25 Crazy Expensive Things Oprah Bought On A Whim

Oprah Winfrey is known for many things. She is the first black billionaire. She was the first black talk show host. She donates a lot to charity and is known for her generosity. And she buys expensive things for herself like they cost nothing. She has spent over $7,000 for a custom-made tub, and then she had to get more for her other houses (she has 4, but she's known to put up her houses on the market.) She lounges around her many houses using sweatpants that cost $195 from Melange. She eschews regular grocery store foods and chooses to buy by mail, from blueberries that cost $85 to a chicken pie that costs $70 bucks.

While The Oprah Winfrey show was still on air, she gave pre-selected audiences Pontiacs during one year and the Volkswagon Beetle another year. Bobbi Brown and Frederic Fekkai, the most famous stylists, appeared on her show to give her audience makeovers. And most things on "Oprah's Favorite Things," a yearly list of goods she recommends to her fans, sell out within hours, like Ugg boots and cashmere cable knit sweaters by Ralph Lauren. But her list is also hit or miss.

There are a ton of products that Oprah chooses that only she can afford, including $1,000+ sheets from Williams-Sonoma Home, and The Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress that costs a whopping $2699. So here's a major question to ask her: who is her audience? Why does it seem like she wants to give fans a taste of her opulent life without any concern about their finances? We can't answer those questions, which is why we've given you a list that chronicles the most expensive things Oprah buys like they cost absolutely nothing.

25 The Private Plane: $42 Mill


Oprah's greatest luxury is having her own airplane. The Bombardier Global Express costs a $42 mill and is thought to have an onboard shower. Oprah bought it herself not just to travel in luxury but also because she had an encounter with a rude person in 1991. As Winfrey said, at the airport, a woman came up to her and wanted to know why she wasn't acting like she did on her show, "hugging everyone" and speaking kindly with warmth. In her defense, Winfrey said,  "There are days when I am more open and warm than others. "One of the things that actually caused me in 1991 to get my own plane..." was because of that encounter. That's a reason to drop $32 mill or more on a plane? We're flummoxed. (Source: MSN)

24 The 55-inch Samsung The Frame 4K UHD TV: $2,000+


The Frame is a TV with exceptional picture quality – 4K Ultra HD resolution, 4K HDR, and over 1 billion colors.  So now you can watch your fave shows in 4K. When you're not watching the TV, it turns into a beautiful work of art on your wall. With an array of paintings, prints, photos, and frames--a total of 100 pieces of artwork preloaded onto the TV--one of them will suit your every mood and style. As Oprah said, "You select the frame, the layout, and the painting or photograph, either from a large gallery of choices or your own album. Program it and prepare to be amazed." She also said,  "Can you believe this is a television? Finally, a way to get rid of the black screen." (Source: SamMobile)

23 The Sleep Shirt Blue Oxford Stripe Sleep Shirt: $245

The Sleepshirt

The nightshirt is pure luxury. Rather than sleeping in old T-shirts and boxers, you can lounge in the medium-weight Oxford cotton in a classic blue and white stripe design. A tad long, the sleep shirt gives you more coverage if you don't want to show off too much leg. That length also means you don't have to change while having breakfast or receiving guests.  As Oprah said,  "I'd relax in it at home or wear it as a cover-up. There might even be a few people who'd actually sleep in it." (Source: Oprah)

22 Nespresso Creatista Plus Espresso and Coffee Beverages Maker with Milk Frother by Breville, Silver:  $599.99


The Creatista is a single serve coffee and espresso machine. With the attached frother, you can also make lattes. As Oprah said,  "I [used to] heat up milk and then reach for my frother every morning, but it turns out you can do both with one machine: this beautifully designed espresso maker in brushed stainless steel. The frothing system makes it easy to do foam art, if you're so inclined." The machine can also create more complex coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. (Source: Oprah)

