25 Reasons Why Dubai Is The Best Place To Live In Luxury

Do you really think you can imagine what life is like for some of the richest people in the world? You probably have a few guesses, but after you finish reading our list, you’ll come to realize the things you couldn’t imagine even in your wildest dreams!

Dubai is a synonym for luxury and all the things pricey, to put it mildly. Thanks to the social networks, more and more people are able to witness the lavish lifestyle, and probably feel a bit envious in the process. Since people generally have the tendency to gravitate towards the rich centers, 85% of the Dubai population is foreign. Most of them are employed to be making the richer even richer, but there is a fair share of the wealthy, too, as you shall find out later.

This is just one of the unusual facts about the life in Dubai, and let’s face it. The more money a person has, the more incredible their choices and routines. After all, the very core of Dubai is completely insane. Isn’t that basically a city built in the middle of nowhere? And what a city it is. The rich certainly adore living there, so let’s take a closer look and try to get to know them. Who knows, maybe you’ll encounter a rich sheik on your next holiday, so you’d better know a thing or two. We mainly focused on the lives of traditional Dubai millionaires here.

25 Eccentric hobbies


It’s hard being rich in Dubai. When you have so much cash at your disposal, it’s easy to get fed up with things. Also, there’s a matter of prestige. Why would you do something ordinary like the commoners, when you can let your imagination go wild and do take up whatever you please? For instance, falconry. Too many people keep pigeons, don't they? Or perhaps deep sea diving is your thing. (SourcE: Oddvisor)

24 Special ATMS


Oh, no, you forgot your wallet at home, and you really needed to pay for something. In gold bars. Gold is the currency that is recognized everywhere. Forget all about those “cheap” paper notes, plastic cards, and don’t let me even start on the cryptocurrencies. If you have money to burn, you’ll occasionally pick up a few gold bars from the nearest ATM. Isn’t it so convenient that you can easily find them? For some, they're a tourist attraction, whereas, for the powerful, they’re really handy since you can purchase from 2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a one-ounce gold bar, while all the time the machine is tracking prices at the world market (the prices change every 10 minutes). (Source: Telegraph)

23 Exotic pets


You’ve already seen tons of photos with these, but let’s mention them one more time. While in the rest of the world it’s common to hear: “Are you a dog or a cat person?” when enquiring about someone's taste in pets, in Dubai the question would probably be something like: “Are you a cheetah or a lion person?”. Admittedly, they seem to be enjoying the same treatment and love as the above-mentioned cats and canines. They are properly fed, taken out for a walk, or taken for a ride in the car. Having a bath in a big pool is also one of the many treats.

22 They meet tons of celebrities

Being sort of celebs themselves, or at least in possession of enough cash to attend all high-end events, it’s inevitable they get to hang out with the hugely popular stars from all walks of life. For instance, the recently mega-popular Dubai kid millionaire really likes taking photos with Nikki Minaj, Mariah Carey and more. Even better, he is posting them on Instagram all the time for everyone to see and admire his super famous friends. (Source: StepFeed)

21 They drive crazy cars


When we say crazy, we mean so luxurious they make one speechless. What would you say about a diamond studded Mercedes? Or wrapping your US$250,000 worth yellow Ferrari F12berlinetta in Louis Viton material to make it more special? It is a problem in Dubai since there are so many limousines and pricey cars that’s it’s no mean feat looking impressive while you roll. You are under pressure to do something crazy to stand out on the road (besides driving fast). (Source: InterestingEngineering)

20 Home rich home


Now let’s talk about something as mundane as owning a home. The wealthy in Dubai certainly enjoy themselves. While we are looking at the driveway, they normally have a boat in their front yard, and a Ferrari in the back. Having a magnificent view sounds like an understatement once you really see it. The prices are more than reasonable once you understand all the perks and benefits of such a home. Let’s say $35 million for a villa, or why don’t you splurge on a lovely penthouse with a marine view, too? (Source: LuxeHabitat)

