24 Luxurious Handbags That Are Total Conversation Starters

When it comes to breaking the ice and starting a conversation with a complete stranger, you try to look for something you may have in common with that person. Well for those who have a passion for fashion or a good eye for a good purse, you have the perfect conversation starter. When it comes to meeting someone new, you try to avoid being awkward and having a disagreement after the first thing you say. First impressions are lasting impressions. Handbags offer you a neutral subject to bond with a stranger. You already know they like the purse because they are carrying it, and from a simple comment on that handbag, you could find your next best friend.

Although handbags are not the only conversation starters, it can be helpful, especially among women in unfamiliar surroundings. When commenting on someone’s purse, you do not run the risk of offending them or sounding awkward like you don’t know what to say. However, just because you comment on a handbag does not necessarily mean that you have to like it, you could simply think it’s unique or shiny much like some of the handbags on this list. If you don’t know much about purses this list will give you a slight view on the luxury, expensive bags that will catch your eye and get you talking to the holder of the purse.

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24 Hermes Black Matte Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag

Via luxos.com

A black purse is something that everyone who loves wearing accessories needs. This Hermes handbag is one for the books. It is made of crocodile skin that has been processed to be matte black. While this purse may be simply black, it still costs over $120,000 to have one of your own. You can never go wrong by complimenting someone's black purse. This seemingly plain black bag still has lots of character to offer and you can never go wrong a Birkin, especially since there's a waiting list. 

23 Fendi Selleria Bag

Via luxurylaunches.com

When you think of Fendi, handbags are definitely one of the first things that comes to mind. This brand has not only made a name for themselves with their gorgeous handbags, but they also sell other fashionable items such as clothes and shoes. The Fendi Selleria Bag is one of the more expensive bags you can buy and the beautiful, rare chinchilla and sable skin are the reasons this bag may catch your eye. This silver bag may be more expensive then some cars, but you can still start a conversation simply by mentioning the color.

22 Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag

Via pintrest.com

When it comes to colors, you rarely see vibrant, cute purple handbags. Well, look no further because Marc Jacobs has just the bag for you. The Carolyn Crocodile Handbag is a one-of-a-kind Marc Jacobs handbag that is made with crocodile skin but has been colored purple. Marc Jacobs has been around since the early 1990s, not only working with his own brand, but also working with other big names such as Louis Vuitton. With such a unique color and pattern, this handbag is sure to grab people's attention. 

21 Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino

via most fabullous magazine

Some fashionistas are really strict about when to wear white during the year because there are times when the color is “out of season.” However, this white leather bag can make you bend the rules a little bit. The Gadino Bag was designed by Hilde Palladino, a Norwegian designer. This handbag is all about the details — there are apparently 39 white diamonds that are hidden in the claps of this beauty. So whether you have an eye for diamonds or couture fashion, this purse will surely capture your heart. Despite this purse having diamonds encrusted into the clasps, there are other small details that make this purse a perfect conversation starter such as the white gold aspects.

20 Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

via Sell Designer Handbags Boca Raton, Florida

When it comes to Louis Vuitton handbags, you might think of the original LV logo, brown or white leather, and gold clasps. However, this Tribute Patchwork Bag is nothing like that, it's the exact opposite actually. This handbag is a conversation starter because there are 15 different patterns that were cut up to make this unique purse. That is 15 different introductions about which pattern you may like the best and how they're like a mesh of past Louis Vuitton handbags. 

19 Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller backpack

Via highsnobiety.com

Everyone has a need for a backpack, whether it’s for school, vacation, or personal purposes. This is one reason why people have fallen for the Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller backpack — it offers much versatility. With the combination of crocodile and snakeskin this unique look can be worn on several occasions. Although this backpack is designed by Louis Vuitton, it's quite eccentric. This luxury backpack may be expensive, but if you're looking to stand out in the crowd, this will surely do the trick.

