2019's Most Expensive Luxury Dad Sneakers, Ranked

They're thick, they're ugly, and they are some of the most fashionable items you can possess right now. We all know fashion is a cycle, and oftentimes we are absolutely baffled by some of the things that come out on the runway. But truth is, in the blink of an eye, whatever ghastly-looking thing you saw on New York Fashion Week soon becomes a staple of style and taste.

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Such is the case with the so-called "dad" or "ugly" sneakers. They started making waves back in 2017 when Balenciaga launched its Triple S trainers that resembled something your typical middle-aged father would wear on a relaxing Sunday. Soon enough, though, they were everywhere, and the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were soon spotted wearing their own versions of the shoes. The most expensive and luxurious brands are still betting on the trend, and two years down the line, here are the most expensive dad sneakers you can get!

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10 Givenchy Jaw Mesh Leather Sneakers - $845

Givenchy opens the list with their unique $845 sneakers. There's a little something for everyone when it comes to these shoes in terms of color. You can choose between five variations of tones, which include white, silver, black, and red details, and something a bit more flashy.

This model was originally a part of Givenchy's men's collection. However, the growing popularity of the ugly/dad sneakers trend made them want to make it available for female clients as well. And thus, the jaw mesh and suede-trimmed leather, neoprene and rubber sneakers were born. There's nothing incredibly distinctive about these shoes other than the extravagant price tag, but much like all of the pairs on this list, they sure do make a statement.

9 Prada Leather Trimmed Sneakers - $850

It might look like they were designed to get you to climb Mount Everest with ease and poise, but in reality, these Prada sneakers are nothing short of a masterpiece that will make your feet comfortable with a rubber sole while simultaneously showcasing all the luxury of pure black leather.

Among all the models we can find within this style, Prada's take on the trend keeps it simple—as simple as you can get with dad sneakers, mind you. They have all the characteristics you're hoping to find on shoes like these but keep it neutral enough to make styling easy. They come at $850 a pair.

8 Christopher Kane Looner Sneakers - $875

If you would define your style as something completely out of the box, these are the sneakers for you. Quirky and like nothing else we've seen before, Christopher Kane definitely took a risk when presenting the world with their Looner Sneakers.

With their black, white, red, yellow, and blue colors, these shoes would be simple enough to please everyone. However, the detail of the three shiny spheres on the heel take it to a whole other level, and only the most daring fashionistas would know how to style them. If you feel like this is your thing, grab them while they're hot at $875 a pair.

7 Balenciaga Triple S Trainers - $950

These are the shoes we have to thank for turning the trend of dad/ugly sneakers mainstream. Balenciaga was the first high-end house that dared to bring such an outrageous pair of shoes into the world of high-fashion. They definitely did something right, and new models keep popping up every season.

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There are plenty of choices for those who want to rock their own pair. From an all-black shoe to a more flashy combination of colors, Balenciaga made sure there was room for everything by designing several versions of the pair that once again put the brand on the map. At $950 a pair, these are the original dad sneakers that made waves in the first place.

6 Calvin Klein Carlos 10 Sneakers - $1,050

We officially arrive at the over-a-thousand-dollars club on the dad/ugly sneakers category. The least expensive ones that fit into this price range are courtesy of renowned brand Calvin Klein. Not necessarily over-the-top (as less over-the-top as it's possible with dad sneakers), they are kind of like what Christopher Kane's version would be without the spheres.

They are mostly leather and rubber, which makes them comfortable as a cloud, and they make quite the statement as a piece. These babies go for up to $1,050 a pair and they'll look good with pretty much any wardrobe.

5 Stella McCartney Sneak-Elyse Sneakers - $1,062

These sneakers will take you to brand new heights. Literally—several layers of rubber make these shows an apt pair to compete with any stilettos when it comes to making you taller. Except, of course, Stella McCartney's Sneak-Elyse Sneakers are beyond comfortable.

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They might have a color palette that would seem boring at first (mostly blacks, whites, and greys). However, the design is so unique, the fabric so shiny, and the details so expertly added, they are sure to make anyone who wears them stand out. A little more expensive and ostentatious than Calvin Klein's, they come at $1,062 a pair.

4 Versace Cross Chainer Sneakers - $1,195

Of course the house of Versace would offer us their take on the dad/ugly sneakers trend. While they do offer several different models inspired by the original pieces that inspired the trend, none is quite as fabulous or quite as expensive as the Cross Chainer Sneakers.

"Bold" is the best word to describe this model with all its vibrant shades of red and maroon, the golden details, and the snake print. The Cross Chainer sneakers will catch the eye of everyone when you're casually walking down the street. In true Versace fashion, you're paying for quality—each pair comes at a whopping $1,195.

3 Dolce & Gabbana Mirrored Calfskin Super Queen Sneakers - $1,245

These are for the ones who like to dress in a futuristic and experimental fashion. They are completely silver and almost resemble something an astronaut would use on a mission to the Moon. But it's because they are so irreverent that these are some of the most luxurious sneakers out there.

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Dolce & Gabbana's Mirrored Calfskin Super Queen Sneakers are truly fit for royalty. Made from mirrored calfskin, as the name suggests, they reflect everything and could easily blind. The details give it a dragon-like feel, and fans of Daenerys Targaryen will surely jump at the opportunity to own these, which costs nothing less than $1,245.

2 Louis Vuitton Archlight Flat Ankle Boot - $1,350

No, it's not a boot—it's a sneaker boot. And you can clearly see exactly what sneakers they drew inspiration from. The best thing about this sneaker is that it enraptures all the elegance and poise Louis Vuitton is known for without losing the edge that defines the dad/ugly sneakers.

Gold and brown is always a great combination. These sneakers will surely provide an air of charm and magnificence quite unlike many of the models inspired by this trend, which very easily come off as heavy and rough. It's hard to find something like it, and the price shows it: $1,350 a pair!

1 Gucci Flashtrek Sneakers With Removable Crystals - $ 1,590

They are the cherry on top of the cake of luxury dad sneakers, and they came straight out from Gucci's closet. If you're looking for the epitome of comfort meats opulence, these shoes are it. Adorned with a top-notch chain of plum-colored crystals, the Gucci Flashtrek Sneakers are unique and utterly fabulous on their own right.

You can actually remove the crystals, but who would want that? The most casual and uninterested display of wealth and fashion sense, these beautiful sneakers will cost you. Gucci did a great job with these, and you get what you pay for! In this case, you pay $1,590 a pair.

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