19 Business means business


While we all adore Dubai for its touristic appeal, the ultra rich in Dubai aren’t really making their money from tourism. Agriculture isn’t the answer either, is it? No, neither is the oil, though that was the first thing that popped into your mind. Trade is the essence of their nation, and who knows what figures are in question when deciding on the contract details. Having realized the country’s riches will be spent one day, the visionary businessmen turned to trade and created empires. (Source: AllianceExperts)

18 They share and care


Philanthropy is also one of the many activities of the wealthy, and the less fortunate couldn’t be happier about it. There are lots of charity events and organizations taking care of the people in need. The figures speak for themselves. The UAE was named the world’s leading aid donor, with over five billion dollars that was donated to charity in 2015. The culture of giving is widely spread among all social statuses. (Source: EmiratesWomen)

17  It’s getting way too crowded


As we have already mentioned, it’s not really easy to stand out from the crowd, especially if the well-off crowd happens to be situated in Dubai. More and more millionaires are swarming to the city every single year. Since Dubai is world famous for the cheap labor force, the fact that 5,000 millionaires migrated recently is often overlooked. In addition, they are only adding to the overall financial assets in the city and the country. (Source: GulfNews)

16 Fashion is their passion


Where there’s money, there are fashionistas, more than willing to go on a shopping spree. After all, if there is one thing Dubai has plenty of, it is amazing shopping malls. All that earned money is spent there, so why not on fashion? They aren’t using the drones for their fashion shows just yet, but it’s definitely fun to be out and about shopping. You can even get your own porter to carry the shopping bags for you. Perhaps you could add to a luxurious collection of exquisite tracksuits to your closet, while carrying a Birkin bag out of the mall. (Source: GulfNews)

15 If you’re in a same gender relationship, Dubai is the place to be


At least according to one report. No matter your bank account balance and golden cell phone, if you’re part of that community, you are immediately a criminal. Nevertheless, out of all the Middle East, Dubai seems to have the best clubs and is more open to turning the blind eye when it comes to arresting people for being in one of those relationships. Still, bear in mind that kissing is forbidden in public, even if you are 100% straight. Not to mention sleeping outside of marriage. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

14 Rich people forget their riches


They can be just as forgettable as the most of us. Except that in our case, that can be a phone, a trinket, perhaps a jacket, or a bag filled with (dirty) clothes… Well, in their case, try picturing almost $50,000 in cash forgotten in the lady’s restroom. Eventually, the bag was returned to the female passenger. Some $11,000 pounds also went to the lost and found section at the local airport in just four months. Obviously, when you have a lot of cash, it’s hard to keep track of which pocket has a tissue, and which has bills in it. As if it really mattered. (Source: Telegraph)

13 They really enjoy sports


More to watch, than to participate, though perhaps those who aren’t afraid of heights sometimes play at the helipad of the Burj Al Arab. Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a game in 2006, and it’s still talked about. There are numerous sports competitions in Dubai. They are done both for the love of sports, and for the money. The rich especially enjoy camel races which, if you haven’t heard, are ridden by small robots. The reason being is because, little children used to be exploited for the purpose. (Source: DubaiDutyFreeTennisChampionships)

12 Water and dine


Since Dubai officially isn’t too keen on alcohol consumption (to put it mildly), we’ll focus more on the meals. Rich people are just people, and they have to eat, too. It’s just that they’d rather go to one of the posh restaurants. Zuma, La Petite Maison Dubai, Ossiano, Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire Dubai, TOMO, Al Hadheerah – these are the very best dining places. No matter what cuisine you enjoy, you’ll find it here. In addition, the interiors are simply stunning. So versatile, and so impressive. (Source: FlashyDine)

11 Work hard, party harder


Even though we’ve mentioned water and dine, that doesn’t mean the whole of Dubai is intolerant to alcohol. On the contrary, Shirley Temples aren’t the favorite drinks at lavish parties. Supposedly, only foreigners are allowed to drink alcohol, but the parties are kept quite private, and there are plenty of out-of-this-world venues for them. There’s the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island, with 21 restaurants. Cavalli Club screams luxury, and boasts superstars as its guests, such as Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez, while Cirque Le Soir Dubai certainly lives up to its name. (Source: ScarlettEntertainment)

