20 Unusual Things The Wealthy Have Spent Their Money On

A group of people that most of us outsiders would love to be a part of, having a great amount of wealth seems like one of the best things in the world. Of course, in reality, money is not the answer to everything and there are loads of people with all the means in the world that are still pretty miserable. That being said, it still would be awfully nice to not have to worry about our bills and being able to afford some of the crazy stuff the rich buy would be pretty awesome.

At times almost seeming like a competition of sorts, sometimes, when we catch wind of the weird things that the wealthy have bought, it seems impossible that it will be outdone. Then another rich person comes along and buys something that is even more ostentatious or just plain weird. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 20 unbelievable things the wealthy have spent their money on.

In order for a purchase to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have been made by someone of great wealth. On top of that, there needs to be something about it that is nuts from the outside looking in. With that said, it doesn’t matter what about it is so out there. As a result, you could find any number of things that cost an insane amount of money included here. On top of that, you could also find something that is just outlandish, even if it didn’t cost the celebrity in question a lot.

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20 South African Diamond Mine

Via justrichest.com

First rising to fame because of his 2004 hit song “Locked Up,” for a time, Akon seemed to be at the top of the music world. No longer the hit maker he used to be, he has continued to find success in the business world, including founding two record labels that have allowed him to work with the likes of Lady Gaga and T-Pain.

Evidently not content with that alone, he also chose to buy a diamond mine of all things.

A status symbol that is far greater than any jewelry he could own, if the purchase didn’t have a business purpose it would have ranked higher on this list.

19 Diamonds Galore

Via YouTube.com

Arguably the biggest singing star of her generation, Beyoncé has proven that she has wonderful taste when it comes to choosing the songs she decides to record. One-half of a power couple that can rival any that has ever existed in the entertainment world, she and her husband Jay-Z have both earned a fortune throughout their careers. As such, when it comes time to spoil one another with gifts, it seems that no expenses are spared. That is why she was able to buy this incredible piece for her watch-collecting husband. Valued at $5 million, this Hublot Big Bang watch that is fully coated in diamonds is pretty impressive.

18 Stewie Griffin Necklace

Via mtv.co.uk

Often said to be in a golden age, there is so much good television these days that we completely understand someone passionately supporting their favorite series of choice. Of course, when you have a stupid amount of money and are still a youngster as Justin Bieber was back in 2011, that love can be expressed in pretty ridiculous ways. A perfect example of that, Bieber was actually seen sporting a Stewie Griffin while out and about several times. While that is interesting in and of itself, the fact that it was diamond-encrusted and cost $25,000 really blows us away.

17 A Whole Town

Via patricktomsdmd.com

Seemingly destined to be a star, Kim Basinger was born with all of the tools to be a huge celebrity. Stellar in acclaimed films like including The Natural and L.A. Confidential, she also stood out for her charisma and extreme beauty in movies like Batman and The Getaway. Unfortunately, she was not as charmed when she attempted to enter the business world in 1989. Making the frankly odd decision to essentially buy the entire town of Braselton, Georgia with the help of a few investors for $20 million, her plan was to turn it into a tourist attraction. Sadly, that effort never got off the ground and it was eventually sold for a huge loss at just $1 million.

16 Billion-Dollar Yacht

Via croatiaweek.com

One of the most noteworthy Russian billionaires, Roman Abramovich has spent years on an international shopping spree that would put virtually anyone else to shame. For instance, he owns loads of real estate, many cars, an art collection for the ages, and even the Chelsea Football Club. However, his flashiest purchase has to be the Eclipse Yacht that he uses to travel the world.

Purchased for an unbelievable $1.5 billion, it is massive and tricked out to the max. Sporting things like 2 helipads, 2 swimming pools, 24 guest rooms, and a home cinema, there is space to spare.

On top of that, he had it customized so it also has things like bullet proof glass, anti-paparazzi lasers, and a missile-defence system according to reports.

