24 Recent Iconic Dresses That Blair Waldorf Would Wear

Blair Waldorf won our hearts during her reign as the Queen Bee on Gossip Girl. We loved her for her conniving schemes, witty one-liners, and of course her iconic sense of style. Amongst all the things it was known for, Gossip Girl was praised for its unparalleled fashion. It was the highlight of many teenagers’ weeks to tune in and see what designer duds Blair and her friends were rocking this time. And, with the amount of A-lister events, parties in the Hamptons, and charitable fundraisers they had to attend, it seemed like their wardrobe never ended.

Although Gossip Girl has been off the air since 2012, we’re still as obsessed as ever with recounting the epic fashion statements made in the series. But, even more, we also love to think about what kinds of dresses Blair and her fashionable friends would have rocked nowadays. Fashion has sure changed a lot in the past six years, which is why we’re curious to know what Blair would wear if she was getting dressed in 2018. Check out these 25 iconic dresses from the past year that we’re confident would appeal to Blair’s chic yet bold sense of style. Now if only they’d make a Gossip Girl spinoff so we can actually see her rocking these looks!

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24 Looking Ravishing In Red

via vogue.com

Although she always remained on trend and fashion forward, Blair still had a sense of regal and sophistication to her style – hey, maybe that’s why she almost married a prince! We can totally imagine her wearing this vintage-inspired, red Christian Dior frock to a fundraiser or awards show. The tea-length hemline makes this frock appropriate for all ages, while the off-the-shoulder detailing adds a bit of steaminess to this. Blair would totally add a bit of lipstick and a cute, sparkly clutch and call it a night. Though we doubt she’d rock the unusual eye mask this model is wearing…

23 The Bold And The Beautiful

One of Blair’s most worn colors had to be royal blue. This gem-like hue matched perfectly with the socialite’s dark locks and big eyes, while staying true to her classic sense of style. That’s why we’re confident Blair would totally choose something like this stunning Roberto Cavalli dress to rock to a black-tie event. The intricate cutouts and fitted style would look perfect on Blair’s petite figure. We could see her styling her hair in a loose chignon with sparkly eye makeup and a touch of color on her lips. That would sure give the Upper East Side something to gossip about!

22 A beauty In Beading

via vogue.com

This stunning Balmain dress is something out of our wildest dreams! The appliqué and beaded detailing on the frock is incomparable, and we’re sure that Blair would appreciate all the craftsmanship that went into this work of art. The socialite’s trim figure would be on display in this figure-hugging dress. The dark colors and intricate patterns and texture offer a bit of edginess to the look, while the slimming cut makes it steamy. Whether Blair would rock her hair up or keep it down, she’d look killer in this gorgeous gown. Someone needs to bring Gossip Girl back to the TV so we can see her rock a look like this pronto!

21 A Dress Fit For A Queen


Considering that she almost married a prince, we think Blair should definitely dress like royalty. That’s why we’re confident Blair would totally opt to wear something like this stunning sea green-blue ball gown from Jenny Packham if she was getting dolled up in 2018. The socialite wore her fair share of poufy gowns on Gossip Girl, so it’s clear she loves feeling like a princess. This tulle-obsessed dress would ensure she looks (and feels) like the belle of the ball. Plus, how cute would it be to see her dancing the night away in this dress in the arms of Chuck? We’re swooning!

20 A One-Sided Wonder


Kendall Jenner looks incredible modeling this edgy Tom Ford dress. But we have a feeling Blair would look even better! This black frock definitely has an edgy twist to it that we don’t always see in Blair’s fancier outfits. However, the one-side, sequin arm detailing makes this look fashion-forward, while the black fabric keeps it from being too over-the-top or dramatic. Picture Blair pairing this look with a classic pair of pointed stilettos and a bright red lip – she’d be the talk of Manhattan! The only thing we’re wondering is that Blair’s opinions on the ‘Kardashians would be- good or bad?

19 A Little Sparkle Never Hurts


Blair loved all things glittery and glamorous, so it’s easy to imagine the Upper East Side socialite dawning this gorgeous gown on the red carpet. The silver, sparkly detailing is close to other dresses the star rocked on the show, while the oversized bow and feather, fringed detailing give it an unexpected edgy vibe. This Ellie Saab gown would be flattering on any figure, from its cinched waist to elongating stature. We have a feeling Chuck Bass would die if he saw his beloved Blair rocking this beautiful number to an A-lister event. Maybe Gossip Girl needs a spin-off to make that happen!

18 Flirting in Floral

via vogue.com

This floral Fausto Puglisi is the ultimate summertime dress, which we could have easily seen Blair rock to a wedding or tea party on the show. The sheer neckline and voluminous skirt offer a bit of steaminess to the feminine look, while the purple and white pattern doesn’t take the busy dress too over the top. The ruched detailing on the bodice makes this look all the more fashion-forward, which a Fashionista like Blair would definitely appreciate. All she’d need is a pair of killer heels and a whimsical hairstyle to complete this flirty look. Would you love or hate Blair in this dress?

