30 Luxury Designer-Inspired Baby Names (That'll Make Moms Feel Like The 1%)

If social media has taught us anything, it's that appearances are everything. It isn't actually necessary to be pocketing in a seven-figure salary in order to live like the 1%. In fact, one of the biggest ways that parents can set their kids up for life is by picking the right name that will serve as a gateway to future possibilities. Saying, "it's a Louis Vuitton" doesn't exactly have the same appeal as saying, "it's a bag from Nordstrom" and the same can be said about a baby's name.

It's for this exact reason that celebrities go so far as to hire a baby naming expert to help them find the trendiest, most fashion-forward and influential name that no other little kid on the playground will have the displeasure of sharing. As for the rest of the 99%, we need to do our research and sift through the trillions of naming possibilities in an effort to give our kids the best start in life. C'est la vie, but luckily, we have everyone covered with 30 luxury designer-inspired baby names. While some are more obscure than others, they all share the edge or being inspirational with regards to the successes that their names have brought.

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30 Sui

via: vogue.com

As Vogue points out, “Anna Suit is fashion’s biggest fan.” They also pointed out, “No matter how famous or successful she has become, or how famous and successful her friends are—many of whom sat in her front row today—she still retains that youthful quality of really, passionately, deeply admiring and loving something.”

Isn’t that a great quality to hope to attribute to a new bundle of joy? Anna Sui has been in the fashion game for a while, but the baby girl name “Sui” is only now starting to gain traction and is expected to be a major name in upcoming years.

29 Lex

Via: Pinterest

Although Alexander McQueen, Stefano Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, Gucci and many others could have found their place on their list, it's their names that kept them off of it. Just like Cartier, Rolex is another one of the luxury brands that all the rich kids make sure to flaunt all over social media. Instead of Rolex as a baby name, opt instead for Lex. Bonus points for it being a reference to DC for the comic book fans.

Taking its origins from the name Alexander, Lex means “Defender of Men” according to She Knows.

28 Lina

Via: pinterest.com

As Vogue describes her the best, “Herrera is never not immaculately put together—the picture-perfect representative of her brand in a crisp white shirt and a smart black skirt or trousers.”

The same goes for the Carolina Herrera brand as a whole, which she managed to pull all the way up to one of the top fashion houses in the world. While Carolina has long been a popular name, Lina is a worthy contender, especially with the recent trend favoring shorter baby names. According to She Knows, Lina means “tender” in American, “pure” in Dutch, and “light” in Greek.

27 Hugo

VIa: The Snazzy Mom Blog

French names are still all the rage and given Hugo Boss’ acclaim as being “distinctive and chic,” it also makes for a great baby name. While no parent would want to opt for the latter part of the name, the first part, Hugo, is a nice and strong name for a little boy, especially since it represents a “bright mind and spirit,” according to BabyCenter.

Perhaps more peculiarly is the fact that Hugo has actually experienced a spike in popularity as a girl’s name. According to BabyCenter, it has also jumped by an incredible 13,010 points, now sitting at a comfortable #5901 in terms of popularity.

26 Chanel

Via: dhgate.com

Although the name Coco has had a quiet resurgence in the past couple of years, it’s Chanel that we’re going to recommend instead. Just be careful not to attribute it an additional “N,” turning into the prime bullying material with references to a TV channel instead of the world renown fashion house.

The name Chanel evokes feelings of elegance, which is perfect for a budding trendsetter. According to BabyCenter, Chanel is French for a “canal.”

25 Louis

Via: Pinterest

The suggestion of the name Louis as an up-and-coming baby boy’s name is twofold. Not only is there the emblematic Louis Vuitton designer, most famous for its handbags, but let’s also not forget that William and Kate recently named their latest addition Louis as well.

Just the fact that they opted for this name is enough of a motivator for many, especially since it means “famous in battle,” according to BabyCenter. A less popular alternative also worth considering is Loui, which has recently dropped in popularity as fast as it soared.