21 Josh Pond Farm Organic Blueberries: $85

Josh Pond

Yep, now fruit costs $85 bucks. Does Oprah know that you can go to the market and buy a plastic case of blueberries for less than $5? Apparently, she doesn't. As Oprah said,  "My new definition of everyday luxury: a five-pound box of organic wild blueberries frozen within 24 hours of harvest from Josh Pond Farm in Maine. Add them to yogurt, pancakes, or salads, or turn them into sorbet, because (1) wild blueberries are sky-high in antioxidants and (2) they're zero Weight Watchers points." Five pounds! (Source: Oprah)

20 Centerville Pies Signature Chicken Pie: $69


Okay, so you know this chicken pot pie costs a lot because of shipping and handling. It needs to get to you fast before spoiling. That's where the $69 came from. Nevertheless, the pie is still expensive; you can get homemade ones at organic markets or open markets like in Union Square.  So here's Oprah's take:  "I found this chicken pie on Cape Cod years ago, and it's still the closest to homemade I've ever tasted. . . The hand-crimped crust is flaky, the filling is jam-packed with hand-pulled meat, and the people who make them are clearly doing so with love."

19 The Bathtub


In Vanity Fair's interview with Oprah last year, we learned that the mogul had a passion for bathtubs. In her home in Telluride, she had a tub that was “molded and shaped to [her] body.” As Oprah said, “I still have a nice bathtub. I major in bathtubs. I spend my time looking for the best possible bathtub a woman can buy. The reason why: her entire family had to share one bathtub while she was growing up poor in Mississippi.

18 The Promised Land Mansion: $88 Mill

In 2001, Oprah paid $52 mill for a Montecito estate near Santa Barbara that has 23,000-square-feet and is situated on 42 acres. She named the mansion "The Promised Land." Close to both the ocean and the mountains, many high-net-worth people live around Oprah's Georgian mansion because the area allows for privacy and seclusion. Oprah also owns other houses in different places, but she feels most at home at the Montecito.  Perhaps that's because she spent an unspeakable amount on decorating and renovating the house. So now the house is worth $88 mill! (Source: HomesLuxury)

17 The 23-Acre Horse Farm House: $28 Mill

The Virginia Gazette

Just near her Montecito jumbo mansion is Oprah's other house. Yep, she's so rich she can buy another hillside southern mansion in California. The 23-acre house has a horse farm that cost Oprah $28 mill.  The house, which was bought at a bidding war, is named Seamair Farm. Outside the house includes a large backyard, a swimming pool, a patio that's surrounded by palm trees, a sprawling amount of orchards, a greenhouse for her green thumb and pond filled with fish. (Source: HollywoodReporter)

16 The Telluride Home With A Treetop Fire Pit: $14 Mill


Clearly, Oprah has a love for houses and spends her billion-dollar net worth on the most exquisite and luxury homes. Just two months after she purchased her Seamair Farm home, she plunked down $14 mill in 2015 for a home in Telluride. The Colorado mountain town is where celebs and the rich go to in winter to ski. The home has five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms and is packed with some fabulous features like a 56-foot-long wine tunnel,  a heated driveway (what??) a remote watering system for plants, an observation deck and a custom-made bespoke $70,000 limestone bathtub. There's also something called a "treetop fire pit." What's that? A fire pit lofting over a very leafy tree? (Source: Curbed)

15 Inside The Telluride Home With A Private Steel Funicular

Hooked on Houses

It's always exciting to have a peek at a celeb's house, and Oprah is no exception. The 8,706-square-foot Telluride house is pure excess, just like her other homes. But the Telluride home is different; it's hidden away in a bundle of trees and provides an inside-outside living experience. For example, there's a 35-foot high stainless steel platform tree deck with that fire pit we were wondering about. Along with the necessary luxuries (chef's kitchen, wet bar), there's a totally gratuitous amenity, a custom "etched and fiber-optic lighted glass bridge" over the living room that connects the master suite with the rest of the house.  There's also--wait for it--a private steel funicular, which can carry 4 people from the house to the Sundance Ski Run in one minute flat. And get this, it only cost $240,000 to create. You can buy a starter home with that kind of money! (Source: Curbed)

