26 Luxe Things People Should Buy For Their Self Care Packages

Some of us who have a mental illness--including but not limited to mood swings and depressions--do everything we can to stay functional, and to feel less stressed out. We turn to friends or support groups, but more often than not we suffer our pain behind closed doors. Crucial to our survival is building, receiving and buying self-care products for ourselves. But while self-care means taking care of your health, your overall mood, and your emotional needs,  self-care packages themselves can't cure us, and they are not medicinal. We build them to feel less alone, to banish that pain that leaves us in a void, one with no horizons. You know you have to get away from it somehow, in some way, or otherwise, you would not be able to carry on.

That's why you turn to self-care packages--in some cases that's literal, into something like a wellness subscription box. They are designed to calm our senses, lower our stress levels, and help us feel good about ourselves. Don't know what to put in your "packages"? Well, we've included the obvious- therapy aids like an acupuncture mood ring or a temporary tattoo to combat anxiety--but most of our wellness tools are about swathing you in luxury, things designed to self-pamper yourself,  like luxe cashmere slippers and indulgent face creams that will make your skin taut and tight, all the very best that money can buy.

Our tools may be expensive--opulence always is--but if you are using them a lot, they will end up paying for themselves over time. So here are 25 luxe things you should buy for your self-care package.

26 The Anxiety Temporary Tattoo

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Anxiety tattoos are a great way to remind yourself of your worth. Putting on, for example, a temporary tattoo on your wrist that says, "You're awesome" can fight depression and mental health problems. We do believe writing in a journal or on a stickie saying "You rock!" is still a great way to put pen to paper and in doing so, what you write can trigger the happiness you have underneath all that pain. But the tattoo is right there on your body and hard to miss, so that's what we love about it. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

25 The Essential Fluffy Robe


Putting on a fluffy robe when you wake up and drink your coffee, or while you're cleaning up at night is an instant way to get a spa treatment at home. You will automatically feel safer and comfortable, thereby putting aside your anxiety. To copy the robes at spas, get one loomed from luxurious Turkish cotton, as they are sumptuously plush, has a silky-soft feel and a fluffiness that will instantly warm you after, say, taking a shower. (Source: Williams-Sonoma)

24 The Essential Journal


The journal is essential to all self-care packages. We all know that it helps with whatever maladies you're dealing with. The process of writing down what you're feeling makes your thoughts visible, and therefore allows you to see what you're going through. Also, as you probably know, writing down negative thoughts enable you to breathe more easily, releasing all that bad energy. With a journal, you no longer feel like you're trapped and alone in your thoughts. Here's one we like.

23 The Good Book


We're all familiar with the little book that's supposed to nourish your soul. The Little Book Of Mindfulness is supposed to help anxiety, mood swings and more. This will be your go-to book when you're under stress. But self-help books and the like are not only the books you should read. A good book of fiction can also help, especially if you're immersed in it and can't stop turning the pages. Since it may be hard to find a novel that suits your taste, try joining a book club, which will introduce you to new books, as well as classics. (Source: Amazon)

22 The Essential Candle

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Scented candles are great to leave around in your home as they bring a sense of peace and are notorious in making you recall certain places in your past where the smells enraptured you. Smells, of course, are notorious memory stimuli, and thus will calm you and make you remember the better days. Scented candles uplift, help you wind down, or give off an air of luxury, transforming the atmosphere with opulence. Jo Malone makes the best candles, and your only problem will be picking one that can trigger your senses. (Source: JoMalone)

21 The Most Luxuriant Hand Wash

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The right-hand pump soap to wash your hands will give you a smell that an ordinary Mrs. Meyers soap wash can't. The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash by Aesop, a mix of mandarin orange, cedarwood, and lavender, gives off a luxurious smell. Unlike other hand wash soaps, the Aesop is designed to make your hands soft and smooth. It also effectively cleans your hands without drying them. Like the linen spray, using Aesop will make you clean and refreshed, so it's a must in your self-care package. (Source: AESOP)

20 The Essential Fluffy Bath Towel


If you're suffering, everything around you will leave you out-of-sorts, The need to feel nourished in all ways is a crucial element of your health, and what better way to make you feel good than a soft, fluffy towel? The first thing you grab after taking a shower is the towel, so if you have thin cheap ones that have no absorbency will instantly put you in a bad mood. You want to envelope yourself in something pleasurable as you dry off, so the best thing to do is invest in thick, thirsty towels that makes cleaning up more enjoyable. We recommend the Williams-Sonoma Home towel, one of the best money can buy, because it's made of 800-gram-weight Turkish cotton and is both absorbent and soft. (Source: Williams-Sonoma)