24 Karan

Via: Pinterest

Also known as DK, Donna Karan is the mastermind behind DKNY. Although the name “Donna” is painfully out of date now, the name “Karan” is an edgy name worth considering. While it may sound like a bit of a stretch, Karan is an abbreviation of Katherine, a name that means “pure,” according to She Knows.

Karan is also said to mean “tyrant” and “light,” as well as “clever, skillful” in Sanskrit, according to The Name Meaning. Name meanings aside, it’s a unique name that not too many babies hold right now.

23 Hermes

via: banaclothing.com

While most wouldn’t have heard of Thierry Hermès, he is actually the original founder of the long-established Hermès fashion house. Most popular for its iconic bags and scarves, the Hermès brand was started as far back as 1837, making it the oldest fashion houses around now.

As a baby boy name, Hermes has been steadily increasing in popularity lately, now sitting comfortably at #6,477. Fortunately, it’s still obscure enough that there likely wouldn’t be two boys with this name in the same class, let alone the same school. In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the gods.

22 Prada

Via: Pinterest

Consider this as a theme for a baby announcement photography session: “The Baby Who Wears Prada.” How cute would that be, especially if you actually go on to name your baby girl Prada! Founded by Mario Prada as far back as 1913 in Milan, Italy, Prada has long been considered one of the most exquisite of luxury fashion brands.

Over the years, the name Prada has occasionally experienced tiny bursts of popularity, always fluttering around the 16,000th mark. It’s an interesting name, but only for the uppermost devotees of the brand.

21 Russo

Via: Pinterest

Ever since Meghan wore a Ralph & Russo gown to her wedding with Harry, demand for this bridal fashion power house has soared. Interestingly, one of their key approaches is approachability, which is in great contrasts to all of the other fashion houses. “It’s also about taking away… I don’t want to use the phrase 'arrogant luxury' but we are all about being approachable. A lot of brands seem to enjoy putting a wall up between them and clients, but we want to be seen as available,” Russo told Harper’s Bazaar recently.

As such, Russo is a fantastic name for a budding baby boy, which will undoubtedly be trending soon enough. Russo is an old French name meaning “little red-haired one,” according to The Bump.

20 Vera

Via: Fashion & Trend

On its own, the name Vera doesn't automatically make anyone think of the luxury brand Vera Wang the same way that "Coco" or "Chanel" does. Still, Vera is a strong name for a baby girl, inspired by the Vera Wang fashion label and American designer of the same name. Most known for its ready-to-wear bridal gowns, the Vera Wang label also offers a youthful sophistication to its line-up.

While Vera means “true” in Latin, it most commonly refers to “faith” in Russian, as cited by Nameberry.

19 Ford

Via: Pinterest

Although the usual association for the name Ford is to Henry Ford and subsequently, the Ford Motor Company, there is also a much different Ford in the fashion industry. Following his resignation from Gucci, Thomas Ford created and named a brand after himself in 2006: Tom Ford. In just a little over a decade, his brand has managed to become synonymous with sharp menswear.

Whether based on the automaker or the fashion designer, Ford is a strong name for a baby boy as well, especially since it means “river crossing,” according to The Bump.

18 Dior

Via: Pinterest

The name Christian has been dominating the baby names chart for way too long, making this name quite passé. Take inspiration from Christian Dior instead by only taking the second part of the French fashion designer’s name. There’s no mistaking the inspiration behind the name, but as She Knows points out, the French meaning of the name is actually D’Or, which means “golden."

This especially makes sense when you look at Dior’s most famous J’adore perfume, as the bottle is golden indeed. Dior has been rising in popularity as a girl’s name since 2017, now sitting at #927, according to BabyCenter.

17 Karl

Via: Daily Mail

Karl Lagerfeld is another iconic fashion designer with a fashion label by the same name. As Biography states, he has also “been a major creative force behind such well-known brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, and Fendi.”

It’s especially fitting that the name Karl means “man," and "strong”according to BabyCenter. Meanwhile, She Knows merely states the meaning as being “manly.” In either case, it’s a strong name filled with success. In fact, Karl Benz is actually the one who first created an automobile (and not Henry Ford), from which we now have the much sought-after Mercedes-Benz line-up of luxurious cars.

