25 Things The Humble Mariah Carey Loves To Spend Her Millions On

We've heard the rumors. That Mariah Carey, the hit songstress, goes on shopping sprees, rents out houses in the $200-300,000 range, and buys first-class seats on airplanes for her beloved pooches so they can ride in style. Does she really need to spend $100,000 a month on exotic flowers? Does she need to pay a stylist $65,000 to don her up for a single appearance on some morning talk show?

The problem is, Mariah Carey worked very hard to get to where she is now, and she has amassed a handsome fortune by touring and releasing top-charting hits and albums. There is no true female pop star icon working in the music business today besides Mariah, and that's only because of the untimely death of female pop star icon Whitney Houston. She's a grand showstopper on her tours, and looks like old Hollywood glamour when she wears her many sparkling formal evening dresses and gowns when she takes the stage.

What does this mean? Well, it kinda suggests that Carey, with money to burn, has every right to buy anything she wants. At the same time, when Carey insisted on keeping the $10 million engagement ring that James Packer gave her during their engagement (they have since split), it's telling because it revealed that Carey loves the finer things in life.  There's nothing wrong with that. But Carey, a self-proclaimed diva, goes too far; she lives in a bubble, a world apart from normal people. Case in point: she absolutely has no clue that we--all of us--have to pay for electricity. She thought it was free!!!

We'll never know if Carey will ever realize how exorbitant her lifestyle is--for all we know she gives her dogs Evian water rather than regular tap water--but in the meantime, she's not humble, as some have suggested. Humble means being modest. Nothing in her life is modest. If you spend like her, you are not humble. If you show off the bling, you are unrestrained, excessive, and extravagant. And that's Carey in a nutshell. So here are 25 things the "humble" Mariah Carey loves to spend her millions on--and then you can tell us who's humble now.

25 Spa Treatments For Dogs: $45,000 A Year


Britney Spears spent $29,852 on her dogs this past year. This isn't high when you hire a  babysitter who will go to your house and wash them, give then meals and make sure their water bowl is fresh. The dog walker/sitter will probably cost you $30 a day. But Mariah beat out Spears and spends around $45,000 a year on spa treatments for her dogs, according to Page Six. Some of the pup's names that are all Jack Russells are Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans.

24 The Shoe Room


Carey has good taste when decorating. These shelves above are just part of Carey's walk-in closet.  Her infamous "Shoe Room" contains around $1,000 pairs of shoes. To make sure her shoe collection can all be accounted for in one room, Carey got inspired by the traditional white bookcase with crown molding wrapping the entire room.  The "library" look is gold, with gold picture lights atop most bookcases for that finishing touch. The gold chandelier coordinates with the white and gold floor. The only thing we don't know about Carey is how much her multi-room closet costs. (Source: Racked)

23 The Plaza Athenee, Paris: $15,000 per night

Carey, a self-proclaimed diva, only stays at the best hotels in Paris. There are two on the same street that is for the wealthy, which is the Four Seasons Hotel George V and Plaza Athenee.  Carey's choice was the Plaza Athenee, and she probably didn't blink when the cost per night was  $15,000 a night. The front of the hotel has its signature red awning that faces the elegant street, Avenue Montaigne. The Athenee has ties with the fashion world, where Christian Dior named collections after the bespoke hotel. It has also popped up in movies and TV shows, like Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. (Source: VanityFair)

22 Homes/Beverly Hills Home: $12.995 mill

Recently, Carey purchased a 10,337 square foot, eight bedrooms, four and a half bathroom Mediterranean-style home in Beverly Hills for $12.995 mill. She also owns a $9 million penthouse triplex on Central Park West that she purchased in 1999. And she once lived in a mansion in Calabasas. In 2017, Carey put her Beverly Hills mansion on the block to rent it. The 11,75o square feet means more beds and baths! The estate includes an indoor basketball court and, most notably, a double-gated entrance that can house up to 20 cars. (Source: Observer)