15 Private Island for Staff

Via neowin.net

At times an overvalued quality, humility is a wonderful thing, but it is probably why you don’t see a lot of stars getting the most of the fortunes they’ve put together. On the other hand, if there is anyone that seems to enjoy what he has, it is Richard Branson. Very public about the carefree vacations he takes and the stunts he attempts, we fully expect him to continue to put his fortune to work at every moment. However, that does not mean that he is a selfish person, an idea that is best undermined by the private island near Australia he bought for Virgin staff around the world to enjoy.

14 Ghost Detection Machine

Via time.com

Seemingly born to be an artist, if there is one thing that fans know about Lady Gaga, it is that she is going to be true to herself at every turn. For that reason, she spent years shocking the masses with the things she wore to red carpet events, including several outfits that were pretty out there.

Evidently, a characteristic that applies to her personal life, Gaga’s fortune has allowed her to indulge all of her beliefs, including a severe fear of ghosts.

Reportedly so afraid of spirits that she bought a “state-of-the-art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect ghosts,” at a $50,000 price tag, hopefully, it helped her sleep better at night.

13 Quinta Do Relogio Estate

Via diarioimobiliario.pt

World famous for the vast majority of her adult life, Madonna has shown a survival instinct that allowed her to remain near the top of the music business for decades. No longer releasing hit songs like she once was, her touring business is still going strong and she is raking it in hand over fist. Perhaps that is why she was the perfect person to buy the Quinta Do Relogio Estate. Once seen as a huge tourist attraction, the property is the home of an incredible, but rundown, palace she is renovating, a chapel, and a park. Once owned by Portuguese nobleman, this Lisbon home is now owned by the queen of pop.

12 Diamond Encrusted Barbie

via 1079ishot.com

A one-of-a-kind star, the only celebrity that is the focus of 2 entries on this list is Beyoncé. That fact could make it seem like she fritters her money away on herself, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when you actually look into each expenditure. That is because in both cases, the money she spent was on an item for one of the people she cares about most. For instance, here we’re looking at the $85,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie that she and her husband bought their daughter Blue Ivy for her 1st birthday. While you can certainly criticize the move as spoiling their little one, it certainly wasn’t a selfish move for either parent.

11 Giant Pink Diamond

Via today.com

The first of several names on this list that many of our readers will not know, this list has nothing to do with fame, so Laurence Graff definitely belongs here. The founder of Graff Diamonds, he has made some pretty extravagant purchases over the last decade. Clearly, a lover of diamonds, he not only built his business around them, but he also bought at least 2 of them at insane prices. The current owner of the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond, he bought it at auction for $24.3 million in 2008, but he went on to outdo that. Going on to spend $46.2 million on a pink round-cornered rectangular diamond at an auction in 2010, his jewelry budget is clearly out of control.

10 Tickets, Tickets, and more tickets 

via instagram

Able to become famous strictly due to the way he flaunts his wealth on social media, Dan Bilzerian is the son of a takeover specialist, so he grew up with money. Known to enjoy the company of many beautiful women and have a globetrotting lifestyle, he certainly seems to enjoy the crazy things he does while also having a craving for attention. In one of his most brazen attempts to get people talking, back in 2016, Bilzerian took to Instagram to inform his followers that he was set to spend $100,000 on lottery tickets. An outrageous decision, at least he promised to give away $1 million to 5 followers if he won big.

9 Neverland Ranch

Via rollingstone.com

No longer with us, at the height of Michael Jackson’s career, he stood head and shoulders above his peers in terms of record sales and the acclaim he received. Paying an exorbitant amount of money over his lengthy career, despite that, he spent so much money over his life that he was financially stressed at the end of it.

The most noteworthy thing he spent his fortune on, Neverland Ranch was the name that was given to the massive home he bought and then spent years and millions customizing.

An impossible estimation to make, we have no idea how much he spent to put together his private zoo, carnival, arcade, and railroads but it was an awful lot.

