25 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions On (That We'd Question Buying)

Who knew that Kylie Jenner, 21, is nearly a billionaire. She ranked #13 on the 2018 Celebrity 100 New Worth, and today she has a net worth of $900 million. In 2018, Forbes put her on the cover when they ranked the most successful women entrepreneurs. She is the richest person in the Jenner/Kardashian family, and has even surpassed Kim Kardashian West, whose net worth is around $350 mill.

Kylie has amassed some of her wealth from starring in her family's reality show, KUWK, and being a professional model. But it's her company, Kylie Cosmetics, where she amassed her fortune.  She has sold more than $630 mill worth of makeup since its founding in 2016. She also owns the company 100%. Forbes reports that the 21-year-old celeb entrepreneur is set to surpass Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest-ever self-made billionaire next year.

Well, now that Kylie is so rich, she can afford her expensive taste. She owns four houses, a $1 mill private jet, a dog that cost her $50,000 and a custom-made dog house that comes with a heater and air-conditioning, She's also a Ferrari enthusiast and has at least 4. (She also owns other luxury vehicles). We think she's spending too much, but we don't judge. Kylie bought all these things with her hard-earned money. We just mean that everything Kylie bought we would never buy. Or, we couldn't afford to buy. We're out of her league! We're sure you would love to find out more about what Kylie spends her millions on  (and those you would never buy) so here's the ultimate list. It will astound you!

25 The $50,000 Puppy


Kylie loves dogs, that we know, and we also know that she loves purebred puppies, which are more expensive than regular dogs. Her five Italian greyhounds--Norman, Sophia, Bambi, Harlie, and Rosie-- cost a lot, $1,000 each. But she really showed her spending power when she adopted Rollie, who cost $50,000. Would you buy a dog for that cost? Umm, last time we checked, you can get a dog for free at a shelter. Those are the dogs who need a home. (source: TMZ)

24 The Pushup Bra

Victoria's Secret

Kylie first revealed that she loves Victoria's Secret Bras when she was accused of having work done in a video on her app. She looked more voluptuous during that time, which is how the rumor began circulating.  But according to Kylie, it's the fact that she uses the Bombshell by Victoria's Secret that makes her look so good. She called the push-up bra life-changing.

23 The Fake Eyelashes

Because Kylie has her own makeup line, and because she shares her beauty tips to her fans, we pipe up when she tells us what new cosmetic product she uses. That's fake eyelashes; women who don't have long lashes for a flirtatious look do what Kylie does. Kylie's brand of choice is mink eyelashes from Lilly Lashes, which are reusable so that you can wear them 25 times. The cost is something affordable, $30. But if you're like Kylie, who loves makeup, she once said she spends around $1,000 each time she shops at Sephora.

22 The $1 Mill Private Jet

NY Daily News

Only the rich can afford to fly in a private jet. This is Kylie's choice when flying, as she has money to burn. Kylie herself even owns a jet, which had reportedly cost 1 million. If you follow her on Instagram, you can see Kylie on her jet, posing in various manners. Kylie even lets her friends and the Kardashian clan use her jet, which is no big deal since she's worth $900 mill. A shot of Kylie leaving behind her Ferrari to board her private jet made her many followers gush (see above pic). Meanwhile, we just look stone-faced. (Source: ChipChick)

21 The Ferrari Collection

For her 18th birthday, Kylie got a Birkin bag and the ultimate gift, a Ferrari 482 Italia, a $320,000 Italian supercar. Rapper Tyga gave her the sports car, but this isn't Kylie's first Ferrari. The thing is, Kylie is helpless when it comes to luxury cars, in particular, Ferraris. We don't know exactly how many she has because when she posts images of the Ferraris, there are so many different kinds. What we do know is she owns a Ferrari 488 Spider, worth $280,900 and, get this, a Ferrari that costs $1.4 mill. We hate to remind her that she has too many cars, but how many Ferraris does she need? One for each outfit? (Source: People)

20 The $70,000 Newborn Shopping Spree


Before her baby even arrived, Kylie Jenner went on a shopping spree for baby designer clothes and accessories. She supposedly trolled online for the best gear for her baby, as well as shopping at baby stores in San Fernando Valley. The damage? $70,000, which could've been used for someone's college tuition for a year. It's her money, but doesn't she get that the clothes will only be worn a few times as the infant will be growing rapidly? And she's bought designer shoes too, which the infant will outgrow immediately. Her baby shoe collection consists of Air Jordans, mini Uggs, Timberlands, and more. (Source: Seventeen)

19 The Big Wig Collection


If you follow her Instagram posts, you'll see Kylie in different hair colors. Those aren't the result of dyeing her hair. The truth is, Kylie has a huge wig collection, so she can be blonde one day and pink the next day. These wigs don't come cheap. A self-named "hair artist," Tokyo Stylez, is the man behind the designer wigs, and his cost per wig starts at $600 and goes up to a whopping $5,000. Take into account that Stylez says she owns 100s of his wigs, and you're looking at a down payment for your house. We're not judging, but $5,000? Doesn't Kylie know that it's cheaper just to dye her hair from a hair dye box bought at CVS?

