20 Most Expensive Sunglasses Of 2018 Worth Splurging On

Finally, the warm weather is here! Shade those pretty eyes from the bright glare of the summer sun in a pair of gorgeous sunglasses that are super pricy but worth every penny. When the blaring sun is out and you don’t want to squint, rather than putting on a casual baseball cap or going inside, cover those peepers with something fabulous. You will have to spend a lot of money for a pair of frames as fab as these 20 below, but aren’t you worth it, after all? If you are short on dough, save up for a while so you can own a pair of shades that are star-worthy! You can skip those overpriced morning lattes, can’t you?

Okay, it may be materialistic to shell out hundreds, if not thousands on designer sunglasses, but if you are otherwise smart with your savings, what’s a little splurge? You deserve it! Give all you can to good causes, make sure there is food on the table and the bills are paid on time, and stock some loot away for the kids’ college fund. The rest is yours for the spending, so if sunglasses are your weakness, go on and get a posh pair. Just don’t be shocked when the credit card bill comes — it will be impressive. Here are some super expensive sunglasses that any accessories lover is sure to adore. They are so stylish and chic, no matter what you’re wearing, your ensemble will suddenly be elevated dramatically. Shades have never been so shocking!

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20 Anna-Karin Karlsson Tears of the Moon Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Pearl - $3,450

via Anna-Karin Karlsson

Hello cat eyes! These beautiful bejewelled sunglasses by Anna-Karin Karlsson are purr-fect for the gal who adores the chicness of a cool cat eye. The dazzling look of these high-end shades will catch everyone’s attention, cat lover or not. The sleek shape is so feminine, the impressive jewels are dazzling, and you’ll look like a million bucks when you put these on your face. But fabulousness does not come cheap, and neither do these shades. At over $3,000, you better work hard for your money! But won’t it be worth it when you walk downtown and show off your fantastic sense of style?

19 Oscar de la Renta X Morgenthal Frederics Jo Sunglasses - $2,495

Via oscardelarenta.com

These shades may look like those basic ones you see at the checkout counter at the pharmacy, but when Oscar de la Renta designs something, you know it’s anything but a knock-off. Blue is the look for summer — at least according to the designer — who thinks paying over $2,000 for a pair of plain-looking sunglasses is acceptable. But if you’ve got the cash and love the look of sleek and simple, this pair may be for you. You’ll have to tell everyone how expensive they are because most folks will think you got them at the surf shop in town.

18 Gucci Crystal and Studded Rectangle Acetate Sunglasses - $1,450

via Pinterest

Futuristic and fabulous, these shiny shades from Gucci are certainly unique. You may look like a robot in your sunglasses, but you’ll have everyone paying attention. If you love the idea of an out-of-the-box accessory that shows off your sense of style (as odd as it may be), these sunglasses will be right up your alley. Most likely, you will be the only one among your friends who owns a pair like this, so you won’t have to worry about a “’B’ stole my look” moment. Rock out like a rebel, shade those eyes like a rock star, and give Gucci a good chunk of change.

17 Anna-Karin Karlsson The Win at the Wynn Ultra Cat-Eye Sunglasses - $990

via Lyst

If you love the look of whimsy and you are playful at heart, these adorable red and white cat-eye sunglasses designed by Karlsson will be your new favorite warm weather accessory. What could be more fun than cute candy cane shades for summer? Just be sure you don’t take a lick! These sunglasses have a retro vibe and a summery spirit, so pair these puppies with a cute yellow polka-dot bikini and hit the beach like a beauty. Be sure to pull your hair back so your shades get the full attention they deserve. You’ll look as sweet as the candy itself!

16 Dolce & Gabbana Metal Sunglasses with Hydrangea Embellishment - $2,150

Via us.dolcegabbana.com

Who says only the little ones get to be flower girls? When you put on these spectacular shades from designers Dolce & Gabbana, you will blossom into the beauty you knew you could be. The pretty purple hue paired with green gems is feminine and flirty, the golden touches are regal, and the elaborate design proves that D & G know what they’re doing. Imagine wearing these sunglasses to a summer party at the beach or to an early afternoon tea. The ladies will be envious of your style as they sip and stare. The sun will be out of your eyes, but all eyes will be on you!