19 The Dylan's Candy Bar Deluxe Hat Box Gift Basket

Dylan's Candy Bar

Who doesn't like candy? Giving yourself treats help to self-pampering yourself and to make bad days feel less, well, bad. The best fun and indulgent candy we found is from Dylan's Candy Bar. Splurge on the "deluxe" hat box, which itself is a treat, a spectrum of bright stripes that is the candy bar's signature colors.  Finding the right candy can spend hours if you shop at one of the stores, so the perfect gift to give yourself is the hat box filled with the company's best sellers and all-time favorites. From DCB Chocolate Covered Cookie Sandwiches to gummy bears, you'll find the right one in the hat box that will instantly lift up your mood! (Source: DylansCandyBox)

18 The Self-Care Subscription Box

Giving yourself a subscription box means you'll have something to look forward to. Who doesn't feel better than when getting a gift, even if it's a gift to yourself? We found the TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box to be a perfect deal. The monthly box feeds your mind, body, and soul, and the best thing is that it has been curated by therapists to boost joy and relaxation. The box comes with 5-7 wellness products like beauty and skincare products and aromatherapy. (Source: CrateJoy)

17 The Guerlain Anti-Aging Cream


When you look better, you feel better. On our efforts to find you the most luxurious products to use to uplift your spirits, we found the Orchidee Imperiale Black Cream ($1,115) that's not only the most expensive beauty product in the world, but also the only one enriched with Guerlain's exclusive Blackimmune technology that comes with all the strength and power of the black orchid to help reinforce the skin's defense system. Guerlain will make your skin become more resistant and will combat all signs of skin aging. As a result, wrinkles are less defined, and your overall skin will feel firmer, more supple and more radiant. Put in your self-care box to pamper yourself when you're down. (Source: Shop.Nordstorm)

16 The Essential Cleansing Gel Designed By An Aerospace Physicist


We all have to wash our face. Why not do it with La Mer, a cleansing gel designed by an aerospace physicist? It's called MiracelBroth, and is known for its healing powers and which took 12 years and 6,000 experiments to create. With that nutrient, the cleanser purifies skin and also works as a moisturizer before you put on a real one on your skin. La Mer, a light foaming gel, is oil-free, able to remove excess oil without drying your skin. The best thing about the wash is that it has a calming effect, which will heighten your mood even if it sells for $129 for 6.7 oz.

15 The Acupuncture Ring


An acupuncture ring is a small ring made with tiny triangular shaped points that is placed on a finger or toe and then rolled up or down to stimulate the acupressure points. For less than five bucks, the ring, which looks like any other ring, mimics acupuncture but doesn't penetrate the skin. Instead, when you apply pressure, the ring releases tension, gives energy, improves concentration and helps with your overall well-being. (Source: AllThingsMassage)

14 The Lux Caviar Body Cream


We all end our night protecting our bodies' skin from dryness with some form of body cream because we know it loses tone with aging, just like the skin on your face. Why not make it a luxurious ritual and indulge in one of the most luxuriant cream out there made by La Prairie? Yep, we know the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Souffle Body Cream costs $335 for a 5.2 oz jar, but this opulent cream, featherweight yet substantial, is made from caviar extracts and caffeine, and promises to tighten your skin, making it more youthful. This is a wellness gift to give to yourself. (Source: NeimanMarcus)

13 The Cashmere Scuff Slipper

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If you're spending a lazy Sunday in or are traveling on a plane, what better than to keep your feet warm by investing in cashmere slippers? We found the ultimate footwear at Restoration Hardware at a reasonable hundred bucks. It's our fave because the cashmere is wrapped inside and out, so it's not just your sole that gets pampered. Finished with non-skid suede outsoles, we consider these slippers as essential, as you no longer have to step on cold floors in the bathroom. (Source: RestorationHardware)

12 The Anti-Aging Professional Clay Face Mask


The next time you feel helpless, jump into the tub and relax. To make this indulgent act feel like a spa, slap on this salon-quality face mask, the Alitura Anti-Aging Professional Clay Face Mask. Made from the finest ingredients, volcanic and Indian clay, the Alitura is known as the most expensive face mask out there. But it's an all-in-one product that eliminates the need to use many products on your face. It's a natural exfoliator, a deep-cleanser and a refreshing rejuvenator that makes your skin feel more supple and hydrated. Remove it, and you'll feel like a million bucks! (Source: Amazon)

11 The Eye Mask


The eye mask is an integral part of taking care of the skin around your eyes.  The Chanel Le Lift Anti Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer works to diminish dark circles under the eye and tightens it immediately after application. For this eye mask, you put on Chanel's signature firming complex and then use the enclosed hydrogel patches to enhance absorption. They may be a little messy to use while on a flight, but at least it will get the red out! The revitalizer costs $13o. (Source: Chanel)

10 The Decorative Idiom Throw Pillow

Kate Spade

Decorative pillows with sayings on them will instantly make you happy the moment you hug it or put it behind your head, for example. We love these Kate Spade pillows in different colors and with different sayings. The conversational and affirmation pillows like "Dream A Little Dream," "Lean On Me," and "Relax," all in eye-popping bright colors, are, true to the Kate Spade brand,  whimsical, so much so they'll make you smile. Each 18X18 idiom pillow costs $50. (Source: KateSpade)