18 The Handbag Closet


Just this past spring, Kylie opened up her house to her followers and fans to show off her handbag closet.  According to People, Kylie has over 100 designer handbags, and they don't come cheap. She has coveted Birkin bags and she also owns purses from all the famous designer houses: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.  We wonder how much in total that all these bags cost. We would never spend that much money on these handbags and purses, even if they're iconic.

17 The Jewelry And Accessories

Kylie loves jewelry. In every picture she shares, you can see the multiple bangles on her wrist. According to E!, Kylie went to Polacheck's Jewelers in Calabasas with no jewelry on her, but when she emerged from the store, she had diamond rings on her fingers and was even wearing a new Rolex.  She also purchased a $7,000 rose gold from Shay Fine Jewelry. Oh, and by the way, she loves Cartier. For $7K, we can renovate our kitchen!

16 The Baby Nursery


Long before she gave birth to her first child, Kylie already had her nursery ready, and it's a stunner. That's because a source told E! News that Kylie was "obsessed with buying things for the baby and figuring out what the nursery will look like." The theme is classic pink and white. On one wall is a huge pink heart filled with different butterflies. Even the rug is pink. According to People, there's something that "looks like a candy-filled toy mouse that says “B@BY” on the front." Gosh. We thought just a changing table and a crib was enough.

15 The House


Makeup mogul Kylie owns four homes and she's only 21! Here are two. In 2015, Kylie bought a "starter home" in Calabasas for $2.6 million, when she was just 17. She had that house remodeled, and because she loves the color black, that became a motif in her mini-mansion. The next year, she spent over $6 mill on a 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Calabasas, which is only minutes away from her mom. The 7,000-square-feet home features such lux things as a chef's kitchen and a wine cellar. To find out more about what the house offers, check out E!s coverage of the mansion.

14 The Pricey Manicures


Kylie visits a manicure shop nearly every week. She gets long, squared off nails at her favorite place, Modern Pamper Salon. Or else acrylic nails. But what Kylie really loves is long nails. According to People, now that she has a baby, everyone is wondering how her nails might not be appropriate for caring for her baby.  Kylie's fancy nail art comes at a price, and that's because she works with  LA-based manicurist Britney Tokyo, who charges $125 for a two-hour gel art session, and a $50 house call. We doubt you’d pay around $100 for your nails if you’re not a Kardashian.

13 The Cartier Love Bracelet


In 2016, Kylie shared with her fans and followers that she loves the Cartier LOVE bracelet except for the fact that she couldn't get it off her wrist for four freakin' years. With that, according to Allure, the bracelet became the most searched piece of jewelry on Google. That's how influential Kylie is in the fashion biz; if Ferraris were cheaper, we too would get one.  Now everyone still wants one and the bracelet starts at $6,700 for the 14K gold version but can cost more than that if it's made from platinum and if it has diamond studs. We'll pass on this, too. It may just be a tad expensive for our tastes!

12 The Guest House aka The Luxury Dog House

Kylie Jenner loves her pups so much. We know that from her Instagram feeds. But now Kylie has done one of the most excessive things to her pooches by revealing on Snapshot a custom-built dog house. It's large enough for people to fit in and everyone on social media keeps saying it's nicer than many apartments. The guest house--as Kylie calls it--features an air conditioner and even a heater. It also has a white fence and a mini porch! Apparently, there's no room in her mega-mansion to house all her pets. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

11 The Birkin Bag

Teen Vogue

When Kylie turned 18, her family gave her the Hermes Birkin bag, probably the most expensive bag in the world. The cost? $10K. But as it turns out, Kylie actually has a ton of Birkins. After Kylie revealed her bag room--yep, a room with rows and rows of shelves filled with all her bags that reportedly cost a cool 1 mill in total--we spotted that she had 24 Birkins and maybe even more that were not visible. Yes, we know the bag is iconic, but come on, you can use $10K to help the homeless. (Source: Vogue)

10 The Handbag Closet, Renovated


When it was time to renovate her bag closet, Kylie didn't just get some random handyman or carpenter on Craig's List, which is what we would have done. Instead, she turned to superstar designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who designed all of the KarJenner’s famous glam rooms. His star-studded client list includes  Tommy Hilfiger, Christina Aguilera, and Elton John. His task was to design the perfect closet where Kylie can see all her bags. Bullard wrote on Instagram, "Every girl's dream . . . is a purse closet [that] I designed for [Kylie]. The room has lacquer floating shelves over mirrored walls, a rock crystal chandelier and [my] own silver mica ceiling paper.” (Source: USMagazine)

9 The 19th Birthday Repeat

Style Caster

When Kylie Jenner turned 19, she had a blast of a party that included fireworks. Her boyfriend of the time, Tyga, surprised us all because his gift-giving is so over the top. This year is no exception. Tyga gave her a new Maybach, with an estimated cost of $200,000 vehicle. The year before, he gave her another car. Ugh. According to US, the Mercedes Benz turned out to be not the only newly purchased car. A week before her birthday, she actually bought a custom Land Rover SVAutobiography. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