18 Leiber Precious Rose

via Babadjawa

A clutch has become a girl's most necessary accessory when heading out for a night on the town or simply to a fancy event. And who wouldn't want a brilliant bag in the shape of a rose? This handheld clutch is perfect for any red-carpet occasion or high-profile party. This handbag is molded into the shape of a rose and it is the only one in the world. However, considering there are over 1,00 diamonds, 1,100 sapphires, 800 tourmalines, and 18K white gold, this purse is well worth the recognition for being one of a kind and being worth $92,000.

17 Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

via themeshnews.com

This Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag has a design that lives up the name Cleopatra. Inspired by Cleopatra's necklace, the designer, Lana Marks, apparently only makes one these bags per year.  Which means, only one lucky actress a year gets to flaunt this $250,000 bag on the red carpet. This clutch is perfect for any red-carpet occasion because it's elegant, it's iconic, and it stands out just enough without taking away from the outfit. It is made with alligator skin and is paired with over 1,000 diamonds.

16 Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

via gentleman.elconfidencial.com

In our opinion, any handbag with diamonds is a total conversation starter. How could it not be? The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag is much like the name suggest — a forever classic. This white leather bag not only has the diamond-studded Chanel emblem on the front, but the straps themselves are made of diamonds and 18K white gold. This leather bag is one of the more exclusive Chanel designs — there are only 13 of these 3.5-carat handbags in the world.

15 Ginza Tanaka Birkin Bag

via Ginza Tanaka Birkin Bag

This beautiful bag is made by Hermes after they teamed up with Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. This bag is a great conversation piece mostly because it is made out of platinum and diamonds. This bag not only has that perfect silver shade to it, but it also has a broach and straps made with diamonds — there are over 2,000 diamonds.The straps are also removable and can be doubled as a bracelet or necklace.

14 House of Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

via Pinterest

This handbag already has the name of a girl's best friend in the name and you should expect nothing less than perfection from the 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. This beautiful, diamond studded clutch was designed by the House of Mouawad and has been named as one of the most expensive purses on the market. This shiny conversation starter may startle you because it is made with several color variations of diamonds totaling over 380 carats. This beauty took over 8,000 man hours to create and how could you now want to know more about this handbag.

13 Hermes Special Order Horseshoe

via pinterest

Hermes is one of the more expensive brands when it comes to luxury handbags. If you take a look at the Special Order Horseshoe, you will know why their uniqueness may cost you a small fortune. Despite being on the higher end of the price range, these bags are still some of the most elite the fashion industry has to offer. This handbag is a special order because it has a special color-blocking pattern that makes the handbag stand out a little bit more. This bag comes in several different colors, which can be the first question you ask when striking up a conversation with the stranger holding this purse.

12 Chanel Croc Biarritz

Via purseblog.com

Another classic black handbag has made this list of conversation starters. This black Chanel bag is made out of crocodile skin and is detailed in silver clasps and is used as an oversized tote. If you want to be the one with this beauty on your arm, you must be willing to pay the $43,000 price tag that comes along with it. However, with that price tag, you will be one of eight people that have been fortunate enough to call this handbag their own.

11 Geranium Kelly Cut Clutch Bag

via pintrest.com

The need to have a clutch has been growing more and more trendy since Hollywood recognized the usefulness of them. This Geranium Kelly Cut Clutch Bag is one of the more expensive clutches you can purchase and with the rose gold, clasps it is still something to admire. This bold clutch is made of crocodile skin much like other Hermes handbags. Because of the shiny nature of this purse, it makes it suitable for any casual or upscale event. However, this handbag will cost you about $20,000 if you want to show off this beautiful accessory.

10 Hermes Geranium Porosus

via theluxurypost.com

Another Hermes handbag that makes for the perfect conversation starter, this beautiful orange and black Geranium Porosus designed by Hermes stands on its own legs, literally. There are five orange legs made out of matte orange crocodile skin. That is only one of the things that make this purse unique. The body of this handbag is made out of togo leather paired with silver clasps. This beautifully-crafted handbag is a one-of-kind signature bag that was auctioned off at the 900-Lot Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Auction.