9 The One Line A Day Essential Journal


One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, has sold more than one million copies in its earlier iteration. This new version is cute and very feminine, a vibrant floral watercolor on its cover and within. For this journal, each day is given five lines, so you'll be able to track five years worth of memories that you may have forgotten or wanted to remember. Because you're not writing a novel, these short notes make it easy to see and find your ups and downs, and on which days you had mood swings. (Source: Shop.FranklinPlanner)

8 The Essential Sleep Mask For Traveling

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We've taken a look at some beauty blogs in search of the perfect sleep mask that you can use while flying. The Slip Silk Sleep Mask is hypoallergenic and made of the highest grade of mulberry silk. Such a material also works to hydrate your skin while you sleep. We all know that an airplane can dehydrate you, so drink a lot of water, put the mask on, and try thinking of good thoughts to keep you calm.

7 The Cashmere Blanket

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When you're feeling low, drink a soothing decaffeinated tea and curl up on a chair with a cashmere blanket. Cashmere is the ultimate luxury, and it will envelop you with warmth on a cold or drizzly day. Forget a cotton blanket; while they can also be soft, nothing beats the softness of cashmere.  You can get such a throw for only $249 at Williams-Sonoma Home, but if you want the best, and if you want the most respected brand that specializes in cashmere products, get a Loro Piana cashmere blanket. It will set you back $1900, but because you'll fall in love with it and use it a lot, the blanket will pay itself over time.

6 The Most Decadent Fragrance


There's a reason why women love anything made by Chanel. The brand channels luxury and opulence. Chanel's perfumes are bestsellers around the globe and we have picked the most decadent of them all. The founder of Chanel wanted to create a fragrance that captured the essence of women. The result is the N°5 Parfum Grand Extrait, a scent that's both complex and floral. Ingredients like rose and jasmine are sourced from Chanel's very own fields in France. The bottle is created with a glassmaker's touch and it's placed in a case that is hand-assembled. Customers buy the perfume not so much for its scent but as an artistic object to collect. The cost: $2,100 for a 7.5-ounce bottle. (Source: Chanel)

5 The Herbal & Green Tea Gift Set


To calm your anxious brain down, herbal and green tea will help you relax. Their warmth is just like wrapping yourself up in a cashmere blanket. We love the Purpose Design Herbal & Green Tea Gift Set from Anthropologie because it gives you an assortment of teas to experiment with so the next time you buy more teas, you'll know exactly which ones to get. The set includes four different green teas and herbal teas like chamomile, which soothes the soul, tamarind, spearmint and more. (Source: Anthropologie)

4 The Essential Whimsical Tea Kettle


Enjoy your herbal teas in style. This whimsical teapot from Kate Spade has a polka-dot print (silver and white) that will instantly put a smile on your face while boiling water. There are many kettles out there in different designs, but we love that this one is traditional in design and eye-popping at the same time. Get some fun-looking teacups to go along with the kettle, and you'll get out of your slump in no time. (Source: KateSpade)

3 The Monogrammed Leather Charger Roll Up

Mark and Graham

Keeping your chargers together while traveling has never been so easier with this Leather Charger Roll Up by Mark and Graham. Made with supple leather, it has three pockets to keep cables and chargers in one place. The ingenious design is that when you're finished stuffing it, you simply roll it all up and secure it with a tie. What we love about the roll-up is that it will lift your spirits, as it's available in 9 different bright colors. And since this is from M&G, you get free monogramming! Putting your initials will make this pouch very bespoke, as if the whole thing was designed just for you. (Source: MarkAndGraham)

2 The Essential Bed Sheet


The bed sheet serves the purpose of covering your bed. But for those who have mental health issues, what better than to create a serene environment in your bedroom using beautiful sheets? They're more for comfort, not function, and people invest in the best sheets--like those from Charlotte Thomas that have 22-carat gold thread woven into the fabric--because, well, you do spend a considerable amount of time in bed! Get sheets made from Egyptian cotton and you'll look forward to going to bed every night! It's the perfect luxe thing that you should buy for your self-care package. (Source: Forbes)

1 The Essential Monogrammed Talley Ho Designs Tissue Box Cover

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So during our down days, on some occasions, we do cry, sometimes for over nothing at all, so we all have tissue boxes near at hand. You might find yourself smiling if you use this bright bespoke tissue box from the Pink Monogram. Made from fabric, each holder is custom made and not sewn until you order. If you are new to the monogram, it puts your custom stamp on an item, like this tissue box, or anything else where the monogram can be embroidered, such as bath towels and robes. We love the Tally Ho because of the colors and designs that will cheer you up: lime or blue gingham, navy polka dot, hot pink, colorful stripes, zebra prints and more. (Source: ThePinkMonogram)

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