neiman Marcus

This sconce is so pretty! Finished in brass, with mirror detailing and a very feminine bow, the lamp is like a gift. We think it'll look great if you buy two and place one on each side of a mirror over the sink in a powder room. That's the room where you can play with eclecticism, like an all-black bathroom with picture frames all over the walls in different frames. But, alas, we can probably find a similar piece for a lot less than $590. And that's just for one sconce.

14 Demi Fine Round Pendant - $148


This pendant is made from 14 karat vermeil plated rose gold. To add a little shine to your day, this petite pendant is so versatile, as it can be worn with many different outfits, from jeans and a cashmere sweater to a smart blazer with a skirt. The best thing is that you can engrave your initials or name on the pendant, or anything else that can fit. And the engraving is free! But at $148, we can find charms like this at much lower price points. Just check out Mark & Graham's pendants. (Source: KateSpade)

13 The Knollwood Drive Mega Lane Bag - $598


Made from luxurious Italian pebbled leather, and with a satin-lined interior compartment made in Italy, the satchel comes in three different colors: black, loden and dolce. This beautiful bag is designed to take you through the day, from work to cocktails at the Campbell Apartment. With its large interior, the bag has been deliberately made to fit a lot of stuff, and for organization, there are many pockets that could fit your smartphone or other small items. But at $598, we'll stick to the new Sam bag collection, which is more affordable. (Source: KateSpade)

12 The Cat Pouf Keychain - $78

 You'll never lose your keys with the Cat Pouf keychain because you'll always want it around. It's so cute! This is pure Kate Spade: playful, a charmer and a little irreverent. The cat even has whiskers and can be attached to your bag as if it were a charm. Made from faux fur and leather with a gold-plated metal trim, at $78 we love the keychain--it's definitely a show-stopper--but not enough to spend that much on one that can actually coordinate with all your outfits and is appropriate for an evening out. (Source: KateSpade)

11 That's The Spirit XXL Lane - $348


You'll fall in love with this bag because it serves many purposes.  You can use it for the gym, or for your weekend getaway, or as your carry-on while traveling. Made of lightweight nylon, the bag has compartments to separate wet from dry, like a wet bathing suit and your dry sandals. There's also an exterior pocket to slip in your smartphone. But at $348, we're not paying that much for nylon, especially since we can find similar travel bags in the same material but for less.

10 Gold Dots Ball Point Pen - $35.95

Lifeguard Press

Okay, so now this is getting ridiculous. A pen that costs $35.95? It's just a pen! Sure, it has pretty gold dots all over it against a white background, and sure it will go swimmingly well with your other Kate Spade gold dot stationaries and notebooks. The pen has black ink. It has no superpowers. It's not even from Montblanc. You're basically paying for the pretty paper box lined in Tiffany blue and with a matching gold dot outer design.

9 Mercer Drive Coffeepot - $270


Lenox teamed up with Kate Spade to bring you this coffeepot which is made of Lenox platinum-banded bone china. The pot is perfect to leave out on your dining table for breakfast, but at $270, this is yet another no-go. We can find lesser-priced coffeepots and they don't have to be made by Lenox. We can even just keep the coffee in the carafe and save a lot of money. Who has time now to transfer coffee into the pot? It's just an extra unneeded step! (Source: KateSpade)

8 Two Of A Kind Ours Decanter - $100

Live With It by Lora Hobbs

This decanter is etched with the word "ours" on the belly of the crystal vessel, and is thus dedicated to life-long partners or married couples. It also makes a great engagement gift for your wine-loving friends, as well as a gift to your hostess at a party, and even as a grand addition to your bar collection or to your bar cart. But at $100, that's too much, especially when we found a similar kind that's 1/2 the price of this Kate Spade piece. (Source: KateSpade)

7 Dickinson Medium Pendant - $2,730

Kate Spade New York

A dynamic statement that will brighten up your room and make it glamorous, the pendant, in a stunning starburst design, features dozens of thin rods exploding from the central sphere, each topped with a clear glass decorative element. Pearls adorn this pendant, making the piece gleaming. Other materials include crystal and brass. While the piece would look great over a dining table for a retro vibe, we'll pass on this one too, as we can't justify the $2,730.00 price.

6 Strawberries Straws - $14.95

Lifeguard Press

Ok, is it us or is paying for 6 straws at $14.95 reasonable? We mean, we just swipe straws for free at the McDonalds in the Darien, CT rest stop. Just because these acrylic straws are reusable and just because they look cute with small strawberries on them, doesn't mean we should shell out that much. We'll just head out to Crate and Barrel and get a set in sleek STAINLESS STEEL that is angled in design. And how much will this cost us? $6.95. So there.

5 The Duncan Side Table - $2,800


This gorgeous side table has a painted glass top and shelf and a polished brass frame. It's also available with a Chartreuse bottom and a black top or in a Begonia top with an antique mirror bottom. The mirrored bottom makes such as fashion statement and shines up the room for some bling. But this art nouveau inspired side table costs a whopping $2,800, once again making it for the one percent. We can find similar ones that won't break our bank. (Source: KateSpade)

4 Large Poppies Folio iPhone X Case - $90


This poppies folio iPhone X case is bedecked in bright red against a black backdrop. You'll want to keep your iPhone on its backside to show off this special design. Clad in leather and designed to fit the iPhone X, the case will match other Kate Spade products with the same or similar playful designs. But at $90, we're on the fence. Besides, hard plastic is the best way to keep your iPhone from breaking if you drop it on the floor. The leather is fancy but won't do much to protect your X. (Source: KateSpade)

3 Gold Dots Pencil Pouch Set - $29.95

For a pencil pouch at $29.95, we think that's outrageous. Okay, so it has one of Kate Spade's signature prints, the dot pattern in gold. It looks great even if it's just for stationary and pens and pencils. At this price, at least it comes with two bridge pencils, an eraser, a ruler and even a small pencil sharpener. There's no denying that this tool set makes a great gift for your daughter--young or old--but once again, we're going to have to pass. (Source: PapyrusOnline)

2 For Good Measure Desk Accessories - $29.95


Okay, so this is like the above Gold Dots Pencil Pouch Set except it doesn't include a pretty pencil pouch and comes with different desk accessories. The Pouch Set costs $29.95. It seems that, without the pouch, the price got steeper. You decide. Is $48 high in cost for a ruler, a pair of scissors and a staple remover? But they're no ordinary acrylic desk accessories! These have a gold hue and the ruler has a cheeky saying on it, which is "For Good Measure!" (Source: RedDressBoutique)

1 Raise A Glass Acrylic Pitcher, Gold Dots - $52


This Raise A Glass clear pitcher, designed with Kate Spade's signature gold dots, is crafted of heavy-duty melamine, so it won't chip or crack. Perfect to fill it up with ice tea or lemonade on hot summer days, the pitcher is yet again slightly out of our reach, as it costs $52. We found comparable ones (without the dots though) at Pottery Barn, and the most expensive acrylic pitcher costs only $34.50 but many others cost $19.50. Here, here and here. (Source: Bloomingdales)

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