9 Alligator Hobo

via Most Expensive

Made in Italy, the Alligator Hobo handbag makes a splash when it enters the room, and will leave you wanting more. This designer handbag was created by Devi Krell. It has a soft triangular shape and has been colored gold. Despite its unique color, you still have the chance to pair this bag with a casual outfit or even use it as a laptop bag. Although it can double as a laptop bag, I think with a price tag of $28,000, you might have a different occasion in mind to sport this handbag.

8 2 Jours Alligator Shopping Tote Bag

Via lyst.com

When it comes to handbags, those made out of alligator skin are some of the higher price and in demand handbags on the market. This beautiful 2 Jours Alligator Shopping Tote Bag is no exception to this rule, with the price tag upwards of $28,000. A Fendi handbag such as this one will draw the attention of everyone because it almost seems like a black alligator skin purse until you see the stripe of turquoise placed right down the middle. The combination of the colors and the silver clasps makes the perfect shoulder bag or handbag. This beauty comes with its own additional strap if you prefer. 

7 Fendi B. Bag

via Fashionphile

Fendi is a designer that has made a name for themselves not only when it comes to shoes and clothes, but also with handbags. The B. Bag is a fashionable bag designed for those who love to wear luxury handbags and fashion in general. This handbag was designed with different colors, but the most popular designs you see are the white lambskin and black crocodile. Although these bags are made more for casual attire, you can still dress it up and take it to a special occasion. It is Fendi after all. 

6 Porousus Bag

Via pintrest.com

This is the ultimate clutch for any red-carpet event. This cute little black bag is called the Porousus Bag and it was designed by Nancy Gonzalez. This handbag is made out of stretched crocodile skin that is scaled. If you are interested in handbags that are great for parties, this clutch is the perfect one for you. Because of the price tag on this bag, you reserve the right to customize not only the color of the bag, but also the details used to make sure your bag shines and stands out.

5 Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere Bag

via Catawiki

If you love fall fashion, this might just be the bag for you. This Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere Bag was designed in the shape of a pumpkin paired with a thin shoulder strap for comfort. This polka-dot beauty was made by designer Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton and sold for over $130,00. With the price tag being pretty high, you still get to show off the polka dots and parallel lines that make this purse very unique.

4 Chaine d’Ancre Bag

via catawiki.se

This one-of-a-kind bag is made completely of chains and designed by Hermes. This Chaine d’Ancre Bag is one of the most expensive bags Hermes sells. It consists of over 1,000 diamonds and is made of white gold pieces that are fused together. Since this handbag is made up of 33 carats of white gold, it took a total of two years to make and there only 3 in the world. 

3 White Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag

Via christies.com

A beautiful white bag will never go out of style when it comes to accessorizing. This beautiful White Himalayan Crocodile Birkin may not be exclusive, but you do have to have a big budget for handbags. This beautiful crocodile skin bag has a streak of beige that goes down the middle to give it a different flair than a plain white bag. It also has 18K white gold clasps with diamonds and it has the price tag of over $300,000.

2 Rose Gold Crocodile Diamond Birkin Bag

via slaylebrity.com

Rose gold has been trending for a few years now, so it comes as no surprise that fashion designers would include it in their collection. This carefully-crafted rose-gold handbag was designed by Hermes and is studded with diamonds. This crocodile skin bag has over 11,00 diamonds set in it and has a twisted rose-gold rope handle. Rose gold can be very versatile when it comes to choosing an outfit to match this studded handbag. When you think of luxury, this Hermes handbag is the definition of it. When it comes to owning one of these beauties, be prepared to spend over $1 million, but with such a limited bag, this price might be worth it.

1 Givenchy Obsedia Gradient Crocodile Bag

via PurseBlog

This two-toned beige handbag is not only the ultimate conversation starter, but also the ultimate universal purse. This Obsedia Gradient Crocodile bag is made from 100% crocodile skin, with the exception of the clasps. Despite this handbag being two-toned, the flap also has a unique shape to offer, similar to half a hexagon. This purse was designed by the Givenchy creative team and can be bought for $30,000. The golden lock on the front keeps the design simple so you can admire the shape and color of the bag itself, but inside, you still have plenty of compartments for your wallet and lipstick.

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