24 Uber Expensive Sneakers Celebs Are Obsessed With For Fall 2018

With summer coming to an end on September 22, people are already thinking about how they're going to transition their overall look to get into the spirit of fall. While the open-toed shoes were great for the scorching weather of summer, fall will undoubtedly be filled with something a bit more substantial and finding the perfect sneaker. While many people think of sneakers as simply just an athletic piece to wear to the gym or on the basketball court, others think of it as something that can be truly fashionable and add to an overall ensemble.

Celebrities are constantly being photographed in the latest styles in sneakers and they're known for starting a few trends in the world of fashion. From professional athletes sporting their favorite new sneakers while hitting the town to female celebs pairing high-design sneakers for their social media sites, there are definitely some styles that seem to stand out from the others. While some people can get hung up on the trendiest new handbags endorsed by celebrities, others can't help but drool over their footwear. Check out the uber expensive sneakers celebrities are obsessed with for this fall and see which ones are worth splurging on for 2018.

24 Virgil Abloh “Ghosting” Converse Chuck 70

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When Kehlani first exploded onto the scene as a singer/songwriter, people were instantly intrigued by her. Paper Magazine gave her the honor of being its Pride 2018 cover star and she's making a name for herself as a big name in fashion, as well. When she posted a photo on Instagram with the Virgil Abloh's "Ghosting" Converse Chuck 70 sneakers, people were instantly checking online to see when they could get a pair of their own. Yet, the price tag of around $1,500 may seem a tad excessive.

23 Nike Air Max 98

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While Bella Hadid may be known as a world-famous supermodel that has appeared in high-couture gowns and fashion shows all over the globe, she's actually known to be quite casual in her regular look. She's been known to favor Nike gym shoes in the past and any time she's photographed in a new pair, people sit up and take notice. Her most recent endorsement for the brand came in an Instagram post where she posed wearing the Nike Air Max 98 sneaker with a retail price of around $160.

22 Balenciaga Triple-S

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Balenciaga is a high-end brand that is definitely known more for their designer handbags than their athletic wear but that hasn't stopped it from releasing a brand new sneaker called the Balenciaga Triple-S. They are seen as far more than just a performance sneaker since the style and design is more like a piece of art. They are sold at Barneys New York for a retail price of $895 and the Korean pop star, Hyuna showed them off to her nearly 8 million followers on Instagram.

21 Nike Air Max 97

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There have been a number of celebrities that have been photographed wearing the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers in gold and that's only helped to increase the hype surrounding this shoe. The Nike Air Max 97 collection is hugely popular on its own but it's the "Metallic Gold" colorway that seems to make this particular sneaker standout. From the Joyride singer, Tinashe, to the soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems like this $185 sneaker is the worth looking out for in regards to fall sneaker trends.

20 Adidas Originals ARKYN

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There are a number of celebrities that have endorsed various sneaker brands over the years, so it didn't come as a surprise that Kendall Jenner would become an adidas Originals ambassador. Yet, some people thought that it was a little strange for someone in the Kardashian/Jenner clan to promote a shoe that wasn't a Yeezy. However, that hasn't stopped the supermodel from promoting the adidas Originals ARKYN all over social media. It's become a hot new look for fall and the price tag of $140 to $160 hasn't seemed to ward people off.

19 Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air max 1/97

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The Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97 sneaker was a limited-edition pair that almost immediately sold out but there are still some resale sites that have them available for purchase (at a huge markup due to popularity). This particular style is seen as a huge trend for 2018 and a number of different celebrities have made sure to post their pictures wearing their sneakers on social media. Karrueche Tran sure didn't miss her moment when she posed in these limited edition sneakers for Instagram.

18 Louis Vuitton Archlight

via Vogue

Louis Vuitton is a brand that has built a reputation for catering towards those looking for a classic look in a timeless brand. Yet, it has started to evolve in recent years and it seems like the brand has started to reach out to appeal to a much younger audience. From Selena Gomez being part of the ad campaign to the fresh new designs that seem almost futuristic, even trendsetters like Hailey Baldwin have been photographed in the Louis Vuitton Archlight sneaker that retails for around $1,090.