21 Flower Centerpieces And Bouquets: $100,000 A Month

Celebs love exotic flowers, and they buy a multitude of them to adorn their homes.  Elton John, can't have a dressing room without a full-blown bouquet. Kim Kardashian counts on her assistants to buy floral pieces so that her rooms are always decorated with blooming plants. But no one can beat Mariah Carey, who reportedly spends $100,000 a month on having exotic flowers delivered to wherever she happens to be. For many in the industry, they believe that Carey is lying, But whether it's true or false, in the end, Carey has a massive fortune that would allow her to buy pieces for every room in her house. (Source: VanityFair)

20 The Designer Slings

According to the Daily Mail, Mariah Carey is a true professional. After a painful dislocated shoulder while filming her music video shoot, the injured star took the stage for a charity concert. And that's not all; Carey didn't cancel any of her tour dates because she has a collection of slings, some of which match the dress she's wearing. The slings conceal her wrapping on her arm. Carey has many custom-made slings, like a  diamante-encrusted sling or a dark feathered one. And yes, they are very expensive, as they are custom-made. (Source: DailyMail)

19 The Private Yacht: $340,000 A Week


Private yachts are loved by multi-million stars. Back when Jolie and Pitt were together,  they owned a $250 million yacht. But of all the yachts owned by celebs, Carey takes the case. With her then-fiancé James Packer, they both had their own yachts during a summer vacation.  Carey called the yachts "His" and "Her," and said,  “It is important to have his-and-hers everything. Capri, the name of Carey's vessel, is stocked with entertainment features. According to Time, the yacht has two bars, a Jacuzzi, a gym, a library and a private chef. It costs $340,000 a week to rent. (Source: Time)

18 The Insured Voice And Gams: $70 Mill


As TMZ reported, Mariah Carey insured her voice and her gams for $70 million during her massive Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. Carey's $35 mil insurance policy is for her renowned vocal cords. Then she insured her gams for $35 mill as well. It's not vanity. Many celebs insure their body parts, and if something happened to Carey, this meant a loss of millions during the 2016 tour. Carey just shelled out $70 mill,  but that's not all she has to pay. She also has to pay a very expensive monthly premium that costs thousands of dollars. But that's nothing for Carey.

17 The Private Jet: $900,000 A Week


Diva Carey, like a ton of singers and actors, has splurged on private jets. But Carey rents her jet, as many jets, including the Galactica Star will set you back $70 Million. But you can charter the Star for $900,000 a week, which is more affordable. Carey actually needs the jet. When she was doing her Las Vegas residency, she used the jet to fly back home or to get her kids to come with her when it was time to return back to Las Vegas. And she doesn't mind it when fans snap pics of her while walking up the steps of the private jet.

16 Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Manicurist: $85,000

If it weren't for a lawsuit,  we would've never learned that Carey charges nearly $85,000 to look presentable. A photographer who sued Mariah's record label resulted in the release of legal docs, where the photographer revealed what it costs for Mariah to look all glammed up. According to TMZ, the legal docs reveal how insane Carey is when it comes to perfecting her look. A stylist that she employed cost $65,391. A hair stylist cost $9,600.A makeup artist costs $7,200 and finally, a manicurist cost $2,400.

15 The New York Penthouse Triplex: $9 Mill

In 1999, Carey bought a penthouse triplex in Manhattan at Franklin Tower, a 17-story condo. She paid $9 mill at the time. She bought the penthouse while it was still in construction, and her home includes four bedrooms, 4.5 baths and, of course, a chef's kitchen with a Sub-Zero refrigerator. According to Architectural Digest, the triplex has bronze-inlaid limestone flooring and an art deco vibe to coordinate with the apartment complex. The living room, with mood lighting, is both stunning and comfortable, with a wraparound sofa perfect to sink in. Carey even has a view of the Empire State Building in her living room window. There's more bling to see if you check out AD.