15 Louis Vuitton Diamond Aviator Sunglasses Evidence Black and Gold - $2,999.99

via Pinterest

If you have about $3,000 burning a hole in your wallet, give yourself an early Christmas gift and buy a pair of these Diamond Aviator Sunglasses. They do say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not show how much you love them back by wearing the sparklers right on your face? Black is always in style (and so are diamonds), so shell out a ton of money to be fashionable all summer. Let’s hope you can wear these for years since you’ll be spending so much on your shades. But this look will never grow old, even when you do.

14 Celine Rimless Aviator Sunglasses - $860

Via bergdorfgoodman.com

No rim, no problem! These rimless sunglasses from Celine are delicate and delightful, showing off your face without too much rim to cover you up. The gold detail and the stylish shape make these shades modern and unique. If you don’t love a super dark lens, these sheerer sunglasses will be the perfect choice for you, as long as you have the money to spare, since they don’t come cheap. But if designer accessories make you smile, you can always cut back on something else. You can survive on mac and cheese and PB & J for a few months, can’t you?

13 Linda Farrow Transparent Round Sunglasses, Yellow Pattern - $895

Via bergdorfgoodman

Hello yellow! These perky round sunglasses from Linda Farrow are super cute, giving your pretty peepers a fashionable and fun vibe for the summer. Yellow isn’t what you normally see on a pair of shades, but the designer had something special in mind when she made these rounded beauties. The moment you slide these on, you will feel like a beach babe ready to hit the sand and catch some rays. If you don’t look good in square-shaped shades, this rounded look may frame your face just right. Say “hello” to yellow and get down with round. Bright is always a delight!

12 Gucci 63mm Embellished Shield Sunglasses - $1,160

Via shop.nordstrom.com

If you are the type who loves to stand out, these sensational shades from Gucci will be your dream come true. Super embellished and over-the-top, these darlings are all about making a statement. And that you will when you put these sunglasses on and show the world you mean business. Little pearls and golden accents look so shiny against the black rims, and the lightly-tinted lenses means your eyes will still get plenty of attention. Wear these anywhere and all eyes will be on you. You may have less money in the bank after buying these, but all the attention will be the payback you crave.

11 Maybach Eyewear The Diplomat I - $2,159

Via goodseeco.com

Go for something a little different with “The Diplomat I” from Maybach Eyewear. These sunglasses look like they are unisex, so gals and guys alike can look like stunners in these classic and cool shades. Gold always impresses and the brown goes with just about anything, so you know you’ll look great the minute you put these on. This pair of shades costs over $2,000, so you know you’ll have to be well-off to afford them. But if you can pay for this style, shell out the bread and turn heads. Summer will be your season when you look super-stylish. Then again, who says you can’t wear these all year-round?

10 Gucci 53mm Pineapple Sunglasses - $1,305

Via shop.nordstrom.com

If you want to be the center of attention at the next BBQ or pool party, pop on these pretty pineapple shades and you will be the sweetest one around. Adorned in gold that will shimmer all season, these Gucci glasses are super-special. The “G” logo is large for all to see, so you can be sure everyone will be well aware that you shelled out a lot to look hot. Fruit is always fun when it comes to accessories, so get into the summer spirit with a tropical twist. You may get questions about your sense of style, but at least you haven’t gone completely (coco)nuts!

9 Anna-Karin Karlsson Shady Metal-Brow Square Sunglasses, Black - $730

via lyst

Protect your eyes from all that glare from the summer sun with these “shady” metal sunglasses from designer Anna-Karin Karlsson. Black and gold is always chic, the square shape is a classic, and the upper rim is something unique and purposeful at the same time. These shades are like sunglasses and a visor all in one. This look isn’t for everyone, but why would you want to blend in anyway? Stand out, look sensational, and shield your eyes from those UV rays. These will set you back a bit, but at least you’ll look cute while you ask your pals for a loan.

8 Gucci Runway Flash Asymmetrical Sunglasses with Sparkling Crystals - $1,105

via lyst

If you want to look like a rockstar, you can start by putting on these shades. These Gucci sunglasses are super-flashy, totally chic, and made for the inner-star just waiting to come out. They cost more than $1,000, but the look is too good to pass up. Adorned with crystals and shaped so stylishly, these black sunglasses will be the only accessory you will need all summer long. Plus, nobody will be looking at your clothing or jewelry anyway when you’ve got these glam Gucci’s on your face! Stand out in any situation and look like you just walked off a runway.