17 Pair It With Polka Dots

via vogue.com

Blair wasn’t always known to choose patterns and prints, but when she did, she made sure to do it in style. This Christian Dior coat-inspired, polka dot dress is totally something the socialite would have worn on the hit TV show. This vintage-like dress is giving us serious Jackie O vibes, which means it's definitely something the Queen Bee would love to be photographed in. The spotted pattern gives this look a classic and sophisticated feel, but we know Blair would amp it up with statement accessories and perfectly coiffed hair. A little red lipstick and Chuck Bass standing not too far away would totally complete this black and white look.

16 Marching In Metallics

This statement dress by Balmain is definitely the star of the show! It’s easy to imagine Blair walking into a room full of crowded people in this little number. Although all eyes were already on Blair wherever she went, she’d be even more of a showstopper in this edgy metallic dress. The silver and grey detailing is inspired by armor, making it the perfect dress for a girl boss like Blair to wear. She’d totally throw on a pair of equally edgy booties and some statement earrings to complete the bold look. Now, this trendy outfit would sure give Gossip Girl something to gossip about!

15 The ‘Summer In The Hamptons’ Dress


This little number by Ralph Lauren is something we’d expect all Upper East Siders to wear when they hit the Hamptons, including the iconic Blair Waldorf. This multicolor, striped dress has a faint nautical theme to it, while its bright colors make it perfect for the spring and color season. Blair loved to wear colors when the occasion called for it, just like we can imagine sipping margaritas by the pool is what this dress is meant for. Blair would likely add a chunky pair of wedges and, of course, and bright headband to complete this trend, fresh look. We’re obsessed!

14 All Things That Are Red

via vogue.com

This may be debatable, but we think one of the best colors Blair ever rocked was a gorgeous scarlet red. A deep red always matched perfectly with her dark, brunette locks and complimented her pale complexion. This stunning Valentino gown is so up Blair’s alley, from the striking color, feminine lace detailing, and capped sleeves. Although the dress is pretty covered up from head to toe, the sheer sleeves and skirt add a bit of steaminess to this gown, for the perfect mix of sophistication and sultriness. Blair would likely wear her hair in a chic up-do with some statement earrings to complete the glamorous look.

13 Leading The Way In Lace


Can anyone do any harm in lace? Blair would look absolutely lovely in this feminine Fausto Puglisi dress. The black and white lace is a classic option that makes this frock both girly and classic at the same time. The sheer detailing on the skirt and strapless bodice offers a modern twist to the vintage-esque pattern. Blair would definitely rock this dress to an A-lister event or garden party in the Hamptons. We’re confident she’d also have Chuck match her in an all-white suit with touches of black to match the details on her dress. Couples that dress together stay together, right?

12 It’s Always Sunny

via vogue.com

Blair may be known for being cold and callous on some occasions, but you would never think that if she showed up somewhere in this bright dress! The stunning yellow color of this gown would compliment the socialite’s dark locks, while the figure-hugging design of the dress would flatter her petite shape. Knowing Blair’s daring sense of style, she would have no issue wearing a gown as bright as this. Heck, she might even pair it with colorful shoes just to keep the colorful theme going. If Gossip Girl were set in 2018, Blair would definitely be seen wearing this Carolina Herrera dress to a tea party or garden wedding.

11 Standing Out In Sequins


Here’s another glittery Ellie Saab gown that we’re confident Blair would die over! This stunning black and gold dress is certainly a statement piece, but it maintains an overall air of sophistication and classiness- true to Blair’s style! On the show, we’ve seen Blair rock long-sleeve dresses to Upper East Side events. The sheer skirt of this gown and figure-hugging style adds a bit of steaminess to the otherwise covered-up look. We can totally imagine Blair holding onto Chuck’s arm as she enters one of the fanciest hotels in NYC wearing this glamorous gown. Knowing her, she would add a tiara and some killer heels to make the look Blair-approved.

10 Feeling Fine In Floral

via vogue.com

Floral prints and drop-hem dresses are all the rage right now, which is a sure-fire sign that Blair would have rocked these trends if Gossip Girl took place in 2018. This white and blue Ralph Lauren dress is feminine and glamorous enough to appeal to the Queen Bee, though it maintains a bit of a bohemian vibe through is spaghetti straps and flowy skirt. Not to mention, the model isn’t even wearing shoes, proving this dress is meant for a free-spirit. Knowing Blair, she’d likely add a pair of stilettos and a thick headband to make the look her very own. Where would we be without Blair’s iconic sense of style?