14 Rental Mansion: $250,000 A Month


Mariah Carey likes to rent rather than buy. We don't know why, especially since her current rental costs a lot, $250,000 a month. That money paid out each month could easily be added to Carey's wealth to buy a house. So anyway, she moved into a cliff-top perched mansion, inside the elite, gated community The Oaks in Calabasas, a suburb of Los Angeles. The sprawling mansion is supposedly near Kourtney Kardashian's home, as well as other celebs. The eight-bedroom house includes a private movie theater, an elevator, a wine cellar, a tasting room (we don't know what that is!!!) and a gym, among others. (Source: DailyMail)

13 The Engagement Ring: $10 Mill

Carey's engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer had Packer giving her a huge engagement ring that reportedly cost $10 million. The 35-carat ring is perfect for Mariah, as she loves bling and excess. When the marriage failed, according to ET, the two had to discuss how they'd move forward, but whatever documents were drawn were "currently in discussions" and Carey insisted on "keeping the ring." In fact, she did as part of their settlement. However, "Mariah sold the ring in 2018 as she has been very vocal recently about her choice to move forward in her life surrounded by positivity. That requires leaving the emotional and material baggage behind, including an old engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend." (Source: ETOnline)

12 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead: $492,000


The Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe has a 6.75L V12 engine and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. It is one of the fastest cars in the world, as well as the most desired. The exterior design was inspired by 1930s yachts and, unlike many sports cars, the Phantom is a real four-seater with a nice boot. Only one criticism: the back seats don't have enough legroom. Mariah bought the 2017 version, which costs $492,000. She also owns the Maybach 62, a pink Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes. (Source: Telegraph)

11 The Personal Lighting Crew


According to Page Six, in 2014, Carey showed up to a filmed radio interview on Power 105's The Breakfast Club one hour late.  She came with her personal lighting crew. She has once said overhead lighting is "abusive," and by that she means that such lighting often captures an unflattering view of yourself, where every wrinkle is shown. That's why she has her very own lighting crew! Radio host Charlamagne Tha God, aka Lenard McKelvey, told Page Six,  “I remember thinking to myself, damn, what kind of disposable income she has where she has her own lighting director?” Why is that even a question? Of course, she has her own lighting director.

10 The Walk-In Closet

We've already told you about Carey's shoe room in her Manhattan penthouse triplex. Well, there's more to it than that. Carey's closet spans several rooms, and two separate rooms are devoted to lingerie that happens to be Hollywood actresses favorite brands: La Perla and Agent Provocateur. Then there are multiple rooms that collect Carey's gowns and purses. As she told The Insider, "I guess I dress up a lot." In the Shoe Room, all her heels are organized by color and pattern.  She also has a bag room for her expansive purse collection.

9 First Class For Dogs: $2,000+


Mariah loves her dogs and loves creating funny names for them. She has five Jack Russell terriers named Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, Jill E. Beans, Squeak E. Beans, and JJ. But that's not all. When Carey was still with Nick Cannon, they acquired three new dogs and had a heyday coming up with these very unique but silly names: The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Pipitty L. Jackson, and Mutley P. Gore Jackson the 3rd. She will never deny her dogs anything, and to prove that, she booked Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans in first class when she was flying, which cost over $2,000 per dog. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

8 Backstage Demands

Harper's Bazaar

Life is different backstage or in a green room. Many celebs who are about to go on stage to perform or appear on a show demand certain things to keep them comfortable and at home. Mariah Carey is no different. She requires eight  "tall, leafy plants," Jo Malone vanilla candles, two vases of white roses, and drapes around every perimeter. Her demands include the following. Each room must be draped, with black as the top choice.The entry door should open into the living room space, not the dressing room. Finally,the temperature should be about 75 degrees. (Source: BusinessInsider)

7 A Hotel Room Just For Luggage: $10-$15,000 A Night

US Weekly

Mariah Carey carries a lot of luggage while traveling. And she travels a lot. She travels for her concerts and events, or for promos and publicity, all over the world. And she needs each piece of thing tucked into her numerous luggage bags. So at a hotel, a normal person who has a lot of luggage would try to stuff them in a closet or just keep them to a side of a room. But for Mariah, she doesn't want to look at her luggage to mess up her hotel room. That's why she rents two hotel suites. One for her and one for her luggage. One room at the Plaza Athene costs $15,000. So if Mariah rented a spare room, she would've paid $30,000 per night. That's a whole lot of money!