7 Cartier Santos de Cartier - $1,700

Via designereyes.com

Simple, classic, and cool, these great-looking Cartier sunglasses are timeless. The aviator shape, dark lenses, and modern design make these shades your perfect accessory for the season. You will look so sharp when you put these on, and folks will know you’ve got a keen sense of style in this fashionable find. Naturally, since they are made by Cartier, they cost a lot of dough, but these are the type of sunglasses you can pass down to the next generation. If you aren’t into passing trends or fads, pick up a pair of these shades and show off your style. Looking good!

6 Gucci Black with Havana Temples and Green Lenses - $830

via otticanet

Green lenses? Why not? Maybe it is easy being green after all! These special sunglasses from Gucci look like nothing you have ever seen before, and that is exactly what makes them so interesting. They are super cool and fun, just like you! Those sides are certainly thick, but the gorgeous pattern deserves to be seen from miles around. These sunglasses are perfect for the summer months when you want lots of sun protection. Sit by the pool with a frozen margarita while you are wearing these great glasses by Gucci. Every day will feel like vacation in these gorgeous shades.

5 Jimmy Choo Lash Cat-Eye Sunglasses - $705

via InfoClip.ca

Bat your lashes under these Jimmy Choo Lash Cat-Eye Sunglasses and all those winks will be winners. Simple and sleek with a touch of elegance and edge, these chic and cool shades will be your summertime staple. You may know Jimmy Choo for their ultra-luxe footwear, but the designer will have you looking smoking hot from head to toe. Pair these lovely sunglasses with a summer-appropriate little black dress or even with a sleek swimsuit and hit the beach. The cat-eye look is always fierce, just like the lady wearing these glasses. For about $700, these could be yours.

4 Saint Laurent Classic 193 T Sunglasses in Silver - $725

Via ysl.com

The all-American look is always a winner and these unique YSL shades are certainly star-worthy, in the literal sense! Put these pretty shades on for a July 4 party or just for an average weekend in basking in the sun. The cool aviator shape is always a classic, the cute little white stars make them special, and the hefty price lets you know these are no run-of-the-mill dime-store shades. For those days when you are feeling especially patriotic or just a bit playful, count on designer Saint Laurent to deliver the goods! It’s not only the nights that are starry anymore.

3 Salvatore Ferragamo Fiore Rimless Cat-Eye Sunglasses with Crystal Embellishment - $825

via PicClick

Talk about a pair of sunglasses that are super elegant and feminine! These beautiful rose gold shades are impressive, luxurious, and lovely. All those shimmery crystals make these sunglasses look like they are worth a lot, and guess what? They are! At more than $800, and worth every penny, these Salvatore Ferragamo shades are not for the average “Jane.” You must be well-off and well-styled to wear a pair. And when you do, all eyes will be looking at you as your eyes are framed in something fabulous. If you can afford the cost, you will be impressed at what you see in the mirror.

2 Gianni Versace Mod 424 Sunglasses - $925

Via 1stdibs.com

Got close to $1,000 floating around? Spend it on these chunky black and gold sunglasses from Gianni Versace. The thick rim is a standout, as is the shape and style of these bold shades. You will look like a supermodel on a private island whenever you slide these on and glisten in the sun. Even if the rest of your look is ho-hum, once you put these shades on, your look will go from so-so to spectacular. It may seem like a steep price to pay for a single accessory, but when Versace’s logo is part of the package, you know why these sunglasses are top-notch.

1 Dolce & Gabbana Round Sunglasses with Colorful Crystals - $1,570

Via us.dolcegabbana.com

Crystals have never been so in-your-face! Shiny, spectacular, and super costly, these round-shaped shades from designers Dolce & Gabbana are not for the lady who doesn’t want to be noticed. Like a pricey chandelier for your fabulous face, these gorgeous glasses are full of glitz and glimmer — perfect for a very special occasion, an island vacation, or just when you want to feel like a posh princess. They’ll surely cost ya a pretty penny, but when you feel like being pampered, you’ll be happy to pay up. Blocking your eyes from the rays of the sun has never looked so beautiful.

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