14 Oprah's Private Library

 Oprah's library--off the front hall of her Santa Barbara estate--is a book lover's dream. It features first editions (FI), art books, custom-made leather books of classics, Pulitzer Prize-winners, contemporary fiction and leather-bound copies of all the books she picked for Oprah's Book Club.  The library has a calming sensation, decorated with celadon-green walls and wainscoting and a working fireplace. But it's the row of white bookcases that's exciting to talk about. It's filled with black authors, like Hughes and Hurston. Her first editions of Pulitzer Prize winners go all the way back to 1948. The library features 1,500 volumes, but it's still growing. Each FI costs around $1,000 or more. (Source: Oprah)

13 Armand de Brignac's Brut Gold Champagne: $300


Oprah sure has taste. On her list of her Favorite Things is a champagne that you wouldn't be able to afford.  It's the Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, which is complex, fresh and lively, with light floral notes. The Brut Gold is made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier wine. The champagne is exclusive and rich, and was featured on Oprah's Favorite Things list in 2011. A Dom Perignon costs less than the Brut. Thanks, Oprah, buying things like they cost nothing.

12 25 Gifted Diamond Earrings

Face Collection

In her Montecito mansion in 2006, Oprah hosted a celebration that she called Legends Ball. The festive event, which lasted 3 days, was held by Oprah and honored twenty-five African American women in art, entertainment and civil rights. The celebration included a luncheon, white-tie ball, and a gospel brunch. Among the 25 women who attended were: Maya Angelou, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross and many more. We would've loved to be there. Not only would we see Janet Jackson or Alicia Keys, but we would get a present that only Oprah could afford for all attendees: diamond earrings. Can you believe that gift? It's like water, Oprah's fortune.

11 Turtle Basket from Phillips Chocolate: $500


The venerable Phillips Candy House in Dorchester lucked out when Oprah put their popular chocolate turtles on her favorite things list for 2015. The Giant Turtle Basket is filled with 15 pounds of chocolate turtles in a 5-pound basket that's edible!  As Oprah said, “That’s 20 pounds of chocolate, people!’’So, here's the damage. The basket costs $500. Wait, what? Why spend $500 on chocolate? $500 is a lot to most of us, but we guess Oprah doesn't get it. (Source: Boston)

10 TheHarmann Suitcase: $825

The Cheat Sheet

Sure, Harmann Suitcase makes the best suitcases--they're both lightweight and durable. But for $825, we expect a case steeped in tradition. So we turned to T-Anthony luggage, and found pieces around or lower than the Harmann. T-Anthony has a rich history and a deep heritage of creating timelessly stylish luggage with only the best materials. Iconic in nature, a luggage similar to Harmann costs less, at $725. Featured on her 2015 list, Oprah said,  "I know these suitcases are pricey, but they're worth it," she said. So basically she's saying buy one despite the price because they're "worth it." (Source: Oprah)

9 The Cashmere Cable Sweater and Matching Cashmere Cable Throw by Ralph Lauren: $1,000


In 2011, Ralph Lauren gave her the most opulent gift, which was exclusively for Oprah because of the fit. It was a "limited edition" cashmere cable knit sweater, along with a matching blanket. The color Oprah chose for the cashmere was gold. She eventually featured her cashmere on her Oprah's Favorite Things list, and the cashmere sold out within hours. The cashmere also comes in an array of colors and the total damage was $1,000. Why spend that much when you can get a cashmere sweater from J.Crew that's only $98. In fact, all the cashmere sweaters cost $98. This is the kind of gift we like: classic, but modest in price.

8 The Philip Stein Teslar Diamond Watch: $2,400


The Tesla watch, since 1986, was designed to emit a unique signal that's supposed to strengthen the body's own electromagnetic energy field. Wearing it results in more restful sleep, and makes you calm and less tense. It's also said to improve concentration, just like Adderall. The stainless steel case features diamonds and the timepiece features a very feminine mother of pearl dial. Can't you get away using a Fitbit? At $2,400, this is chump change for Oprah.