16 Tory

Via: Pinterest

Vanity Fair aptly summed up the rise of Tory Burch by saying that in just a few short years, she has “become one of fashion’s biggest names, the golden girl with the golden brand.”

While Burch could be an interesting baby boy’s name, it’s actually fallen in popularity in recent years. For this time, we’re instead focusing on Tory as a girl’s name, especially since it means “victory,” according to BabyCenter. It doesn’t get better than that as far as meanings go!

15 Calvin

Via: Habeebaby.com

Parents either love or dislike the name Calvin. As Mom.me points out, those who dislike it can’t get past the fact that “Calvin started out as the French last name Chauvin, which is derived from the word for bald: chauve.”

However, its association to the mega famous fashion brand Calvin Klein gives it colossal redeeming points. Somehow, when we think of the smoldering Calvin Klein ad campaigns, it’s easy to forget Calvin’s association to baldness. According to BabyCenter, it’s also currently the 157th most popular name.

14 Elie

Via: Pinterest

The names Eli and Elie have long been considered boys name. In fact, the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab is indeed a man. But now that baby names are becoming increasingly fluid, the name Elie hopping over to the other gender side. As a diminutive of Eleanor, Elie means “light” or “shining light” in Greek.

You could very well go with the more common spelling of "Ellie" too. She Knows claims that Elie is a Hebrew baby name that means “God is great.”

13 Cardin

Via: bureau247.ag

Not only are boys' name now being attributed to girls and vice versa, but so are last names beginning to be given as first names. Cardin is a prime example of this trend. Inspired by the avant-garde fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who is still going strong at nearly 100 years old, Cardin is an up-and-coming baby boy’s name.

While BabyCenter claims that Cardin is Celtic for “from the black fortress,” Parents.com maintains that it means “thistle.” It’s also considered to be a variation of the name Carden.

12 Valentina

via: weheartit.com

Who doesn’t dream to one day wear a Valentino? Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adele, Nicole Kidman… the list goes on and on with all the celebrities who have had major red carpet wins wearing Valentino gowns.

It can certainly swing as a boy’s name, but we’re instead going to flip over the last letter to an A to turn it into Valentina for a little girl. It’s Latin for “strong,” according to BabyCenter and is also one of the top 100 names right now.

11 Saint

Via: keepingupwiththekardashians.wikia.com

Yves Saint Laurent and fashion as a whole go hand-in-hand–you can’t have one without the other! Regarded as one of the top fashion houses of the 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent has nearly single-handled altered the course of women’s fashion.

As the New York Times summarized, he put "them into pants both day and night, into pea coats and safari jackets, into 'le smoking’ (as the French call a man’s tuxedo jacket), and into leopard prints, trench coats and, for a time in the 1970s, peasant-inspired clothing in rich fabrics.”

While both the names Yves and Lauren have been majorly overdone for a while now, Saint, for its part, is a newcomer on the scene with the advent of Kim Kardashian and Kanye naming their second child this name.

10 Fendi

Via: Pinterest

Just as YSL is synonymous with French fashion, so is Fendi one of the pillars of Italian fashion. Founded nearly a century ago by Adele and Edoardo Fendi, this luxury fashion house now finds itself creatively ran by Karl Lagerfeld, among other key people. “Fendi has never shied away from eclecticism or experimentation,” points out Vogue.

Fendi is actually a name that has increased a huge surge in popularity since 2017. Jumping up by a monumental 7,225 spots, it’s now at #11,686.

9 Spade

Via: Pinterest

Inspired by Kate Spade, Spade is a bold name choice for any little boy. “I wanted a functional bag that was sophisticated and had some style," said Kate about her launch of the brand in 1993, according to Biography.com. She definitely succeeded, especially in creating a colorful line-up that every woman strives to have in her closet.

Along with being one of the four suits in a deck of playing cards, there is also the popular “in spades” expression, which means “to a very high degree.”