9 A Vixen In Versace


Blair is totally the perfect mix of Chanel and Versace! Though she usually gravitates towards more classic, sophisticated pieces, the socialite has been known to opt for edgier outfits- much like this stunning little Versace dress! If this dress was available while the show was still running, we’re confident Blair would have been seen in it. The gold applique detailing is very much up her alley, and we’re sure she would have taken hold of the knee-high boot trend that’s been blowing up the runways the past few years. This dress may be a bit looser than frocks Blair typically chooses, but we’re sure she’d make an exception considering this is Versace.

8 The Grecian Goddess


This dress is something we’d imagine a Greek Goddess wearing. And, considering that Blair is TV royalty in our books, this seems like a perfect option for her. Blair would look absolutely ethereal in this flowy dress. The black and gold beading offer the perfect finishing detail that helps to amp up this otherwise basic dress. The bell sleeves make for a feminine detail, and high slits offer a bit of steaminess to the white dress. Blair would totally be a showstopper if she paired this dress with some killer heels and a mermaid-inspired hairstyle. It’s safe to say that we’re totally obsessed.

7 As Pretty As A Peacock

via pinterest.com

This Nicole Miller dress is both unusual and eye-catching, which is why we’re confident Blair would be drawn to it. This gown features dark peacock feathers adorning the dress the whole way around. The square-cut neckline makes the billowy dress a bit more seductive, while the tights and booties add a bit of casualness to the overall look. Though Blair’s style was always a bit more sophisticated and classic than her friends, she’d still rock a statement dress every now and then (when the occasion was right). She’d definitely make headlines on Gossip Girl for wearing this stunner, so we’re confident this is right up Blair’s alley.

6 Seeing All The Shimmer

via vogue.com

Although she loves everything fashion, Blair wasn’t the most girly-girl-ish character on the show. As such, it was a rarity to see the socialite dressed in all pink, or in an overly feminine outfit. With that being said, we’re confident Blair would love this pink, glittery Tom Ford dress if she was getting styles in 2018. The sparkly sleeves on this cocktail dress offer a bit of drama to the otherwise plain wrap dress. The ruching ensures this frock is flattering on any figure, while the light pink color would be a fresh upgrade to the typically dark clothes Blair is known to rock.

5 Just A Touch Of Green

via vogue.com

This dress mixes Blair’s love for all things classic and sophisticated with a bit of a modern, edgy flair. The high neckline and figure-hugging silhouette of this gown would be flattering on Blair’s petite figure, and almost has an Audrey Hepburn-inspired vibe. Yet, the green detailing on the sleeve offers a fresh, funky upgrade to this otherwise simple black dress. This hue of green would compliment Blair’s striking, dark hair and round, brown eyes. We can see her pairing this avant-garde dress with a bright pair of heels for an extra pop of color, or even a headpiece to make it fit for royalty.

4 Wrapped Up Like A Present


This gown is giving us major Christmas present vibes, but in the best way possible! The asymmetrical hemline on this Carolina Herrera dress is something that we could definitely see Blair raving over, whereas the white-silvery hue of the dress would appeal to her more classic side. The strapless detailing makes this frock a bit more sultry, while the contrasting colours between the top and bottom of the dress make more fashion-forward. We can see Blair adding a pair of massive earrings or a sparkly choker to complete this unique look. And, if only we got to see that on a Gossip Girl spin-off, then our lives would be complete.

3 A Touch Of Victorian, Please

via vogue.com

Any Gossip Girl fan knows that Blair’s style was always complimented by her love of vintage-inspired things. That’s why we know this black and white Fausto Puglisi dress would be a perfect choice for the heiress. This dress perfectly incorporates her love for classic pieces as well as touches of modernism and edginess. The lace and ruffles on the bottom half of the dress are giving us serious Victoria vibes, while the scalloped detailing on the white top half is only reinforcing it. We can imagine Blair taking this outfit up a notch with a fancy headband or headpiece and statement booties.

2 Going Back To (Black) Basics


As bold as Blair has been known to go with her style, the socialite always gravitated back towards silhouettes and styles that were more classic (probably because her mom is a fashion designer!). For a more conservative occasion, we bet that Blair would have opted for a little black dress like this one from Alberto Ferretti. The sky-high slit and keyhole neckline offer a bit of steaminess to the look, whereas the traditional cut and flowing fabric keeps it from being too over-the-top. It would be great to see Blair rock a little black dress so she can show us how to accessorize it to make it stand out from the others.

1 Tickle Me Silver

via vogue.com

This silver dress from Oscar de la Renta is sure an eye-turner, which is likely why Blair would choose to rock it. This gown is distinctly flapper-inspired thanks to its bold fringed detailing, while the metallic color gives it a modern upgrade. Blair has always had an old, Hollywood glamour sort of vibe to her, so we can see her pulling off this statement dress with ease. The socialite would probably style the look with some killer heels and statement jewelry to make it even bolder (and more sparkly). She wouldn’t be Blair Waldorf if she did anything else! Would you rock this bold dress?

Sources: Vogue.com

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