6 The Shopping Spree

Hallmark Channel

When Mariah Carey goes on a shopping spree, she really does just that, spending her money as if it were water. Like the time she shopped at Louis Vuitton and the luxury goods maker closed its doors so she could have free rein over the store. According to TMZ, in April 2017, she went on another shopping spree, but this time it was for her children Moroccan and Monroe.  The kids thought it was Christmas the way she spent so many toys at Tom's Toys in Beverly Hills.

5 The Birkin Bag


 When Mariah Carey invited Vogue Magazine to see a slither of her massive closet in her New York City penthouse, we were treated with so many high-net-worth brands in the world lying in front of some aisle. We could see Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags, but our eyes stopped at the bright salmon-colored Hermes Birkin bag. This just happens to be her most loved bag, as it was a gift to her by Floyd Mayweather. Birkins, as you know, are both rare and expensive. There are waiting lists for the bags. The bags range from $12,000 to more than $200,000.

4 La Mer Cream: $6,000 A Month

The luxury La Mer cream is highly sought after among celebs despite its price, $2,095 for 16.5 oz. It contains a trademarked and secret "Miracle Broth," a healing elixir. The rich and decadent cream is ideal for dry skin, as it moisturizes and heals it for a more voluptuous appearance. Infused with sea-sourced renewing energies, the face cream also makes your skin look taut and firm, as well as more refined. The result is youthful and healthy skin. Women swear by the cream, and Mariah's babies did too. What?! It turns out that Carey spent $6,000 a month on the elixir not for her face but as diaper cream for her babies.

3 Dinner For 8: $2,000

LA Weekly

To keep her curvy body from fattening up, Carey is on a strict diet. All she eats is Norwegian salmon and capers every day, adding that her diet is really hard.  But she does break her diet on many occasions during the times she's in Los Angeles and visits some restaurants. Mariah can be found at Nobu or the super-celebrity hang-out spot Craig's in West Hollywood. At Craig's, it was reported she spent $1500 on dinner for eight. But that didn't include champagne; Mariah's fave is Don Perignon, which costs $440 a bottle, which meant she spent almost $2,000 on a single dinner. (Source: EOnline)

2 Shoe Brand Collection


So we've talked about Mariah's shoe collection, but not what brands she owns. In a profile of what shoes Carey is wearing when she goes out, YourNextShoes.com has given insight into the variety of shoes she wore in just one year, 2017. Here they are. She went to Tom’s Toys in Saint Laurent ‘Tribute’ Sandals, she left Paris in Saint Laurent ‘Tribute Sixteen’ Sandals, she attended the Kids’ Choice Awards in Sophia Webster ‘Chiara’ Sandals, she sang her debut single“I Don’t” in ‘Marlenarock’ heels, and she arrived in London Wearing Christian Louboutin ‘Cross Me’ Sandals (see pic above). Now, if we could figure out how much each shoe is worth. Carey loves shoes so much that she has a pair of heels for every occasion.

1 The Gift: $34,000


Mariah may be a self-proclaimed diva, but she also has a generous heart and gives back to her staff. Recently, Carey threw a surprise birthday party for her manager Stella Bulochnikov at the restaurant Catch in Los Angeles. But that wasn't all. Mariah also gave Stella a gift, a $34,000 Louis Vuitton trunkAccording to a source for Page Six. “[Carey] wheeled [the trunk] out of the back room and carried sparklers. She was followed by waitresses with more sparklers and Champagne."

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