25 Luxury Features These Mansions Have That'll Make People Want To Be Millionaires

I am sure there are many features of the place that you live in that you love. But unless you are living in a gigantic mansion that is valued at, in one case, over $2 billion (and staffs close to 600 people every year) then you don't have anything on the luxurious features that some of these mansions have.

Because sure, the spa may be close to your house. But you have to admit that's not as close as the spa being part of your house! If you have a sweet tooth, Notch's room of candy may be one of your visions of heaven. Though let's hope with that amount of candy that he has also made sure to put enough room in his budget for an amazing dentist.

Many prominent members of society have taken their love of water to new levels with their mansions. Such as Drake who purchased a house with an 80-foot water slide. Or the property that is known as Fairfield Pond. Which among its many amenities includes a hot tub that was valued at being worth $150,000 and must be incredibly relaxing.

You may also have yourself a tremendous mancave in your house, but it's probably going to be nothing anywhere close to how amazing the one that Ed Sheeran is working on designing for himself. I can't tell you what house you are going to want to live in the most, but I can almost guarantee that you're about to enjoy learning about these extravagant homes.

25 Candy Room

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If there is one disadvantage that comes with having a room that is dedicated to candy, it may be that you are just asking for a potential toothache after you overindulge. But thankfully for Notch, who created Minecraft, he can definitely afford any of the potential dental bills that could come his way. It was reported that his mansion includes a room dedicated with candy that was worth upwards of $50,000 that is logically replenished on a regular basis. You just have to hope he can keep it fresh.

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24 a Water Park

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Drake makes an appearance on this list for his water amenities that include a water slide, but that's nothing compared to the water park that Celine Dion decided that she needed to have at her house! But you may agree that only having one slide may get boring after a while. And it's not like neither Celine nor Drake are hurting for money, so why not go big like Celine did? Plus she always has a new reason to be looking for fun new swimsuits to wear!

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23 a Domed Observatory

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One of the big disadvantages that come with living in a major city is that you are unable to see the stars at night. But one way to get around that is to make sure you have a domed observatory on your property, complete of course, with an amazing telescope. This is the case for renowned filmmaker Ron Howard who had a domed observatory at his Greenwich Estate property. It was announced back in 2014 that he was able to sell the house for $27.5 million.

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22 Hall of Mirrors

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Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley found themselves getting a taste of fame at a very young age due to the show Full House. Their sister, Elizabeth, is really getting to experience it now in perhaps an even bigger way with her role as Scarlet Witch in the Avengers franchise. But it's Mary-Kate who found herself getting married to the billionaire, Olivier Sarkozy. Among the amazing features in their mansion is a reported hall of mirrors. Something that a fashion designer like Mary-Kate surely takes advantage of.

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21 $150,000 Hot Tub

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There are many things that you can do to try and unwind at the end of a long day. But one of the best things you can do for your body is to unwind in a hot bath. Or if you're really lucky, a hot tub. And if you live at the Fairfield Pond, perhaps you would always relax in your hot tub that was reportedly valued at being worth $150,000! Not to mention 39 different bathrooms, which also means there is no excuse for not being willing to get up and leave the hot tub for when nature calls.

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20 An Ice-Cream Room

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When Mukesh Ambani was putting his house together it was worth a reported $2 billion. But for that kind of money, you can imagine this is one amazing house. It features 27 floors (so it's essentially a hotel) and among the cool features is an ice cream parlor (can you say yum?), as well as a health spa and salon. There are also several gardens located around the property. It's reported that 600 people are staffed to keep the house and its various facilities open 24 hours.

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19 the Dog's "Guest House"

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Kylie Jenner has many things that she loves, but she definitely knows how to treat her pets right. She surely made many people jealous when she showed off her recent dog house that in her own words is more "like a guest house" and will feature various amenities including air conditioning and heating. I'm sure there are many people who wouldn't mind living there and is sure to be the dream of any pet lover. It's one of the many lavish features that I'm sure Jenner is used to having on her property.

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18 living Steps From The Beach

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When you think of celebrities that love the beach, Ellen DeGeneres may not be the first name to pop into your mind. But as you can tell by this photo of their house, the beach is literally just a stone throw away from when the two of them would wake up in the morning. This house is located in Santa Barbara and was reportedly purchased by the couple for $18 million. I'm sure the beach was one of the main factors in why the couple was willing to take the plunge! The property also includes 3 different fireplaces.

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17 Vitamin C Infused Shower

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Leonardo DiCaprio has definitely been able to keep his good looks going into his 40s. And realistically, he's probably going to still keep his youthful appearance going into the next decade of his life. But that isn't something that has just happened naturally, as DiCaprio has several things he does to remain looking young. One of his advantages is that one of his houses is jampacked with healthy features to help him feel healthy. This includes having a shower in his house that is infused with vitamin-C!

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16 a personalized Mattress 

There are many huge players (literally) that have played in the NBA. But there aren't many people out there who can say they were much bigger than Shaquille O'Neal. Whose gigantic size has led to many difficulties in the past, including in the world of sleep. O'Neal took to social media to voice his issues about there not being a Tempurpedic bed big enough for him. Which led to the company hooking him up with a massive bed that I'm sure would be darn near impossible to get out of without hitting the snooze button a few times.

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15 This Jellyfish Room In a $500 Million Mansion

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There are many amazing animals in the world, many of which you can have in your own house as a pet. But you have to be part of a certain level of class in society to be able to have jellyfish in your house! It's something that you would see out of an aquarium, now just imagine being able to see it on a regular basis. It is one of the many amazing rooms in this mansion that is being estimated to be worth $500 million.