17 Céline Delivery Sneaker

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Vogue named Irene Kim the next Instagram "it" girl and dubbed her the "ambassador to the buzzing South Korean fashion scene." With big-name fashion magazines pointing out Kim's incredible style choices, it's not surprising that she helped to garner some attention to the Céline Delivery Sneaker when she posted a photo on Instagram, pairing them with a purple-haired look. The price tag for this particular style has a whopping retail price of $850 but that hasn't stopped other celebrities from donning these kicks for 2018.

16 YEEZY 500

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There have been a number of rappers that have tried their hand in the fashion industry over the years but none seem to be as tenacious as Kanye West. He's actually dabbled in a number of different fashion ventures but it's the YEEZY line that has really catapulted his status as a fashion designer. Each new YEEZY pair has brought on a huge amount of attention but the latest is the YEEZY 500. Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram to pose with the pair and it's definitely going to be a huge go-to sneaker for fall.

15 Air Jordan 4 “Lightning”

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With Nike still being a brand that's known for its performance shoes, it's interesting how the brand has been able to build itself up to be seen as far more than just a shoe to wear to the gym. The Air Jordan's have long been known as an ultra-coveted and stylish sneaker and there have been numerous celebrities that have flocked to this particular style. Travis Scott wore the Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" style with a few matching pieces to make the yellow pop and it's seen as an ultra-trendy color for fall.

14 Nike Air Force 1 High “BHM”

via Nike Air Force 1 High “BHM”

It shouldn't come as a surprise that some of the biggest celebrities wearing trendy sneakers just so happen to be stars in the sports industry. Anthony Davis is seen as a huge star in professional basketball and has a huge fan base playing the power forward and center position for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association. While he's known for wearing sneakers on the court, that hasn't stopped him from wearing them to complete an all-star ensemble. With his endorsement of the Nike Air Force 1 High "BHM" sneaker, there are already people lining up to get their own pair.

13 Nike Air Force 1 Low “Just D

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With LeBron James being considered one of the biggest stars in professional basketball, it's no surprise that he's started a few trends in varying styles of sneakers. One particular style that created quite a splash when he wore it was the Nike Air Force 1 Low "Just Do It" sneaker. While the style may seem quite plain on the first inspection, it's already become a huge hit with sneaker enthusiasts for the simple white offset with the bold logo and designs.

12 Air Jordan 4 “Dark Grey”

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With Travis Scott trying to make a name for himself in the world of rap music, it shouldn't be surprising that he would opt for a few flashy pieces to try and capitalize on his rising fame. His popularity status really skyrocketed once he became romantically-linked to Kendall Jenner but his style choices seem to be all his own. One of the flashier sneakers he was photographed wearing has created a huge fashion trend and people are flocking to get their very own Air Jordan 4 in "Dark Grey."

11 Dior

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It seems like there are always new sneakers trying to outshine one another with each passing year and there are some that need just a small boost from a celebrity endorsement to get noticed by the public. A great example was when 21 Savage was photographed wearing a pair of Dior sneakers from the Autumn 2018 line. The B22 Trainer really seemed to stand out, especially with the gold metallic tones and the calfskin detail that really show that it's a designer look.

10 Air Jordan 3 “Georgetown” PE

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Greg Monroe is a professional basketball player that has garnered quite a bit of attention as a rising star in sports. After obtaining the Big East Rookie of the Year award, it really started to get the ball rolling in solidifying Monroe as a true star in the world of sports. After his time at Georgetown University, Monroe went on to become part of the team with the Toronto Raptors. Yet, it seems like he's standing out for more than just his skills on the court since he's definitely picked up his game in the world of fashion with these Air Jordan 3 "Georgetown" sneakers.