10 Dating is hard


So, you thought just because you have money, you can have any girl you want? Guess again. In a city where the majority of the population is male, it’s not as easy to find yourself a girlfriend. The current ratio is three to one. Admittedly, this is mostly due to the male labor force, but still, there are too many girls wearing traditional clothes and not going out too much for Dubai to be called a great place for meeting someone. Have you ever heard such a story? Certainly not. (Source: TheNational)

9 Religion matters


Usually, money can buy any excuse, but not when it comes to regular attendance of a religious service. The rich are the leaders of the country, and they too obey the religious laws and customs, including praying five times a day. Since everything is luxurious and original in Dubai, they make sure their religion follows. So, they have a mosque that is shaped like a cube, which is available 24 hours a day. It’s supposed to be opened in 2019. Livin’ large, prayin’ large, too. (Source: KhaleejTimes)

8 Gold is their favorite color


Despite the fact that the whole of Dubai is a mass of glass, metal, and concrete, the most preferred material is gold. Surely, diamonds and crystals are very lovely, but the rich simply love gilded…well, everything. The Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market in Dubai with over 300 retailers. If you ever step inside, you are bound to feel dizzy with the shiny yellow jewelry. The Najmat Taiba or Star of Taiba is the name of the largest ring in the world (125 pounds). (Source: GulfNews)

7 Always dressed to impress


Unless they’re traveling abroad and trying to keep it low key, or wearing some special clothes for one of their many sports, well-to-do Dubai citizens really enjoy their traditional white attire. Probably most men go shopping for clothes where the royal family members order their garments – at Al Madani. This is one of the best tailoring brands in the business, and they have existed since 1965. There’s no secret to their success. Just meticulous attention to details and very high-quality fabric. (Source: MallOfTheEmirates)

6 Power symbol: yachts


Surely there is nothing in this world that can serve as a better definition of someone’s status as the fact that a person owns a yacht. These boats are a real luxury to own, and their maintenance costs a fortune. For the affluent in Dubai, it’s no big deal. For the mere mortals, there are plenty of yachts to rent if you can’t spend a couple of millions at the moment.

5 They are reckless drivers


Ever wondered how it is that the police in Dubai have Ferraris? Well, how else could they keep up with the offenders? The highways are simply inviting you to press the pedal to the metal, and when you’re driving cars that accelerate in an instant, the police have to match the citizens. Not to mention that taking a tiger out for a ride isn’t the safest thing to do.

4 Family is everything


They have a lot of siblings. A lot. Since it’s allowed for a man to have more than one wife, you can do the math yourself. One of the most publicly known princes, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (aka "Fazza") has 22 siblings! They are all pretty much family oriented. Having a small family gathering certainly involves at least a 100 people. (Source: Standard)

3 Social media lovers


Taking selfies is of utmost importance if you are a rich kid of Dubai. A great portion of their lives is dedicated to sharing the success with the public. Of course, there are plenty of those who are keeping it on the down-low, but the new generations simply love playing with the camera and showing off their Dubai riches. Simply look up @richkidsofdubai on Instagram, and you’ll realize just how much they like to brag on social media networks.

2 Transport is easy


You’ve all seen the famous photo of a car being transported by a helicopter. Indeed, if you’re in a rush, it’s better to avoid traffic jams and have your car delivered to you. Also, this is done outside of Dubai, though not by helicopter. A big part of the elite love their rides so much they can’t stand rentals, so the only solution is to hire the neighboring Qatar Airways, for instance, to transport the cars. Probably to London. (Source: TheDailyBeast)

1 They love investing in nearly impossible ventures


What else would you call it? It really makes one wonder who on Earth had the idea of creating a tropical rainforest in the middle of Dubai? An indoor one, of course. Or how about floating villas? There are lots of them available. Skiing in Dubai? No problem! You can do it in a shopping mall! What about rafting in the desert? Perfectly doable. The more weird, the more appealing it is to them. Obviously, they take great pleasure and earn insane revenues from bringing these incredible ideas to life. (Source: TheGuardian)

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