8 Allegra

Via: pinterest.com

Kind of like Gucci, Versace is another one of those names that most parents would hesitate to assign to their children. Yet interestingly, Versace has experienced a massive popularity bump since 2017. Whereas before, nearly no parent wanted to name their daughter Versace, it’s now the 11,686th most popular name. You’re not about to hear it on the playground, but it’s still saying something that’s it’s starting to gain traction.

For this reason, we’re actually going to suggest the name Allegra instead. Donatella Versace named her own daughter Allegra, a name that means “joyful, merry” in Latin, according to BabyCenter. It sits at #2,651 for popularity.

7 Cartier

Via: Pinterest

One of the top most flaunted products on Instagram? Cartier, of course, with all the rich kids owning at least a couple Cartier watches and timeless jewelry. Just as everyone wants to accessorize with a Cartier, so is this name a fitting accessory for a little boy to wear his entire life.

Carter has long been popular, but it’s now Cartier’s turn to climb the popularity ranks. According to BabyCenter, it’s now the #1,250th popular name, having jumped by 707 spots since last year.

6 Veneta

Via: Pinterest

While quality is becoming increasingly compromised in many brands and products, Bottega Veneta continues to produce fashion from the highest quality materials. It’s not cheap to acquire any Bottega Veneta pieces, that’s for sure, but we can at least take inspiration from the name of this high fashion brand.

As a baby girls’ name, Veneta is only now starting to trend, but it’s unlikely that anyone else in your little one’s school or neighborhood will have this name. According to Nameberry, it’s often mentioned by mommies as an unusual name and is also considered a form of the name Venetia.

5 Valli

Via: Pinterest

Does the name Valli ring a bell for you in the fashion world? Giambattista Valli is the mastermind behind the Haute Couture fashion house by the same name and is one of the most celebrated designers in the world. “There’s a lot of research into intellectual beauty, alternative beauty, a more edgy beauty, to break the rules. But I’m the opposite. I love the idea of something harmonious, sensual, romantic,” said Giambattista backstage of his show recently, according to Vogue.

Valli has long been considered a girl’s name, but it likely won’t be long until it starts trending as a boy’s name given how nearly all names are now used for all genders.

4 Tatiana

Via: Pinterest

Diane von Furstenberg could never be omitted from any list based on fashion. But since her first name is way too common and her last name is impossible to worth with–at least according to baby naming standards–that leaves us no choice than to go further.

Her daughter’s name Tatiana is definitely fitting for any little girl now, especially when you consider the fact that she’s a real-life princess. According to She Knows, it’s a Russian saint’s name. Meanwhile, BabyCenter pegs it as meaning “fairy queen.”

3 Cristobal

Via: Twitter

Alongside Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga is another much-coveted luxury fashion house. While no parent would want to name their child Balenciaga or any variation of this name (at least not in the U.S.), Cristobal is a very fitting name for a boy.

As a Spanish name, Cristobal means “Bearer of Christ.” Although we all know him as Christopher Columbus, his real name was actually Cristobal Colon, which goes to show how long this name has been in circulation.

2 Stella

via: kore.am

Not only have The Beatles completely revolutionized the music scene and society as a whole, but their influence continue to inspire someone else to this day… none other than Paul McCartney’s granddaughter Stella McCartney!

When she first started out at just 25 years old, she was actually massively underestimated by everyone in the fashion world, especially Karl Lagerfeld who said, “I think they should have taken a big name. They did, but in music, not in fashion.”

As a baby name, Stella was massively popular in the 1880s and has since experienced a huge revival. It means “a star” in Greek, according to BabyCenter.

1 Manolo

via: pinterest.es

The popular SATC TV Show with Carrie Bradshaw undoubtedly helped to popularize Manolo Blahnik among the other 99%. But while a pair of the iconic shoes might be hard to come by, you can snag yourself a Manolo Blahnik in another way–by naming your son Manolo!

Before you discount this name, consider the fact that it means “God is with us” in Hebrew, which makes this a particularly worthy name. Plus, with the popular expression “I must have those Manolos,” you’re guaranteeing your own child all the successes in the world.

References: Vogue, BabyCenterThe Bump, She Knows, Harper's Bazaar, NY Times,

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