8 Fancy Dog House

Via elledecor.com

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Paris Hilton rose to fame partially due to her famous heritage and starring in the “reality” show The Simple Life which focused on how spoiled she was. Maturing a lot since then, in recent years her image has been somewhat rehabbed as she has tried to shine a light on her other qualities. On the other hand, when she gloated about the custom dog house she bought for $325,000 in 2017, it was obvious she lives in a very different world then the rest of us. An air-conditioned dog mansion that had two stories and is modelled after the home Hilton lives in is simply unreal.

7 Mike Tyson’s Solid Gold Bathtub

Via luxurylaunches.com

One of the most successful boxers of all-time, at the height of Mike Tyson’s athletic career, his fights were watched by millions of people around the world. Paid extremely well for all of these events for that reason, Tyson has admitted in the years since that he was far from responsible with those funds at the time.

In fact, the many things he spent his money on have been covered, like the white Bengal tigers and the extensive car collection he bought at the time.

That said, we think the fact that he spent $2.2 million on a solid gold bathtub doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

6 Jean-Michel Basquiat Painting

Via knkx.org

A self-made billionaire that founded the mail-order business Start Today, Yusaku Maezawa’s company sold things like clothes online and did so well that it went public in 2004. Insanely wealthy, as a result, he has used those funds to put together an art collection that can rival most museums. In his most over the top painting purpose, Maezawa bought the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting “Untitled” at auction in 2017. Put up on the block by Sotheby’s, he paid the staggering sum of $110.5 million for the piece.

5 Big Wheels

Via automotivabr.com

One of the biggest action stars in film history, in movies like the Terminator series, Predator, True Lies, and Total Recall fans have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger kick butt. Seemingly dripping machismo from his every pore most of the time when he appears on the big screen, in real-life, he seems to enjoy an over the top life as well. A great example of that, Schwarzenegger actually bought himself an M47 Patton Tank that he likes to ride around in. Admittedly pretty great, there are many videos of him using his tank to destroy things online. It is pretty unbelievable that he can even legally own a tank, but if we had one, that is what we’d do with it too.

4 Private Island

Via seamonkeymaui.com

An American businessman that co-founded Oracle Corporation, a software and hardware company, in June of 2018, Forbes listed Larry Ellison as the 5th wealthiest person in America. Known to have used a good portion of his funds on philanthropic efforts, he has also bought himself some pretty nuts things as well. Easily the most impressive personal purchase of Ellison’s life, he paid $300 million to buy 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Far from the small island that you might be imagining, it includes 90,000 acres of land, a Four Seasons resort, and a town populated by 3,200 people.

3 Dinosaur Skull

Via socialnewsdaily.com

One of the most bankable actors in Hollywood for quite a few years, Nicolas Cage starred in many movies like The Rock, Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air, and Adaptation. However, as of late he has become known for two main things, the outlandish things he bought that put him in debt and the plethora of underwhelming roles he has taken to make money.

Reported to have bought things including several castles, shrunken heads, a shark, and much more, we were most impressed by the Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull he bought for $276,000.

Sadly, it turned out to be stolen and he ended up being ordered to return it to the Mongolian government that was its proper owner. Still, he ponied up the cash for it in the first place.

2 An Architect's Dream 

Via jabuticaba.org

The chairman and largest shareholder in a Fortune Global 500 business, Mukesh Ambani is a business magnate of the highest order. Choosing to take some of his massive fortune and use it to construct his dream home, Ambani and his family live in the one of a kind living space that has come to be known as Antilla. The size of a typical 40-story building, the ceilings are so high that it only holds 27 floors.

Far from the only amazing aspect of the home, it also has 9 high-speed elevators, space for 168 cars, and a ballroom.

However, the feature of the building we are most amazed by is the floor that is artificially cooled to the point that it produces manmade snow flurries in the middle of India.

1 Teddy Bear 

via dailymail

Every child needs at least one teddy bear — something to cuddle with and give them a sense of comfort at night. We're not at all shocked to hear that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spoil their children, but buying Chicago West a $170,000 teddy bear is taking it to a whole new level. Although it is a Luis Vuitton teddy bear, that's still an exorbitant amount of money to spend on a furry toy Chicago will probably get over in about a year from now. Here's hoping Kim doesn't throw it out.

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