8 The Complete List Of All The Luxury Cars She Owns


Kylie loves cars so much that she bought most of them before she learned to drive. Here's a list of all the cars she has. She owns a Ferrari LaFerrari, a Range Rover Autobiography, and for the Mercedes brand, she has a G550 4x5 G-Wagon, a black G-Wagon and a Maybach that Tyga gave her for her birthday. She also owns a Rolls Royces Wraith and a white Ghost, a White Ferrari Italia, an Orange Lamborghini Aventador,  and a Yellow Ferrari 488 Spider. So she owns ten supercars! (Source: GQIndia)

7 The Cost of Her Most Precious Cars

OK! Magazine

Here's a partial list of the cost of the many luxurious cars that Kylie owns. According to Life & Style, she has a rare black Ferrari LaFerrari that costs $1.4 million, a gift from her baby daddy Travis Scott. And it's uber-rare too, as 499 were only made. She has had her White Ferrari Italia for years, and it cost starts at $300K.  Her Black Ferrari 488 starts at $250K. Her Yellow Ferrari 488 Spider costs $280k, her Blue 458 Italia Ferrari starts at $230k. Yep, she loves Ferraris, but she also likes to mix it up with Mercedes and Rolls Royces. She has two or three Rolls Royces, and each start at $150K and can go up to $1.5 mill.  Her grey Mercedes Maybach, a gift from ex-boyfriend Tyga, costs $190. Her Orange Lamborghini Aventador costs around $400K.

6 The Giant Diamond Ring

US Weekly

When Tyga was dating Kylie, he gave her the most extravagant gifts. He gave her the Grey Mercedes Maybach for her birthday, which costs a cool $190K. For her 18th birthday, he gave her a Ferrari 482 Italia, a $320,000 Italian supercar. Tyga went all out during Christmas and gave Kylie a gigantic diamond ring, which costs around $33,000. After Kylie posted a photo of the ring to her Instagram, some fans thought the two had gotten engaged. But that wasn't true, and Kylie said on her official site. “NO, I’m not engaged.”

5 The Lavish Gift Giver


Kylie has a big heart when it comes to giving gifts. And no matter whom she's dating, she's always willing to pick up the check, for example. After her very public split from Tyga, who also is generous when it comes time to gift giving (he bought her two cars back to back on her birthdays!), she now lavishes her money on Travis Scott, whom she's currently dating. She has given the rapper expensive jewelry and designer clothes and has also taken him on luxurious vacations. Even with friends, she's generous, giving bestie Jordyn Woods a Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe.(Source: People)

4 The Tiny Tattoo Craze

We didn't know that Kylie has tattoos on her body because they're very small and subtle. They're all over her body and you only know she has them if you're looking for them. There's a very small heart tattoo on the back of her arm. On her little finger is the letter 'M," which we don't know the meaning of, and she also got a matching tattoo with her best friend Jordyn Woods. There's also the phonetic transcription of the word "sanity" in red ink on her right hip and a small butterfly on her right foreleg just above the foot, among others. These tattoos get to be very expensive, but no worries, Kylie's rolling in it. (Source: EliteDaily)

3 The Frequent Trips To Celebrity Spray Tanner


Why does Kylie always have a summer glow on her skin? You'd think Kylie would be sitting outside by her pool to get a tan, but then again, this is the Kylie who has a huge makeup empire and has no time to spare.  The reality is she sees a tanning salon expert where she gets a spray tan. And not just anyone. She sees Jimmy Coco, who is the most exclusive spray tan artist whose clientele includes A-list actresses and actors. Each visit is $350. That may not be much for Kylie, but for the rest of us who aren't on any Forbes list, we'd rather get our tan the old-fashioned way, and you don't have to pay a dime. (Source: USMagazine)

2 The Designer Clothes


Kylie is always on camera, so she has to look her best. She's a real model who has her own modeling contract, she's an Instagram model and most of all, she co-stars with her family on KUWTK, where she needs to look chic against trend-setters like her sisters. So obviously her wardrobe is full of designer clothes. She wears Balmain, and that's because she and the K/J clan are good friends with Balmain’s head designer Olivier Rousting. Kylie loves wearing Balmain for its figure-hugging pieces and bold designs. The other designers she loves to wear are Gucci and Chanel. And she loves LV for their bags and accessories. (Source: Medium)

1 The Designer Shoe Collection

footwear news

Kylie's shoe closet is filled from floor to ceiling with high-end shoes. She likes to show them off on Instagram and Snapchat photos, so we know what she's wearing. She counts Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Balmain and Marc Jacobs as her faves. And she's been seen around town wearing heeled sandals by Gianvito Rossi, shoes by Jean-Michel Cazabat, boots by Jimmy Choo, leather booties by Saint Laurent Santiago, metallic loafers by Barbara Bui, and lace-up heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. But the shoes she loves the best are Christian Louboutin’s Impera pumps and  Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals, which we've seen her wear them on multiple occasions. Now guess what the total damage costs. No, really. (Source: FootwearNews)

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