9 Gucci Ace Embroidered Low-Top Sneaker

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Technically the Gucci Ace Embroidered Low-Top Sneaker first started being spotted on celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon back in 2017 but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a huge trend for those finally able to get their hands on them for the 2018 fall. Yet, finding them isn't the only problem. Depending on the imagery chosen for the shoe, these Gucci low-top sneakers will set a person back anywhere from $600 to $1,000. Yet, they're definitely going to make an impression.

8 Air Jordan 3 “Cement”

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The 2018 sneaker, Air Jordan 3 Retro OG "Black Cement" style, has already garnered a huge amount of attention by both the non-celebrity and celebrity alike. The rapper, Lil Yachty, was seen sporting them in the "Cement" style when he posed with a few fans for the paparazzi. The "Black Cement" style was originally found on the Nike website for $200 but have since been sold out and now there is a huge markup for those looking to buy it from a private seller.

7 Gucci Ace Metallic Trimmed Glittered Leather Sneakers

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When the Go-To Skincare founder, Zoe Foster Blake, snapped a photo of her Gucci glitter bee sneakers on social media in 2017, people couldn't help but comment on these $1,000 sneakers. While they were definitely a show-stopping set of sneakers, they didn't exactly seem like the type of style that would become the new go-to look for the average mom or young girl. Yet, that didn't stop the brand from releasing a similar version that would be perfect for those looking for a bit of flash at just $745.

6 Gucci Ace Low-Top “Flames”

via GQ

In March 2017, Frank Ocean released a new single and the album cover made people want to find out the pieces that he chose for the overall look. Ocean had already worn a number of high-fashion looks from Givenchy to YSL, so he'd solidified himself as a person to watch when it comes to trendy pieces. The Gucci Ace Low-Top sneaker in the "Flames" design became a huge hit with the public and it's definitely something that would stand out at $730.

5 Air Jordan IV Travis Scott

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There have been a number of celebrities that have endorsed various brands to try and boost their popularity and bank accounts but not all of the brand collaborations have been seen as a huge hit. Yet, that certainly wasn't the case with Travis Scott when he collaborated with Nike to create the Air Jordan IV Travis Scott sneaker. The Cactus Jack style coincides with him being a founder for Cactus Jack Records and at $225 for a pair, they're already sold out on the Nike site.

4 Nike Air VaporMax Plus

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Nike always seems to push the envelope when it comes to new sneaker designs, whether it's the color scheme or the actual design of the shoe. The Nike Air VaporMax Plus definitely seemed to stand out among all the rest of the other sneakers on the market and it definitely made headlines when the rapper, A$AP Rocky, posted a photograph of him wearing a pair of the coral-toned style back in June 2018. With the style boasting a "gravity-defying sensation underfoot," people are definitely intrigued to try a pair of their own for around $200.

3 VLONE X Air Force 1

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When A$AP Ferg, Mob head, and A$AP Rocky released the music video for "The Mattress" in late 2017, people couldn't help but comment on all of the incredible pieces that were featured in the video. While some people focused on the pieces from the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection, others couldn't help but drool over the sneakers. The VLONE X Air Force 1 sneaker was made in limited quantities and they instantly sold out. With only 200 pairs of this style made, they're definitely hard to come by but the lucky few might be able to find a pair on eBay (for a huge markup price).

2 Under Armour Project Rock 1

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With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson being known for his fit physique and his high-intensity training routine, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he would team up with an athletic brand to reach out to those wanting to dabble in his particular style. In June 2018, the Under Armour Project Rock 1 branched out the launch of his signature sneaker and it became an instant hit, selling out within just a short amount of time. While they're no longer in stock on the site, a few hundred bucks can still buy a pair from various sellers online.

1 Revenge X Storm Sneaker

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When Kanye West's former Yeezy collaborator, Ian Connor, came out with his very own sneaker style, it was instantly picked up by a variety of different celebrities. Nick Young was seen sporting the powder-blue shade of this lightning bolt style and Kylie Jenner wore the black pair on a few occasions, causing the style to sell out almost instantaneously. With the shoe being made in limited quantities, it's not surprising that there's quite a bit of markup on these authentic sneakers.

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