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14 their Own Golf Course

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Tiger Woods career has included some scandals but it's also not hard to make an argument that he is the greatest golfer of all-time. One of the ways Woods has remained at the top of his game is that he has always been a stickler for practicing. Something that he made sure he could do when he moved into his mansion in Jupiter, Florida, that among the many features also has a golf course that has four greens and six bunkers, as well as a putting studio. If you love golfing to relax, Tiger's house may be your favorite one.

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13 Isolation From Others

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Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football. And his wife, Gisele Bündchen, is one of the most influential models of all-time. So together they both must love the fact that their house - as you can see from this aerial shot - features a significant amount of privacy due to a large number of trees they have around the property that definitely aren't there by accident! Tom and Gisele may agree that nothing is more valuable to pay for than their privacy.

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12 Underground "Man Cave"

Ed Sheeran seems to love living in Suffolk village. Not only is that where his main mansion is, but he also purchased several other houses in the surrounding area as well that I'm sure he'll have fun renovating. But the coolest features of all of them may be the underground "man cave" that Sheeran is building. This will allegedly include both a cinema and a music room where I'm sure Ed will write at least one song that will pay for another house in the future.

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11 their own Bowling Alley

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Lady Gaga is one of the most influential musicians in the industry, but did you also know she loves bowling? At least you would hope she does because one of the coolest features in the mansion she bought back in 2014 was a fully functioning bowling alley. And if she didn't love bowling then you'd imagine there would have been another house that appealed to her. She also got a bocce ball court put in, but that's a little harder to do unless you have some friends around to help out.

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10 a Cinema Room

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I'm sure that when Khloe's daughter, True, starts to get a bit older she will definitely have a phase where she becomes obsessed with Disney princesses. One thing that may make that obsession even more likely is that Khloe's cinema room looks like this. Can you just imagine how comfortable it must be to relax on any one of those couches and dig into some top-tier snacks that I'm sure she would always have in the house. While not pictured, the screen takes up the entirety of one of the walls.

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9 Several Sports Areas

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If you ever find yourself wanting to play some sports late at night, you may sometimes find yourself out of luck. But if you lived in the residence known as, Updown Court, which can be found in Surrey, England, you'd never have that problem. The 103 room mansion features several sporting areas including a court to play squash on, a tennis court and 5 different swimming pools. There are also 24 bedrooms in the house, all of which are set up with their own bathroom.

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8 a 5-Acre Garden

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One of the best parts about the weather getting hotter is that if you are a fan of flowers, you are going to hopefully have no shortage of opportunities to enjoy them. One celebrity who loves gardening is Kelly Brook whose home contains a 5-acre garden.

"Ever since I was young I've always loved being outside. But it wasn't until I had my own garden that I really became a passionate gardener. I've learned about so many varieties of plants and I've been able to watch my garden establish year after year," said Brook when discussing her garden.

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7 A Horse Stable 

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Chris Hemsworth is the god of thunder but did you know he also has a love of animals? One of the best features of the house that they had in Byron Bay (prior to their demolishing it and upgrading it for close to $9 million) was a horse stable. Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, opened up about the house saying,

"I think it is the best thing I did in my life. For me it's a dream living in nature, especially with kids. I want that environment for them, to be in nature with animals and not in a town."

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6 Their Own Recording Studio

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Will Smith has definitely put out some questionable movies at times, but as for his house in Malibu, there are definitely many things that you may love. The most intriguing room of all of them may be the fact that they have their own recording studio on their property. It's reported that the hit song "Whip My Hair" which was sung by Willow Smith was recorded in that studio. Though if you're one of the many people who hate that song, I'm sorry for bringing it back to your attention.

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5 a 19th-Century Fountain

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Martha Stewart definitely knows a thing or two about making a home a beautiful place. So it perhaps is not a shock that along with having a beautiful house, that she has a backyard that features many things that are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Nothing may catch your attention quicker than the 19th-Century fountain that she has smartly decided to utilize as a centerpiece. And if you're like me, you're also probably going to find yourself pretty jealous of that view she gets to look at!

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4 An Open-Air Spa 

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There are many things that you can do if you want to relax in Maui. But if you're Byron Allen, who is the chairman and chief executive of Entertainment Studios, you may just want to hang out in your house that you bought for $22.8 million. Along with having 130 feet of beach access where I'm sure he enjoys getting to lounge out and work on his tan, Allen also set up his own open-air spa at his property. Let's just hope he remembers to put on sunscreen!

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3 The Size Of This Pool

One of the best things about the summertime is that you may get the opportunity to go to the waterslides. But if you're rich and famous, you can have an amazing waterslide around you all the time. Drake was so in love with the mansion he ended up purchasing it due in part to the fact that it featured an 80-foot water slide! Something that becomes even more awesome when you remember that, at least as far as Drake is concerned, there would never be a line to use it.

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2 Their Backyard

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David and Victoria Beckham have both have incredibly accomplished careers in their respective fields that have led to some pretty padded bank accounts. And one of the advantages that come from such a successful life is being able to have a backyard that looks like this! I'm sure the Beckham children love having campouts in the yard with all the beautiful greenery that they seem to be surrounded by. Knowing David I'm sure there's also plenty of places to kick the soccer ball around as well.

1 $1.5 Million On a Bath

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When Tamara Ecclestone was asked about how she justified spending $1.5 million on a crystal bath, she said, “I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it,”

Though to be fair, the rest of her house is valued at being worth over $45 million! While there aren't any photos of the finished product, this is an example as to what her crystal bath may have ended up looking like. Though I'm sure with jewels or other extravagant features added to help it stand out even more!

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