7  Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings from Dana Rebecca Designs: $2,000

Dana Rebecca Designs

Finally, something that's kinda affordable. The Jessica Leigh diamond earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs is a steal at $2,000 because these earrings that Opah loves have more than 100 diamonds. The earrings come in 14kt white gold, rose or yellow gold and feature 1.17 carats of diamonds. Oprah loves sparkly things, so these earrings are perfect for her. But since she owns so much jewelry, we're wondering if she wears the earrings more than once.

6 The Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress: $2,700


 There's only one kind of bed that Oprah sleeps on. It's the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress that costs a whopping $2699. Before she put in on her Favorite Things list back in 2012, she fell in love with the versatile bed. Here's her take on the mattress: "Talk about favorite things! This Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress conforms to the body like it was custom-made especially for you. I now have one in every bedroom. I sleep on it, my guests sleep on it and then we all spend breakfast raving about it. This is like giving the gift of cloud nine." (Source: Oprah)

5 The Golden Beats by Dr. Dre Set: $700


This matching Golden Beats Set by Dr. Dre headphone and speaker set has a glossy gold finish and was featured on Oprah's 2014 list. As Oprah boasted,  "These Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless headphones and the matching Beats Pill (a.k.a. speaker) in glossy gold make me want to get my dance on. And we're the first magazine to have them! Both items are Bluetooth enabled and shockingly lightweight—and will sound as good as they look for years to come." We'll just go to Marshall's and get our headphone and speakers for less than $50. (Source: PopSugar)

4 Christian Louboutin Shoes: $5,995 - $525

Huff Post

Every woman love shoes. If you have expensive taste like Carrie Bradshaw, then you would've known the shoes she wore on Sex and the City: Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, and Dior. Oprah is a huge shoe lover, so she'd approve. But the shoe brand that makes her melt is the Christian Louboutin shoe. She owns many Louboutins, and they range in cost between $6,000 and $500. These shoes are her weakness. She even featured the French designer's shoes on her past show, calling them "little pieces of sculpture." Rumor has it that she once gifted Jessica Seinfeld 21 pairs. (Source: LATimesBlog)

3 The Williams-Sonoma Home Sheet Set: $1,000+


Williams-Sonoma sells mid-range and luxury tools for cooking, electronics like coffee makes and toaster ovens and even food made by Thomas Keller. Williams-Sonoma Home is owned by WS, but their prices are more for the upscale crowd.  WSH sheets and duvets are really expensive, and maybe that's why Oprah loves them. But we looked at Pottery Barn, which is owned by WS and is more affordable and found sheet sets that top the $279 mark. That's a bargain because all PB sheets have high thread counts. The highest duvet cover costs $299. So in total, you're only out $578, not $1,000+.

2 The Elfa Customizable Closet System: $3,000 and Up


Elfa, available exclusively at The Container Store, aims to give your closet enough room with customized shelves, hanging rods and baskets. The White Elfa Décor Deluxe Closet costs $2,923.09. All Elfa closets are different, made to fit your needs. We just don't think Oprah has ever had an Elfa. First, their material looks cheap, and the semi-sheer baskets look as if you got them at BBB. Two, they don't look custom made. So the question is: does Oprah use the Elfa? Probably not.

1 The Volkswagen Beetle Gift


Oprah may live the lavish lifestyle or hand-sell her favorite things, some of which are prohibitively expensive, but she has a lot of heart and freely gave away things to her audience during her talk show. For 2011, Oprah gave her studio audience 275  Volkswagen New Beetles as part of "Oprah's Favorite Things." Well, technically she didn't give away Beetles for free. Volkswagen donated all the cars, plus money to cover taxes and fees for all of the audience members. But still, it's the thought that counts. And, yes, she has her own Beetle. (Source: Money.CNN)

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